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As It Happened: Scotland 17-23 France

Updated: Sunday, 26 Feb 2012 17:27

Stuart Hogg goes over in the corner for the game's opening score
Stuart Hogg goes over in the corner for the game's opening score

By Tadhg Peavoy

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1651 A wonderful match full of skill and strength. Scotland scored two fine tries, but they also conceded two, and at the death ran out of the stamina needed to keep the tempo at a sufficient pace to troubles Les Bleus.

France go on to face Ireland in Paris next Sunday with their Grand Slam hopes very much intact.

A report will follow on the site shortly. See y'after.


81 mins France win the lineout and Dupuy boots the ball out of play. France win as a brave Scotland succumb to a third straight defeat in this championship.

80 mins Scoland go wide left with Jones and the France players swarm around him to force the winger to touch.

80 mins Last chance for Scotland. Weir lifts the dropout high and Scotland win possession.

79 mins Scrum France: Scotland are hammered back by France. A penalty is awarded as the Scots are simply devoured and massacred and driven back ten metres as they collapse. Beauxis will kick for goal from just inside halfway. But he misses, forcing the kick wide left.

78 mins This time France engage early and Scotland tap and go with the penalty. As Cusiter is about to offload a pass he fumbles the ball forward. Surely, after that, the game is now gone for Scotland.

77 mins Scrum France: it collapses and must be reset.

76 mins Scotland win the lineout and spin wide left to Hogg. He tries to offload but his pass is ruled as forward. Scrum France.

75 mins Debaty and Bonnaire make hard yards with pick and goes as France make the Scotland 22. Parra finds Beauxis for the drop goal, but the pass is poor and the outhalf must go to contact under pressure. He is penalised for holding on at the ruck and Scotland kick to touch.

74 mins France go through the phases. Pape and Dusautoir marshal the breakdown.

73 mins It is set again and France win it. They kick to Scotland and Hogg attacks down the right wing. But Scotland are easily rucked off the ball.

72 mins Scrum France: the scrum collapses.

71 mins Kellock goes to contact and, ye gods, he knocks on. Scrum France.

70 mins Scrum France in their own half. Harinordoquy picks from the base. Scotland steal at the breakdown and attack in hand.



Servat takes up the attacking mantle. Les Bleus make the France 22. Harinordoquy bashes up the middle, as does Dusautoir. Parra sees Beauxis in the pocket and feeds the outhalf possession. No mistake from in front of the posts.

Scotland 17-23 France

67 mins Scotland just about win the lineout and Ford drives at France. Cusiter whips it wide to Weir - he goes to contact. But the ball is lost forward. France go up the middle with Dusautoir.


66 mins France steal at the ruck and spread wide left to Malzieu, he attempts to chip ahead and puts the ball straight into touch. Lineout Scotland.

66 mins Morrison and Gray make some ground wide left.

65 mins Scotland up to the France 22. They've put together ten phases now. Vernon makes a carry, then Kalman follows suit.

64 mins Servat finds Maestri in the lineout at number two. They set the ruck. Scotland turn it over at the breakdown and pass the whole way across the field to Jones. He sears into the France half. The Scots recyle and Kalman drives forward.

63 mins France force another penalty from the Scotland scrum and Beauxis boots the penalty clear downfield.

62 mins BEAUXIS REPLACES MEDARD. Trinh-Duc goes to full-back as Beauxis goes in at outhalf.


62 mins Hogg makes a wonderful sniping break and reaches the France 22. Scotland go through the phases and Jones tries to scamper over down the right-hand side of the pitch. No joy as he is knocks on in the tackle.


France break up the middle with Rougerie. They set a quick ruck and work up the small side to Malzieu, the winger beats his man, then pops inside to Medard to sprint home from halfway, burning the Scottish defence. Parra converts from in front of the posts.

Scotland 17-20 France


Fofana goes to contact and fails to secure as Scotland steal at the ruck. The Scots break with Di Luca down the left flank, he draws the tackler and finds Vernon. The back rower makes for the corner, is caught by the France defence, but manages to offload for Lee Jones to cross for a second Scottish try. Weir converts and this game is on.

Scotland 17-13 France

56 mins France lineout: Servat takes his first lineout throw of the day. Harinordoquy wins it and France go up the middle with Fofana. Scotland turn it over at the ruck and Hogg aimlessly boots downfield.

56 mins France kick the penalty to touch deep in the Scotland half.

