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As It Happened: Six Nations Super Saturday

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Mouritz Botha of England tackles Cian Healy of Ireland
Mouritz Botha of England tackles Cian Healy of Ireland

By Tadhg Peavoy

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1852 Ireland just didn't have it today. They hung in there until half-time, but it really was hanging in there. In the second half the truth came home to roost. The Ireland scrum, admittedly without Ross, was dreadful, but even before he went off it was poor. The penalties England won from the scrum were the foundation stone for victory. From there, Farrell's metronomic kicking at goal and from hand set the tempo. England's centres, Brad Barritt and Manu Tuilagi, bashed the hard yards, and Ireland simply had no answer.

Three Tests against New Zealand to come in the summer. It is time to experiment, time to pick new players, time to change tactics, and time to see Declan Kidney show his adventurous side.

A report will follow on the site shortly.

Thanks for the reading and following. See y'after.



79 mins Ireland are on the attack looking for a last flourish. The ball is chipped ahead and the attack comes to nothing. Farrell boots the ball deep at the Ireland back three. They attempt to run it back, but the ball ends up in touch. Game over. Ireland are beaten by England in Twickenham on St Patrick's Day. A hammering, hurting, demoralising defeat, which will hurt the players and the fans to the core. Engand are the deserving winners of this international Test match.


Strettle sprints down the right wing and into the Ireland 22. He's chopped down and England push play across the field. Ireland hold firm. Farrell decides to cross-field kick to the right, but Kearney is there to claim. Play is brought back for offside against Ireland. Penalty England.

Farell knocks an easy penalty over from in front of the sticks.

England 30-9 Ireland

76 mins Ireland are like a prize fighter on the ropes. Wobbling and punch drunk.


England scrum in the Ireland 22: the shunt gets put on again. Penalty England. Youngs is quick to react, taps and goes and sprints for the corner and dives over. Excellent sniping try.

Farrell misses the conversion, pulling it to the left.

England 27-9 Ireland

72 mins England scrum in the Ireland 22: this time England fail to control and Ireland steal. Ireland shuffle the ball across the line and Earls knocks on. England scrum again.

70 mins Ireland win possession back and kick it away. Foden fields and boots at Kearney. He tries to claim it but ends up knocking on. It's all coming up white right now.

69 mins England scrum: again another penalty is awarded. Farrell aims for touch but Bowe keeps it in. Ireland pop and go to Best. O'Leary garryowens. The ball goes out on the full.

68 mins O'Brien on the charge up the middle on a pop off O'Leary. The Leinster man knocks on.

66 mins England field the restart and it comes to Farrell, he makes a wonderful kick into the Ireland half. Best throws to Heaslip at four and Ireland move to Earls in the middle. He bursts through the centre and makes massive ground, Bowe is on his inside but he can't offload. Ireland set the ruck and O'Leary cross-field kicks wide to Heaslip on the right. The bounce is unkind and goes out for an England lineout.


Scrum England: again Ireland are getting hammered in the scrum. Awful. Another penalty is awarded. Farrell to go for goal from wide right, around the 10-metre line. What a kick. Superb. That boy has some tekkers.

England 22-9 Ireland

62 mins Morgan carries forward hard for England as they begin to work their way up the field at Ireland again. Foden decides to kick. Trimble takes it back up the middle at England. The ruck is set and the ball is spun wide to Bowe - he knocks on.


In fact, it's a fourth scrum awarded. Again England hammer Ireland back with the scrum and the green jerseys wilt. The ref gives a penalty try. The ball had in fact popped out the back of the scrum and perhaps, perhaps that is harsh on Ireland.

England 19-9 Ireland

57 mins A third England scrum: the Ireland scrum is shoved back and a penalty is awarded to England.

56 mins England five-metre scrum: Ireland's scrum is in disarray. It must be reset. Youngs feeds, Ireland shove it and the ref says it must be reset again.

54 mins England grind forward in the loose. Farrell pops to Tuilagi in midfield. Ashton comes off his wing to make hard yards. Hartley makes hard yards before Farrell kicks to the corner, where O'Leary fields, but he carries the ball over his own line and it's a five-metre scrum for England.



