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As It Happened: Wales 27-13 Scotland

Updated: Sunday, 12 Feb 2012 17:23

Wales's Leigh Halfpenny in full flight
Wales's Leigh Halfpenny in full flight

By Tadhg Peavoy

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1652 That's that for today, folks. A classy win for Wales, but a brave performance from Scotland. Wales march on to face England at Twickenham, where a Triple Crown possibly awaits.

A match report will follow on the site shortly.

See y'after.


80+2 mins Lee Jones tries to jink past Davies, but there is no way through. The Scots infringe at the ruck and referee Poite says that is all for today. Fantastic game of rugby.

79 mins The ball is put out in the Scotland 22 by Wales. The Scots take the lineout and go up the middle with De Luca, who finds Hogg outside him. Barclay has a drive.

79 mins Man-of-the-match is named as Dan Lydiate.

79 mins Jacobsen takes a pop pass and bashes to within 5 metres of the Wales line. Blair feeds Jacobsen again but Kalman knocks on and Wales break from within their own 22 to the Scotland half. Great run from Davies but the Welsh give away a penalty at the next ruck. Scotland try to play it from their own half now.

78 mins Roberts is off for Scott Williams.

78 mins Scotland enter the Wales 22. The ball pops out the side of the ruck, Wales played it on the ground. Penalty Scotland.

77 mins Scotland go through the hands to Lee Jones on the left wing, he meets a red wall.

76 mins Scotland win the lineout and go wide right to Hogg. Sean Lamont tries to go through Andy Powell - no entry.

75 mins Lou Reed is on for Ryan Jones. Lloyd Williams is on for Mike Phillips.

74 mins Priestland launches a kick at Scotland. Rory Lamont receives and runs at Wales. Scotland go down the left flank and then back inside with Rennie. Gray then carries well. Blair feeds Denton for a carry. Laidlaw is fed, he chips over the Wales defence and chases on to it. The ball bounces kindly for the Wales defence and they manage to slice it clear into touch.

73 mins Lydiate is off for Powell. James is on for Adam Jones.

72 mins Scotland win their lineout and drive forward. Blair box kicks but doesn't find touch. Faletau claims it and Priestland crossfield kicks to Hogg. The winger receives, makes the mark, and kicks Scotland to the Wales 10-metre line.

71 mins Wales spin wide right and Scotland shepherd Cuthbert into touch.

70 mins Long Wales kick at the heart of the Scotland defence. Laidlaw claims it but then Scotland lose it at the ruck. Jenkins drives hard and Evans is driven back in the tackle when he has a pop.

69 mins Wales decide to kick for goal. From just inside the 22, right of goal, and 46m out, Halfpenny pushes it to the left.

68 mins Wales win the lineout and kick long. Scotland spin wide left and take to contact with De Luca. Scotland fail to use it at the breakdown and Wales are awarded a penalty.

66 mins Mike Blair - on for Cusiter - box kicks at Wales. The Welsh lose possession and Scotland feed Hogg out wide right. He jinks away from Roberts and into the Wales half, only to be brought down by Lydiate and bumped into touch.


Laidlaw spins wide to Hogg on the left wing - he cuts inside but is held up over the line. The ruck is set on the Wales line. Laidlaw sees an opportunity at the ruck, and picks and dives over on the D1 defence area at the ruck, nipping under Faletau for the try.

Wales 27-13 Scotland

63 mins Wales scrum: they win it and drive forward hard. But the Wales pack is done for holding on and Scotland are awarded a penalty. The Scots pick and go with Rennie and Gray. They reach the Wales 5-metre line.

61 mins Scotland win the lineout and break quickly downfield with a searing run up the middle and then some quick passing out to Hogg. The winger just manages to hold the ball after a poor pass, but does and crosses for the score. However, Poite calls play back and says Hogg knocked it on. Wrong call - that was a Scotland try.

59 mins Wales run it at Scotland from deep. They make the Scotland 22 and go wide right to Cuthbert. The play is stopped and Wales are put into touch.


Scrum Wales in the Scotland 22: Faletau picks from the base, he feeds Phillips on his left, who is tackled but offloads to Halfpenny on the loop around who crosses in the left-hand corner. Halfpenny slots the conversion from wide on the left touchline.

Wales 27-6 Scotland

56 mins De Luca is back after his sin binning.

55 mins Wales kick the penalty to touch, ruck it and win a scrum.


Wales on the charge from the kick-off. Faletau breaks the Welsh defence and streaks for the line. He is brought down on the Scotland 22 and nearly offloads to Roberts for a certain try. But Rory Lamont tackles in an offside position and is sin-binned for it.


Jenkins carries and then quick hands feeds Priestland, Cuthert and then Halfpenny, the latter cuts inside Lee Jones and crosses the whitewash for a lovely try. Halfpenny converts his own try. Scotland are in a world of pain.