55 mins Scrum France: they win and Scotland are penalised at the scrum.


53 mins Scotland win the lineout with Denton, he goes off the top to Cusiter, he pops to Sean Lamont who promptly knocks on.

52 mins France on the attack with Medard on the charge. Trinh-Duc opts to kick to touch and the ball goes out on the full, lineout back in the France half for Scotland.


51 mins Scotland turn it over at the lineout and spin wide to Di Luca - he spills forward and France set the ball at the ruck before Medard boots a long way downfield to touch.

50 mins Scrum France on their 22: they win and Trinh-Duc launches an up and under. Hogg takes it in the air. Cusiter goes blindside with a snipe but Maestri pulls him into touch.


49 mins At the next ruck Scotland spill the ball forward and lose possession. A Frenchman is down receiving attention.

48 mins Scotland kick off deep and France field but are forced to touch. The lineout goes over the top to Denton who smashes into Dusautoir.

Laidlaw lays up to Ford who smashes into the 22.


From in front of the sticks, on the 22, Parra licks his chops, lands the kick, and says thank you very much.

Scotland 10-13 France

45 mins France reach the 22, Malzieu makes a hard carry. On the 22 France drive again and break into the 22. Parra tries a chip to the corner for Clerc to get on to - the kick has too much pace and ball bounces off into touch. But play is called back for a France penalty from the ruck.

44 mins Maestri barrels forward for France. Pape does likewise and then France go wide right.

42 mins France attack down the left flank and Malzieu is forced into touch. France win the lineout and go across field, they reach the Scotland 10-metre line.

41 mins Play underway again in Edinburgh.

1559 MikeVw: Looks like New Zealand came dressed as Scots today id say!

1540 Sean Defoe: Blair is doing a Mike Phillips job on the French! #duracellbunny #sixnations #rterugby

1559 Capn Doctor: It's good to see Scotland actually play some exciting rugby.

1559 Ross McEntegart: Scotland playing some great rugby. France not too shabby either. Shaping up to be a memorable match. #6nations #rterugby

1558 Mick Wynne: Typical France. Nothing for 28mins then a moment of brilliance and it's 7pts on the board #rterugby #ScoFra #GoFigure #rbs6nations

1549 A brave and spirited Scotland display in that first half had them on the front foot from the get go. A 10-0 lead was merited.

However, a moment of genius from Fofana and some predictably reliable kicking from Parra has the sides neck and neck at the interval.

Remember Scotland were 3-3 at half-time with Wales last week and lost the tie 27-13 - they must not just match, but raise their performance in this second 40 minutes.


40 mins France reach the Scotland 10-metre line. Picamoles carries well. Scotland tackle like demons. France go wide right, but play is brought back for a high tackle by Jacobsen on Picamoles.

Again from wide left and just inside the 10-metre line, Parra goes for goal but this time he pulls it wide left. The sides go in 10-10 at half-time.

40 mins Scotland kick off to France. Les Bleus receive and drive onwards. They spin wide to Malzieu, but no way through. Trinh-Duc takes it up the middle.


Scotland scrum in their own half: Scotland collapse the scrum and France win a penalty. From just inside the Scotland 10-metre line, left of the goal, Parra kicks the penalty between the sticks.

Scotland 10-10 France

37 mins Scotland lineout: France knock on in the lineout, scrum Scotland.

36 mins Scotland win the lineout and maul it. They exit their own 22 and kick long. Medard receives and France counter with ball in hand. Picamoles carries well along the left touchline and France are hammered into touch.

35 mins Medard fails to find touch and Hogg replies with a kick. Medard calls a mark and blasts the kick to touch deep in the Scotland half.

34 mins De Luca scampers forward and sets a ruck. Lee Jones has a pop but no joy. Scotland still in the France 22. After ten phases Scotland are driven out of the 22. On the 12th phase Jacobsen carries but then Barclay goes off his feet at the ruck and France win a penalty.

33 mins Scotland steal the France lineout and set the ruck in the France 22. Laidlaw carries to contact. Denton takes a crash ball. Scotland set up several rucks and try to burrow through the France defence.

32 mins Scrum Scotland: Denton picks and gives to Cusiter. Scotland go the whole way across the field to Hogg who breezes toward the touchline and shrugs off Rougerie, but Medard comes across to prevent the winger going any further. Superb attack.