Scrum England in their 22. The Ireland boys need to exert pressure now. They can't, but England knock on and Ireland play advantage and move it right and left, searching for the gap. England come over the top at the ruck and Ireland are awarded a penalty. Sexton lines up the kick at goal. From in front of the posts, near the 22, Sexton nails it.

England 12-9 Ireland


A long kick downfield to Ireland's back three. The ball is taken back to contact and the ruck is set, but again England turn it over. The ball is spun to Croft out wide left. He puts the pedal down and turns on the gas and soars into the Ireland 22, with the line at his mercy he decides to try and offload and knocks on. But England turn the screw at the scrum and force another penalty for England. From wide left, on the 22, Farrell slams it over.

England 12-6 Ireland

43 mins England turn over the scrum - again. Ireland's scrum has been a mess so far. Knocks on galore out there.

41 mins And we're back. Ireland in possession. Reddan box kicks long and England field. But Tuilagi knocks on in contact. Scrum Ireland just inside the England half.

1800 I just want to confirm the biting statement is a Tweet so cannot be confirmed! More on that if we hear anything.

1759 Daragh Lewis: Darcy's days as Ireland no.12 are surely numbered? #rterugby

1757 Marcus O'Brien “@BBCMarkSimpson: Irish players claim one was bitten in a ruck in 1st half. Ref said he saw nothing.” #rterugby #RBS6Nations

1753 Forty minutes of rugby characterized by hard graft and errors. Both packs are going hammer and tongs at the prayers for the dying as Seamus Heaney might say. And they are therefore neutralising each other to a large extent. In the wide open tundra of the backline, the ball is like a bar of soap and this has lead to handling errors flavouring the game like liberally applied pepper and salt. Yet, Farrell and Sexton have kicked well, and the sheer physical intensity of the game is absorbing. Round two to come.



England scrum: they win it but the ball pops it and Barritt must bash to contact to get England back on the front foot. He does, England set the ruck, then pick and go. All England have to do is boot to touch, but Dickson delays and Ireland ruck over hard. England scramble and concede a penalty for holding at the ruck.

Sexton kicks the penalty at goal, from wide right, on the 22, super kick. That is the last action of the half.

England 9-6 Ireland

39 mins Sexton kicks the penalty to touch deep in the England corner. Best throws to Ryan cleanly. O'Brien and Best drive forward. Ferris does the same. Trimble is almost away but knocks on.

38 mins England boot deep at Ireland. Kearney fields the high ball and goes to contact. Ireland win a penalty as England kill it.


36 mins Sexton restarts long and England boot it to the Ireland back three. Kearney launches a high ball at Foden - again the England full-back fumbles. Bowe gathers and Ireland spin wide left but the move is pushed to touch.


England take the lineout and knock on. Ireland scrum. England get the shove on and turn over the ball, they surge at Ireland. England are awarded a penalty for Ireland again infringing at the breakdown. Farrell to go for goal from in front of the sticks, on the Ireland 22 - easy.

England 9-3 Ireland

33 mins Sexton kicks the penalty to touch. Best to take the lineout: it goes to Heaslip and he pops down to O'Brien on the wraparound. Another ball goes forward from Ireland. England kick deep at Kearney. The Ireland full-back retreats and kicks to touch.

32 mins Ireland win a penalty as England are penalised at the breakdown.

31 mins England pick and go. Tuilagi bashes up the middle. Cole takes a pop.

31 mins England go on the charge and Ireland turn over. Ireland sloppily lost the ball on their own scrum there. Ireland clear to touch.

29 mins FINAL SCORE: England Women 23-6 Ireland Women. England women win the Women's Six Nations Grand Slam.

28 mins Scrum England: the white pack is penalised this time. Penalty Ireland on the England 22. Ferris is down receiving attention.

28 mins Ireland win the scrum and go wide left with Bowe in the line. Into the England 22 now. D'Arcy takes a carry. O'Brien follows suit. But Ireland are done for accidental offside as Kearney runs into one of his own players.

27 mins Scrum Ireland on the England 22: the referee asks for it to be set again. Sweet Chariot echoes out around Twickenham.

26 mins Ireland steal at the ruck and boot downfield to Tuilagi, who knocks on.

25 mins England lineout deep in their half. They win it and Dickson clears long. Ireland boot back at England and the Red Rose carry it with hard drives.