Wales 20-6 Scotland

50 mins Wales win the lineout and the lineout pass is off the top with Roberts running a great line up the middle. The Welsh then use Jenkins and Lydiate to almost break the Scottish defensive line. The ball is then moved far left where Roberts is stopped just short of the line.

49 mins Scotland kick possession back to Wales. The compliment is returned. Then Scotland try to break down the right wing with Hogg. He is bashed into touch.


Laidlaw kicks the penalty at goal from in front of the sticks, easy.

Wales 13-6 Scotland

47 mins Scotland drive hard up the middle with Jacobsen. Cross follows suit. Then Sean Lamont tries to pick a path through midfield. Laidlaw tries to spin wide and Scotland knock on. But play is brought back for Wales infringing at the breakdown.


Wales opt to kick the penalty at goal. From near halfway, left of goal, Halfpenny slots it.

Wales 13-3 Scotland


Scotland win possession in the Wales half. Richie Gray hammers away at Wales with another big carry. The Scots lose possession and the ball is hacked along the ground at the Scotland line. The foot race ensues, but Davies is tackled off the ball by Nick de Luca. De Luca is sin-binned for the foul and Wales are awarded a penalty.


Jones has a pop and drives Scotland back. Wales recycle and go wide right to Cuthbert, he bashes at Scotland, targeting Laidlaw, the outhalf is brushed aside and the winger crosses for the opening score. Halfpenny popS over the conversion from just right of the sticks, on the 22 line.

Wales 10-3 Scotland

42 mins Wales win the lineout and Ryan Jones carries to the Scotland 5-metre line. Rennie stops him. Faletau makes hard yards, before Wales go wide to Davies - he is stopped just short.

41 mins Priestland starts the second period in Cardiff. The ball hits Cusiter's leg and bounces out for Wales lineout.

1600 The teams are emerging from the tunnel in Cardiff.

1552 Hook came in at full back when he came on, with Halfpenny switching to North's spot on the left wing.

1551 The news with George North is that he has twisted his ankle and could be out for a few weeks.


40+2 mins Second Wales scrum: it holds firm and Phillips kicks the ball out of play for half-time. What a half, Scotland were the better team for that 40 minutes, but the real story of the half is of two excellent defensive displays keeping the scoring to a minimum.

40+1 mins Scrum Wales on their own line: the scrum goes down and will be reset.

40+1 mins Hook is on there for North, who twisted his knee.

40 mins Scotland on the 5-metre line. They set a ruck. Jacobsen picks and goes, then Denton follows suit. But there is a little fumble by Jacobsen on the Wales line - knock on. After 21 phases, it's scrum Wales.

39 mins Laidlaw spins wide to Gray, he tries to find Hogg, but the pass goes to ground. Scotland recycle and set the ruck again on the 22. The Wales defence is holding firm as Scotland spin to Rory Lamont on the right wing, North makes a try-stopping tackle.

38 mins Rennie and Cross make some good ground with carries. Lee Jones does well with a good angle. Scotland up to the Wales 22 now.

37 mins Denton also has a go and Scotland patiently go though the phases.

35 mins Priestland finds touch with the kick. Lineout Wales: they win and Phillips box kicks to Lee Jones. Scotland set the ruck and Laidlaw chips at North. He goes to ground in contact. Wales then kick long to Hogg. The Scots use Jacobsen on the charge. On halfway, the Scots again use Jacobsen with a forward drive.

34 mins Scrum Scotland: they win it and go wide right. It reaches De Luca and takes to contact. Scotland go wide left and bash up the middle with a forward drive. Laidlaw pops to Strokosch and the flanker gets isolated and Wales win a penalty for holding on.

32 mins Halfpenny is caught in possession by Cusiter and Scotland win a scrum.

31 mins Priestland hammers the ball downfield to Scotland. Denton receives. Wales fail to roll away at the next ruck and Laidlaw kicks Scotland's penalty to touch, he fails to find touch. Ping pong ensues before Hogg fails to find touch and North crashes into Hogg.


Wales win a penalty for Scotland joining the ruck from the side. Halfpenny will go for goal from the 22, left of goal, perfect kick.

Wales 3-3 Scotland

28 mins Scrum Scotland: Denton gets caught in possession with the pick. The Scots recycle after a Jacobsen drive. Cusiter then box kicks again - and again misses touch. Wales run it back.

27 mins With the tryline beckoning, Wales knock on. Scotland scrum.

26 mins Cusiter box kicks but it doesn't make touch and Cuthbert runs it back. Wales win a penalty for side entry at the ruck and Phillips takes it quick, they go left with Davies and then right with Priestland. Phillips then takes it up the middle.