1536 Chris Cusiter is also on for Mike Blair.

1535 Lamont is given a standing ovation as he is brought from the field.

1534 Play is stopped as Lamont gets treatment and the medics put him on the stretcher.

31 mins Lamont appears to have injured his ankle.


31 mins Scotland restart and Rory Lamont goes up for the high ball, he comes down very awkwardly with Picamoles and both players need treatment from the medics.


France lineout: they win and maul forward, they set up three rucks and edge forward. Trinh-Duc beats a tackle and almost breaches the Scotland line. Hamilton stops him. But Parra pops to Clerc, he pops to Fofana, who jinks past three Scots to crash over the tryline. Great try.

From left of goal, on the 22, Parra makes the conversion.

Scotland 10-7 France

27 mins Trinh-Duc restarts. Scotland receive and clear with a long kick. Medard catches and France spin wide left, then right. Parra pops to Trinh-Duc, but Scotland are caught offside in the ruck - Gray was the offender. Penalty France on halfway. Medard kicks the penalty to touch - he makes the 22.


From the 22, left of goal, Laidlaw nails it. What a start from the Scots.

Scotland 10-0 France

25 mins Scotland steal the lineout and Denton beats the first line of French defence, before Ford makes 10 yards. Blair feeds left to Morrison. Then right as Laidlaw is tackled by Dusautoir. Jacobsen makes a half break and goes to contact, France fail to roll away and it's a penalty to Scotland on the France 22.

22 mins Rennie and Denton combine to keep France on the backfoot. But Scotland spill the ball and Medard launches a counter attack deep in his own half He sprints the length of the field but is caught and Scotland then turn over and run it out of their own 22. They set the ruck on their own 10-metre line and then Laidlaw clears long with the boot. France return the kick, before Hogg slices his kick into touch.

20 mins Scrum Scotland on halfway: France drive in from the side, penalty Scotland. Denton picks and goes and makes five yards. Cross does likewise. Scotland go wide right to Morrison and then left where Denton makes a big carry into contact.

19 mins Laidlaw clears to halfway. Scotland win the lineout with Hamilton at number four in the line. But Scotland knock on and France go through the phases with Poux and Clerc making carries. But, again, Scotland steal. Blair boxkicks long and Clerc receives. France try to counter but they knock the ball forward. Scrum Scotland.

18 mins France win the lineout and maul into the Scotland 22 with Szarzewski peeling off the back with a drive. But France collapse the maul and play on the ground. Penalty Scotland.

17 mins France lineout in the Scots 22: Harinordoquy wins it and France spin to the middle. After a few phases Rennie steals in contact and Blair clears to touch.

15 mins France kick to touch, but Hamilton steals on the France throw and Scotland spin left to right to Morrison. Jacobsen makes ground with a hard drive. Scotland reach halfway but give away a penalty for holding on at the ruck. Parra finds touch with the penalty.

13 mins Scotland throw to two in the lineout. Blair finds Cross. The Scots maul forward a few yards. Gray then carries well for Scotland. Morrison takes a good line. France do not roll away in the tackle and Scotland attack quickly, they go wide right to Rory Lamont on the wing, but France hammer Scotland back in the ruck and Dusautoir steals the ball. Penalty France for Scotland playing it on the ground.

12 mins Scrum Scotland: the scrum wheels 180 degrees and is reset. Second scrum: France commit early and Scotland win a penalty. Laidlaw clears his lines but doesn't find touch. Medard claims the ball and counter kicks to the Scotland 22.

11 mins France launch a first attack and Dusautoir knocks on outisde the Scotland 22.


Laidlaw tries to chip to Hogg, but he is stopped with ball in hand. Denton takes a charge. All Scotland here. Blair pops to Hogg on the loop from left to right, he is stopped. Laidlaw now goes with a half break himself and snipes down the right flank, he finds half a yard and pops outside where Hogg sprints down the touchline and dives over in the corner. Try Scotland.

Laidlaw lands the conversion from wide right on the 22. Scotland off to a flyer.

Scotland 7-0 France

7 mins Scrum France in their own 22: early engagement, it must be reset. Second scrum: it holds but France knock on with a counter attack. Scotland seize on possession and spin wide to Denton in midfield.

4 mins Blair pops again to Gray as Scotland try to barge over the line. No joy as Scotland go wide to Sean Lamont. Scotland still in the France 22. They maul closer to the line but a scrum is called as Scotland turn over possession.