England scrum: Ireland concede a penalty again at the scrum. Hard to know what it was for. Farrell will go for goal. From outside the Ireland 22, he nails it.

England 6-3 Ireland

22 mins England try to interchange in midfield, Sexton almost intercepts as he comes out of the defensive line. He can't secure and knocks on.

20 mins England scrum, penalty awarded to the Red Rose. They boot to touch and make it. The lineout is won and they move to midfield. Barritt and Morgan make ground.

19 mins Farrell kicks to touch. Ireland steal at the tail and O'Brien rampages forward. D'Arcy and Trimble knock on as they attempt to interchange.

18 mins England lineout: they win with Parling at the tail. Barritt takes a crash ball into Sexton. England move to the left. Ireland are done for killing the ball.

17 mins Ireland secure the restart and boot downfield. England set the ruck and boot back to Ireland. Trimble gets back to claim the ball and kick to touch.


Sexton will take it. Wide left, outside the 22, the crowd hushes, and he gets it.

England 3-3 Ireland

15 mins Sexton kicks to touch in the England half. Ireland lineout. Best to Heaslip at four - just. Ireland ruck it and Best takes a drive forward. Sexton tries a garryowen and Foden knocks on. A penalty is awarded as Barritt is done for offside as he kicks the ball clear.

14 mins Tuilagi takes a crash ball up the middle. Barritt does similar, but Ireland turn it over.

13 mins England win a penalty and kick to touch. They win the throw and ruck forward. Botha takes on the pop pass. Robshaw makes some hard yards.

11 mins Scrum England in their own 22: the ball pops out and Barritt must crash forward to contact to secure. England boot clear to Kearney. The full-back fields and goes for a drop-goal from deep - he hits the post from halfway. What an effort.

10 mins England got the last touch and it's an Ireland lineout. Heaslip wins it but the ball is knocked on by Ryan as he tries to offload.

9 mins Best hits O'Callaghan in the lineout. Ireland go up the middle with Best, then wide to Trimble. England steal it but the ball squirts out and Ireland spread to Earls. He makes a fine break down the right and enters the England 22. The ball is turned over and England boot downfield. Ireland field and return the kick through Gordon D'Arcy.

8 mins Best hits two in the lineout. Ireland maul and the ball is chipped ahead. England counter down the right and execute some excellent passing. The ball is lost forward and Ireland kick deep to England. Foden fields it and hammers the ball to touch.

7 mins England lineout - the throw is good and Dickson clears. Kearney receives and kicks long to Foden. He counters down the left and chips ahead to touch.

6 mins Dickson again tries to box kick, Reddan blocks down the kick. Lineout England in their own 22.

5 mins England scrum: Heaslip nails the break from the base.

4 mins England set a ruck and Dickson tries to box kick clear. He fails to and slices into touch. The lineout ball goes over the top to Heaslip - he gets his hands on it but knocks on. Shame.


Scrum England: the Ireland front row collapses and it's a penalty for England. From that position near halfway, Farrell, wide left, lines up the kick at goal. The young man nails it.

England 3-0 Ireland

1 min Farrell kicks off to Ireland. The ball goes forward early on from an Ireland hand. Scrum England just inside the Ireland half.

1702 God Save the Queen is belted out. Very good version to be fair. The rain is hammering down in London, it's wet, it's greasy, it's on.

1700 Ireland's Call gets its airing.

1659 A minute's silence is again held for Mervyn Davies.

1658 The teams:

England: B Foden; C Ashton, M Tuilagi, B Barritt, D Strettle; O Farrell, L Dickson; A Corbisiero, D Hartley, D Cole, M Botha, G Parling, T Croft, C Robshaw (capt), B Morgan.

Replacements: L Mears, M Stevens, T Palmer, P Dowson, B Youngs, C Hodgson, M Brown.

Ireland: 15 Rob Kearney, 14 Tommy Bowe, 13 Keith Earls, 12 Gordon D'Arcy, 11 Andrew Trimble, 10 Jonathan Sexton, 9 Eoin Reddan, 1 Cian Healy, 2 Rory Best (captain), 3 Mike Ross, 4 Donncha O'Callaghan, 5 Donnacha Ryan, 6 Stephen Ferris, 7 Sean O'Brien, 8 Jamie Heaslip.

