Real Madrid will take advantage of a favour from Manchester City in the build-up to Tuesday's Champions League showdown with Manchester United.

Having opted to fly in from Spain tomorrow so they do not get caught up in a strike at home, Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has opted not to train at Old Trafford, as his side had the right to do.

The Real camp have suggested the decision is due to the state of the Old Trafford pitch even though Alex Ferguson stated last week that he anticipated it would be perfect for this afternoon's visit by Norwich.

Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude there is some element of subterfuge about Mourinho's decision as he presumably thinks there is less chance of his team being spied upon at the Etihad Stadium than at Old Trafford.

It would certainly be typical of Mourinho's mindset, and Ferguson too given United have taken to remaining in Manchester for their eve-of-match training sessions this season, part of which have to be open to the media under UEFA rules.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed a giant mosaic will be unveiled inside Old Trafford on Tuesday, in addition to two surfer flags in a bid to generate an even greater atmosphere.

Flags will also be placed on the second tier of every stand.