3 mins The ball goes over the top of the lineout to Denton to collect, he smashes away at France and sets the ruck. Scotland go forward with Ford and rumble on. Hamilton takes a pop pass and is stopped short. Gray follows suit.

2 mins Scotland decide to kick for goal. From near halfway, wide right of the posts, Laidlaw's kick drops short. Rougerie claims a mark and clears to touch.

1 min Scotland on the attack early. Laidlaw spins to the centre and the Scots win a penalty for France infringing at the breakdown.

1500 A last reminder of the teams for today:

Scotland v France, RBS 6 Nations, Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Sunday 26 February, kick-off 3pm.

Scotland: 15 S Hogg 14 R Lamont 13 S Lamont 12 G Morrison 11 L Jones 10 G Laidlaw 9 M Blair 1 A Jacobsen 2 R Ford (captain) 3 G Cross 4 R Gray 5 J Hamilton 6 J Barclay 7 R Rennie 8 D Denton

Replacements: 16 S Lawson 17 E Kalman 18 A Kellock 19 R Vernon 20 C Cusiter 21 D Weir 22 N De Luca

France: 15 M Medard 14 V Clerc 13 A Rougerie 12 W Fofana 11 J Malzieu 10 F Trinh-Duc 9 M Parra 1 J-B Poux 2 D Szarzewski 3 N Mas 4 P Pape 5 Y Maestri 6 T Dusautoir (captain) 7 I Harinordoquy 8 L Picamoless

Replacements: 16 W Servat 17 V Debaty 18 L Nallet 19 J Bonnaire 20 J Dupuy 21 L Beauxis 22 M Mermoz

Referee: Wayne Barnes (England)

1459 As usual, the bagpipes stop halfway through Flower of Scotland and the crowd sing the remainder. Very damn cool.

1458 Kick-off in Edinburgh is just minutes away.

1457 Followed by Flower of Scotland.

1456 La Marseillaise plays out in Murrayfield.

1455 The teams are out on the pitch in Edinburgh, with the strains of bagpipes echoing through the air, and the sight of fireworks blazing out from the centre of the field.

1451 Conor O'Shea feels Scotland are bound to come up with a superb performance sooner or later. But is the day today?

1447 Interesting point by Stuart Barnes in The Sunday Times today. He points out that Wesley Fofana is in the great French tradition of small and pacy first centres that go around, rather than through the opposition. Fofana is a svelte gamine at 14st (89kg). Fofana's opponent today is Graeme Morrison who weighs 16st 2lb (103kg).

1445 Myke Vw: Donal Lenihan a model of bloody sense.

1443 Le Machine: Totally can see the rugby league player in Owen Farell can take the big hits and still have the awareness to use the ball. #rterugby good game

Superb display from Farrell yesterday - agreed.

1442 Gavin Highlife: France to put a va va voom baguette up the kilts of the fuzzy purse wearers today and win with flair ! #6nations #rugby #rterugby

1434 Please get your thoughts in to me at the sources above. Also, a question for you. Who is the player of the tournament thus far?

1333 Hello and welcome to our live text coverage of Scotland v France at Murrayfield.

Following Wales's Triple Crown at Twickenham, and Ireland's hammering of Italy in Dublin, France will be looking to keep their Grand Slam dreams on course with victory over Andy Robinson's Scotland.

Read our preview here.

Scotland v France, RBS 6 Nations, Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Sunday 26 February, kick-off 3pm.

Scotland: 15 S Hogg 14 R Lamont 13 S Lamont 12 G Morrison 11 L Jones 10 G Laidlaw 9 M Blair 1 A Jacobsen 2 R Ford (captain) 3 G Cross 4 R Gray 5 J Hamilton 6 J Barclay 7 R Rennie 8 D Denton

Replacements: 16 S Lawson 17 E Kalman 18 A Kellock 19 R Vernon 20 C Cusiter 21 D Weir 22 N De Luca

France: 15 M Medard 14 V Clerc 13 A Rougerie 12 W Fofana 11 J Malzieu 10 F Trinh-Duc 9 M Parra 1 J-B Poux 2 D Szarzewski 3 N Mas 4 P Pape 5 Y Maestri 6 T Dusautoir (captain) 7 I Harinordoquy 8 L Picamoless

Replacements: 16 W Servat 17 V Debaty 18 L Nallet 19 J Bonnaire 20 J Dupuy 21 L Beauxis 22 M Mermoz

Referee: Wayne Barnes (England)