Replacements: 16 Sean Cronin, 17 Tom Court, 18 Mike McCarthy, 19 Peter O'Mahony, 20 Tomás O'Leary, 21 Ronan O'Gara, 22 Fergus McFadden.

1657 It's a full house in Twickers and it looks like people are hanging from the rafters to be in situ for this battle royale.

1656 Ireland emerge from the Twickenham tunnel, led by Rory Best. England, clad top-to-toe in white, emerge to fireworks.

1635 That is Wales' 11th Grand Slam and 24th championship. The Triple Crown they won this season was their 19th.

1631 Wales were deserving of this. There has been talk of them being over-rated and arrogant. Screw that. They deserve this. Their pack has been hard-nosed, their backs have been - by a country mile - the best of the championship, and Warren Gatland and his management team have made very shrewd and clever selection and tacticial calls. Well done Cymru.


81 mins France are done for killing the ball at the breakdown. Wales clear to touch. Wales are crowned the 2012 RBS 6 Nations Grand Slam champions.

80 mins Wales pick and go, pick and go, pick and go.

79 mins The 22-drop out is won by Wales and they must now simply grind it out.

78 mins Wales pick and go an then go for the drop goal with Priestland. It's a poor effort and sails wide right.

78 mins Wales win a penalty for offside. Priestland hammers the ball to touch. The lineout is won and Ryan Jones carries well into the France 22.



Trinh-Duc attempt to run it out of his own half. He is hauled down and he deliberately throws the ball into touch. Penalty Wales. From the 22, wide right, Halfpenny bisects the posts. Cool as a cucumber.

Wales 16-9 France


Wales collapse a scrum in their own 22. Penalty France in front of the sticks. Yachvili nails it.

Wales 13-9 France

73 mins Parra on for Beauxis.

72 mins Dusautoir wins the lineout and Beauxis launches a garryowen. The ball bounces around wildly and France win it. They spread wide right with the try on. Harinordoquy sucks up all the room and the chance goes. What a waste - that was a certain try.

72 mins Trinh-Duc bashes the ball downfield to touch.

71 mins North comes off his feet at the ruck - penalty France on the edge of their own 22.

70 mins Wales win the lineout well. Owens makes some hard yards as Wales edge towards the France 22.

68 mins Wales lineout in the France half: they win it and maul forward. Wales pick and go and go wide to Priestland - he grubbers ahead where Trinh-Duc claims the ball and clears long to touch.

68 mins Owens throws well as Wales win the lineout. Priestland kicks for the corner but fails to make it. Trinh-Duc slices his clearance to touch.

67 mins France boot to the corner. The ball goes to the tail with Maestri. France pop off the top and makes the Wales 22. Five yards out now. Yachvili pops to Szarzewski who goes for the line, but is stopped. France are then penalised for not releasing the ball. Penalty Wales.

64 mins Priestland & Phillips are off for Lloyd Williams and Scott Williams, I believe.

63 mins Priestland goes long with a boot, France field and return the kick to Halfpenny. He fields and goes to contact. Faletau almost breaks the French line but is stopped short. Wales then grubber ahead and Rougerie must scamper back to cover.

62 mins France box kick long with Yachvili. North claims the breaking ball.

61 mins France are penalised for early engagement at the scrum and Priestland bashes the ball downfield.

60 mins France break quickly with Buttin bursting down the left wing. He makes the Wales 22 and is closed down. France switch inside and win a scrum deep in Welsh territory.

59 mins Still France hold firm on their 22 though. Wales are controlling but not getting too mucch ground. Eventually France turn it over and also win a penalty as the red jerseys play it on the ground.

58 mins Cuthbert is fed out left. No way through. Ian Evans make a massive carry and Maestri hauls him down.

57 mins Wales pick and go down the right side of the field. Ryan Jones makes good ground up the middle. Wales still on the edge of the France 22.

56 mins Jones takes the lineout at the back. Faletau pumps the legs and Wales edge towards the France 22.

55 mins The France front row collapes at the scrum - penalty Wales. Priestland boots to touch on the France 22.

54 mins France go to Dusautoir in midfield - he is swallowed up in red jerseys. Soon after, the ball is knocked forward and it will be a scrum back for Wales.


