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Steven Gerrard is confident Brendan Rodgers can make an impact at Liverpool

Updated: Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012 10:22

Gerrard: "It's an exciting new era for the players"
Gerrard: "It's an exciting new era for the players"

Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard has revealed his excitement at getting to work under new manager Brendan Rodgers.

Rodgers was installed as Kenny Dalglish's replacement in June, and 32-year-old Gerrard is confident the Ulsterman can make an impact.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of Wednesday's pre-season friendly against Roma in Boston, he said: "It's an exciting new era for the players.

"We've been looking in from our holidays and hearing what the manager has been saying, what his vision is and what his targets are."

"All we can do is give him our full support and work as hard as we can to make his job easier.

"We had two big cup finals last year - we won one and lost one - and there is certainly a platform there for this team to grow and improve, and with our new manager and coaching staff in place, it's an exciting time.

"I'm really excited to get going again in the new set up."