RTÉ soccer pundit Eamon Dunphy has labelled as “fools” and “clowns” Premier League owners who panic and sack managers unnecessarily.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport about the sacking of Chris Hughton as Norwich Manager, Dunphy said that Hughton was a good coach who had fallen victim to a fear that affected those in charge of Premier League clubs.

“I think he’s a good coach,” Dunphy said. “He did a good job at Newcastle, a really good job.

"He’s always gonna be a very good coach. He’s teams have been well set up and organised. There’s nothing stupid or daft. He behaves himself, he’s got great dignity.

“It’s the nature of the Premier League now. These guys [the owners] panic. They’re fools. They know nothing about football. They really don’t. They’re clowns.

“And they fear losing, y’know, whatever it is you get for staying in the Premier League these days.”

“Who do the [protesting fans] think they are? Real Madrid? Norwich is a small club in Norfolk” - Eamon Dunphy

Dunphy also lambasted the behaviour of Norwich fans in the side’s loss to West Brom, labelling it as “disgraceful”.

At the end of the game, fans threw hundreds of clapper boards - which had been put on the seats to help improve the atmosphere - onto the field, with one even hitting Hughton.

“Who do they think they are?” Dunphy asked. “Real Madrid? Norwich is a small club in Norfolk.”

Looking at the new Norwich boss, Neil Adam, Dunphy suggested that his success in winning the FA Youth Cup last season had been an important factor in his getting the job, but questioned whether this alone justified his appointment.

“The story is, that the chief executive was very impressed that they won the Youth Cup, and thought, ‘This guy’s got a future, and he’s 48,’ Dunphy said.

“Well, maybe he has got a future, but if you put winning the Youth Cup on your CV at 48, you’re not gonna get many jobs in the Premier League.”

Dunphy suggested that there were a number of clubs with similar symptoms to Norwich, and that they tended to struggle as a result.

“The clubs that are down in trouble,” he said, “I mean, Sunderland, for example, appointed that lunatic Di Canio, and he lasted seven games this season.

“Cardiff have a crazy man there who changed the colours that the club had been wearing for over 100 years, sacked Malky Mackay, who got them promotion last year [and who] is a really good coach [...] well, they’re going down. I hope to god they’re going down, because these guys should be punished.

“It’ll be the fools who go down.

“The Premiership is a soap opera, and it’s an entertaining soap opera, but sometimes, on a day like this, for someone like Chris [Hughton], I have considerable sympathy, because I can guarantee you this: Norwich will be in the Championship sooner rather than later.”