Wales win a penalty in the middle of the park, and from 52 metres out, Halfpenny decides he'll go for goal. Superb kick. He had ten yards to spare.

Wales 13-6 France

51 mins Wales on the attack. The ball goes forward and Attoub seizes on it and makes some yards. France go wide to Fofana out right. But the space is closed down and Wales snuff out the danger.

50 mins Hugh Cahill: "Cuthbert going for the ball, got one in the ball!"

49 mins Phillips box kicks to the France corner, Palisson gets back to cover and clears down the line.

48 mins France lineout: they win at four and a peelaround from the front brings France to the Wales 22. The ball is popped to Beauxis and he goes for the drop goal - wide and low. Poor stuff.

46 mins Servat leaves the field for Szarzewski. That is the official international retirement of Servat. What a wonderful player he was.


France are awarded a penalty as Buttin was taken out off the ball. Wide left, on the 10-metre line. Beauxis nails it.

Wales 10-6 France

43 mins France hammer it back at Wales. Halfpenny launches it long at France and Buttin counter attacks down the left wing and sears into the Wales 22. He chips ahead and Wales scamper back to cover.

42 mins Priestland launches a garryowen and Buttin secures. But France lose it and Wales recycle and pop back to Priestland for a drop-goal on the France 10-metre line. Very poor effort.

41 mins Play back underway in Cardiff. Ryan Jones is on for Warburton.

1544 Ireland coach Declan Kidney on the clash with England later today: "You always want to finish on a high. It's St Patrick's Day and it's against the English.

"It should be a great game. We have great respect for the English. I think they have it for us and it should be a great game."

1537 Mark Quinn: That second kick off the post could yet prove costly #rterugby

1536 Liamkne: What is the purpose of Lionel Beauxis? Picked to play a conservative, non-French way and he's making a poor show of that! #rterugby

1533 A nervy first half. Wales look the better side and are trying to use their width to expose France, getting down the flanks and using grubbers to the corners. It worked for Cuthbert's try. But France, in fairness, have defended well. Going forward though, France have been poor. They're kicking away all their possession and failing to go through phases and test Wales's drift defence, or defence in the loose. They look a side confused as to what their game plan is. Long way to go in this one, but my money is on Wales.


40 mins However, play is brought back for a penalty Wales on the France 22. Right of goal, Halfpenny hits the post. The ball bounces back to play, France secure and Wales are penalised for killing the ball at the breakdown. That's the last action of the half.

40 mins They continue to ruck into the France 22. Finally Wales spin wide left but the passes are forced and the move breaks down.

39 mins With a five on two overlap out left, Wales keep it tight on the right and a chance goes for Wales.

39 mins Servat looks to find his man, Wales intercept and go wide right.

38 mins France go wide right to Rougerie - he grubbers ahead but the ball bounces into touch off North.

37 mins Papé wins the lineout. But Wales are awarded a penalty for Yachvili pulling a Welsh player out of the maul. Priestland fails to find touch though. Instead, France find touch and steal the lineout.

36 mins Yachvili chips over the top at Wales. Halfpenny claims it and bashes it downfield to touch.

34 mins Wales kick deep at France. Harinordoquy claims it well and France clear. Wales try to go out the line with a 2-to-1 overlap but the pass doesn't go to hand and the chance comes to an end.


France win the scrum but Yachvili's pass is poor. Davies comes up quick and pressurizes Beauxis, who spills the ball backwards. Palisson comes back to seize the loose ball but he is done for holding on - penalty Wales.

On the France 22, right of goal, Priestland nails it.

Wales 10-3 France

30 mins Faletau knocks on at the base of the scrum and France will get a scrum. Good pressure from Yachvili.

29 mins France knock on in possession. Poitrenaud is down clutching his thigh.

28 mins Wales go through phases and Priestland almost spills the ball under no pressure. He is forced into contact.

27 mins Halfpenny tries to grubber ahead, Poitrenaud reads it and clears downfield. Wales return the kick. Poitrenaud then counters, pases to Harinordoquy, who's pass to the wing is brutal and goes to touch. Wales win the lineout.

26 mins Wales field and go wide to North on the left. He takes to contact where Rougerie halts his progress.

25 mins Halfpenny tries to find the corner with a kick ahead. No joy as the kick is too hard and the angle is wrong. A 22-drop out for France. Beauxis kicks it long.

24 mins Lineout Wales. The ball is disrupted by France with a grubber ahead but the ball goes skidding over the dead-ball line for a 22-metre drop-out.


Wales steal rucK ball and spin wide right to Cuthbert. The winger cuts back inside, takes a wonderful line and leaves four France defenders trailing in his wake as he goes in under the posts. Halfpenny knocks over the conversion.

Wales 7-3 France

19 mins The ball is bashed to touch. Servat throws to the front of the line and the ball is popped back to him as he darts down the touchline. He is stopped and France spin the ball wide left. France then go off their feet and concede the penalty. Wales get lucky as there was a try on there.

18 mins The mark is booted to touch. Wales win and set the ruck in midfield. The ball fails to come out of the ruck - France penalty.

17 mins Wales back on the attack. Priestland tries a garryowen. Yachvili claims and calls the mark.

15 mins Yachvili is done for not rolling away at the breakdown. Penalty Wales on the France 10-metre line. Priestland steps up to take it. Wide right of goal, he smacks it but it hits the right-hand post. Unlucky. Leigh Halfpenny was down getting treatment. He would normally have taken those long kicks.

14 mins Faletau wins the lineout. Wales move to Cuthbert in midfield. Lydiate then has a drive. Rees is driven back as he tries to find a way through. Roberts dummies and makes a half break before Rougerie stops him.

13 mins Roberts grubbers down the right wing for Cuthbert to chase on to. Poitrenaud comes across to clear to touch.


Servat hits Bonnaire in the lineout. France set the ruck and Servat and Harinordoquy pick and go. Wales are done for killing the ball. Penalty France.

From left of goal, in the 22, Yachvili pops over the kick. France lead.

Wales 0-3 France

10 mins Wales fail to release at the breakdown and Beauxis kicks to touch in the Wales half.

8 mins Yachvili is popped a ball from the lineout and looks to be away. But he fails to catch the ball and knocks on - a try for France was on there.

7 mins Wales are done for going off their feet at the ruck and Beauxis clears to touch.

6 mins The Welsh don't get far before knocking on themselves and France clear downfield. The ball is returned and Wales secure it. Davies tries a grubber ahead but he plays it just too far ahead and Poitrenaud secures it.

5 mins France win a scrum on halfway as Wales spill forward. The French are done for collapsing and Wales pick and go.

3 mins Wales get the ball to Davies out wide left. He smashes his way up the touchline but can't get a pass to hand. The ball is secured and cleared by France.

2 mins Wales receive from France and the ball is immediately returned to Beuaxis. He has a pop at a drop-goal, but no joy as the ball scuffles along the ground.

1 mins We're off in Cardiff.

Wales: 15 Leigh Halfpenny, 14 Alex Cuthbert, 13 Jonathan Davies, 12 Jamie Roberts, 11 George North, 10 Rhys Priestland, 9 Mike Phillips, 8 Toby Faletau, 7 Sam Warburton (c), 6 Dan Lydiate, 5 Ian Evans, 4 Alun Wyn Jones, 3 Adam Jones, 2 Matthew Rees, 1 Gethin Jenkins. Replacements: 16 Ken Owens, 17 Paul James, 18 Luke Charteris, 19 Ryan Jones, 20 Lloyd Williams, 21 James Hook, 22 Scott Williams.

France: 15 Clement Poitrenaud, 14 Wesley Fofana, 13 Aurélien Rougerie, 12 Florian Fritz, 11 Alexis Palisson, 10 Lionel Beauxis, 9 Dimitri Yachvili, 8 Imanol Harinordoquy, 7 Julien Bonnaire, 6 Thierry Dusautoir (c), 5 Yohann Maestri, 4 Pascal Pape, 3 David Attoub, 2 William Servat, 1 Jean-Baptiste Poux.

Replacements: 16 Dimitri Szarzewski, 17 Vincent Debaty, 18 Julien Pierre, 19 Louis Picamoles, 20 Morgan Parra, 21 François Trinh-Duc, 22 Jean-Marcellin Buttin.

1449 James Higgins: #rterugby Very sad that rte rugby coverage never gives more than half hearted praise to Warren Gatland, who could guide Wales to GS today

Well, James. Gatland is The Man - I agree.

1448 The hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end after those anthems, seriously proud renditions.

1446 La Marseillaise is belted out around the Millennium Stadium. Followed by Land of our Fathers.

1446 A minute's silence is held at the Millennium Stadium for Mervyn Davies.

1442 Killian Byrne: Did @ghook steal that rocket on his lapel from the RTE canteen? #rterugby

1437 Next up this Saturday is Wales's date with the Grand Slam. The Principality host France in Cardiff. Victory would hand Wales the title and the Grand Slam. Defeat would give England a chance to steal the title if they defeat Ireland at Twickenham and overturn a 38-point defecit.

1424 RTÉ Sport's Ryle Nugent: #RTErugby never been more relieved to hear final whistle in 6N match. Well done Italy but, well, horror show to be honest..

1423 Orla Martin: Absolutely delighted 4 Italy, well deserved! Shockingly terrible performance by Scotland. Bring on #WalFra going to be some match! #rterugby

1422 John McCarthy: Sorry thistle-kissers, but it warms the cockles of my heart to see #Italy win in front of a sell out crowd. #6N #rterugby


A deserving win for Italy in Rome. Scotland get the Wooden Spoon for five defeats in five. That's seven defeats in-a-row for Robinson's Scotland. Where does he go for from here. Massive clouds over his tenure.

1417 Scotland have been an embarrassment to European rugby today. Could Andy Robinson retire this week?


Italy win the lineout and pick and go as nauseum to reach the Scotland 22. They grind their way forward and Burton is popped the ball in the pocket. He lines up and makes the drop goal.

Italy 13-6 Scotland

1412 Scotland come again but hold on to the ball at the breakdown. Penalty Italy in the Scotland half. The ball is booted to touch as Italy look to wind down down the last five minutes on the clock.

1411 Italy concede a penalty at the scrum and Laidlaw kicks the penalty to touch in the the Azzurri 22. As is the style of the game, the Scotland throw fails to go to hand and Vosawai steals and Italy boot downfield with Burton.

1408 Scotland in possession and they're trying to get something going. It's laboured, slow and boring. They haven't threatened the Italy tryline once in 72 minutes. Can they put together one move to win this match?

1407 Ten minutes to go in Rome.

1406 No matter, as Italy win back the ball and Burton bashes downfield

1405 Botes has injured his wrist and is down getting attention on it. So Italy are playing with 13 men right now.

1403 Canale is off for Toniolatti.

1402 Botes is on for Gori at scrum-half.


A third yellow card of the game and Scotland have the upper hand for the next time minutes now. Lo Cicero is back on for Castrogiovanni, who is off injured.

1400 Hogg makes a half break and very nearly breaks through the Italy defence. A last-gasp tackle stops him.

1359 RTÉ Sport's Ryle Nugent: #rterugby dear lord Scotland are poor today.. Bradley for head coach??

1358 Gavin Highlife: The worst 6 nations match since records began... utter scutter whoever owns the ball should take it home now ! #rterugby #6nations


Kellock is taken out in the air by Zanni and Rolland says penalty Scotland. From left of the sticks Laidlaw nails it.

Italy 10-6 Scotland

1351 Italy go on the charge but Vosawai holds on at the ruck and Scotland are awarded a penalty. This is brutal stuff from both teams to be honest. Italy are the lesser of two evils so far. But one converted try from Scotland and the teams are level.


Italy win a penalty as Scotland pull down the Italian lineout. Jim Hamilton is sin binned for his efforts.

1346 Scotland have exerted zero influence on this game so far. They just don't look up for it at all.

1345 Lo Cicero is called ashore for Cittadini.

1343 RTÉ Sport's Brendan Cole: How often have Italy been favourites for a 6N match? They will be expected to win every clash with Scots within 5 years. #rterugby

1342 Burton makes a line break and gallops in for a try, but play is called back for an Italy knock on at the ruck. Dubious call.

1341 Burton is playing well here, kicking to the corners and keeping Scotland pinned back in their half.

45 mins Scotland win a penalty wide right, just outside the Italy 22, and Laidlaw opts to kick at goal. He misses it.


Italy go through phase after phase in the Scotland 22. Eventually Burton pops a lovely pass to Venditti. The winger takes a superb line and slices through the Scotland defence and over the tryline. Burton converts. Scotland need to dig deep now.

Italy 10-3 Scotland

1333 The teams are back out on the Stadio Olimpico pitch.



Nick de Luca kicks the ball out of the scrum-half, Gori's, hands. As referee Roland had just said the next infringement would be rewarded with a yellow card, De Luca is sin-binned. Bergmasco pushes the penalty kick wide right of the posts though and the teams go into the half-time break level.


Scotland win a penalty of their own near halfway. Laidlaw hammers it hard and the the ball just makes it over the bar. The teams are level.

Italy 3-3 Scotland

1311 Eight minutes to half time in Rome, without question the worst 30 minutes of rugby of the tournamant.

1309 Italy make the Scotland 22 with some forward surging. The ball is not secured and Italy knock on. Oh Lordy.

1305 Jamie Farrell: A feast of rugby to enjoy 2day 3 tight games to call going for Scotland Wales Ireland to win. #sixnations #rterugby @RTERugby

To be fair Jamie, there has been little feasting going on in Rome so far! More of a rugby famine!

1304 Shane Culleton “@ghook: Italy, Wales and England to win” I'm actually hoping George is wrong on all three! Here's hoping. #SixNations #RTErugby

1304 Burton tries a drop goal for the Italians - it's blocked down.

1259 Another penalty conceded by Scotland, this time just outside the 22, left of goal. Some back chat means the penalty is moved forward. But Bergamasco makes a mess of the kick and pulls it to the left. Poor effort. It remains 3-0 to Italy.

1247 Robinson was forced to make a last-minute change with loosehead prop Jon Welsh replacing injured Allan Jacobsen, who failed a fitness test in the warm-up.


Scotland are defending with passion, but concede a penalty for kiling the ball at the breakdown. Bergamasco pops over an easy penalty from in front of the posts.

Italy 3-0 Scotland

1242 Canale makes a fine break to the Scotland 22, but can't offload to the onrushing Parisse.

1241 It's all Italy for the opening ten minutes. They're playing retention rubgy and spreading wide. Masi and Barbieri make surging runs at the Scots.

1234 We'll bring you score updates and updates on major events as they come in for this one.

1234 Laidlaw gets play underway in Rome.

1233 Italy v Scotland, RBS 6 Nations, Stadio Olimpico, Saturday 17 March, kick-off 12.30pm:

Italy: 15 Andrea Masi 14 Giovambattista Venditti 13 Tommaso Benvenuti 12 Gonzalo Canale 11 Mirco Bergamasco 10 Kristopher Burton 9 Edoardo Gori 1 Andrea Lo Cicero 2 Leonardo Ghiraldini 3 Martin Castrogiovanni 4 Quintin Geldenhuys 5 Marco Bortolami 6 Alessandro Zanni 7 Robert Barbieri 8 Sergio Parisse.

Replacements: 16 Tommaso D'Apice 17 Lorenzo Cittadini 18 Joshua Furno 19 Simone Favaro 20 Manoa Vosawai 21 Tobias Botes 22 Giulio Toniolatti.

Scotland: 15 Stuart Hogg 14 Max Evans 13 Nick De Luca 12 Graeme Morrison 11 Sean Lamont 10 Greig Laidlaw 9 Mike Blair 1 Allan Jacobsen 2 Ross Ford (captain) 3 Geoff Cross 4 Richie Gray 5 Jim Hamilton 6 John Barclay 7 Ross Rennie 8 David Denton.

Replacements: 16 Scott Lawson 17 Euan Murray 18 Alastair Kellock 19 Richie

1232 This is the first wooden spoon decider since 2005.

1231 A rendition of massive pride from Italy as they seek to condemn Scotland to sixth place in this championship.

1228 Followed by the Song of the Italians. Only one word for that: quality.

1227 The Flower of Scotland echoes out in the Stadio Olimpico prior to battle. It's a beautful sunny day in Rome, perfect for rugby.

1154 That time of year is back, it's RBS 6 Nations Super Saturday, where all the springtime gladiatorial action of top-tier European international rugby comes to a close. We'll bring you text updates on all three games from Rome, Cardiff and London. Stick with us.