25 mins Scrum Scotland: the scrum crumbles and must be reset. Second scrum: Denton picks from the base. Phillips makes the tackle. Sean Lamont makes some ground as does Cross.

24 mins Scotland receive possession at the kick-off and win a scrum.


From in front of the sticks, Laidlaw pops over the game's first points.

Wales 0-3 Scotland

21 mins Denton offloads to Rennie and Scotland reach the Wales 22. Ford picks and goes at the base of the ruck. After 11 phases, Scotland use Rennie again. After 13 phases, referee Poite says Wales handled in the ruck - penalty Scotland.

20 mins Scotland kick to touch and win the lineout with a Gray jump. Laidlaw kicks long and fails to find touch. Halfpenny returns it and the Scots keep things in hand. Rennie tries to make hard yards in the middle - the Wales defence stands firm.

19 mins Bennett is back on for Owens.

19 mins Wales collapse the scrum and it's a penalty for Scotland.

18 mins Lineout Wales: again the lineout is poor and Wales knock on. Scrum Scotland.

17 mins Phillips box kicks and Scotland claim, but Wales win a penalty for Scotland killing a scrum shortly after. Priestland kicks to touch.

16 mins Hogg is on for Max Evans.

15 mins Faletau hammers up the centre. Shingler follows suit. Davies tries to jink through the defence and then Priestland kicks to the Scottish corner, but Rory Lamont gets there and clears. Cuthbert receives and is driven into touch, but the ball came off Denton. Wales lineout.

13 mins The Scots win back possession and Cusiter box kicks to Halfpenny at fullback. Cuthbert is fed a pop pass and sprints down the middle - he is brought down and Wales recycle. Priestland tries a grubber down the left flank and the ball is cleared by Scotland. Wales return the kick and Laidlaw chips to touch.

12 mins Scrum Wales: The Scots are penalised and Wales taps and goes. Wales then spin wide to Davies - he crashes at the Scots and at the next ruck the ball is knocked forward and Cusiter clears his lines.

11 mins Wales win their own lineout and set the ruck in the midfield. Wales play it through the hands to North on the wing, but there is no way through. They then spin it wide left and the Scots get their hands on it but knock on. Scrum Wales in the Scottish half.

10 mins Bennett's ear is spitting blood and he is going off as a blood sub for Ken Owens.

8 mins Leidlaw finds touch with the penalty and the Scots win the lineout. The ball is spun wide to De Luca, who is smashed in the tackle by Davies. The Scots hold on and spin to Richie Gray to bash his way up at Wales. The ball is turned over in the ruck and Wales try to run it out of their own 22. The Scots are done for joining the ruck from the side.

6 mins Wales kick possession long and Scotland run it back. Rennie tries to make some hard yards, before Scotland move to Nick de Luca in midfield. Scotland go through the phases and try to bash up the middle but lose possession and Wales drive down the middle. Referee Poite says Wales have gone over the top at the ruck and it's a penalty Scotland.

5 mins The lineout is poor and Scotland steal possession. They take it upfield and win a penalty for Wales coming over the top at the ruck. Leidlaw decides to go for goal. From the 22, wide right of goal, the outhalf pushes the effort left and wide.

4 mins Gray wins a lineout from the penalty and the ruck is set. Jacobsen picks and goes. But Scotland are done for holding on and it's penalty Wales. I think Cross was the guilty party. Priestland kicks for touch.

3 mins Scotland clear their lines and Wales run it back. The Scots win a penalty at the breakdown as the Welsh fail to use it.

2 mins Halfpenny makes a break down the flank and North combines to almost send Davies in for a try with some quick passing. An early chance for Wales.

1 min Leidlaw gets action underway in Cardiff and Wales receive possession.

1501 Action is moments away in Cardiff now, a full house is in situ for the clash.

1500 Followed by Old Land of My Fathers.

1458 Flower of Scotland rings out in Cardiff.

1455 Andy Robinson says pre-match, "We need to hold on to the ball and get up in defence."

1449 The teams for today once more.

Wales: 15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 Alex Cuthbert 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Jamie Roberts 11 George North 10 Rhys Priestland 9 Mike Phillips 1 Gethin Jenkins 2 Huw Bennett 3 Adam Jones 4 Ryan Jones 5 Ian Evans 6 Dan Lydiate 7 Aaron Shingler 8 Toby Faletau

Replacements: 16 Ken Owens 17 Paul James 18 Lou Reed 19 Andy Powell 20 Lloyd Williams 21 James Hook 22 Scott Williams

Scotland: 15 Rory Lamont 14 Lee Jones 13 Nick De Luca 12 Sean Lamont 11 Max Evans 10 Greig Laidlaw 9 Chris Cusiter 1 Allan Jacobsen 2 Ross Ford 3 Geoff Cross 4 Richie Gray 5 Jim Hamilton 6 Alasdair Strokosch 7 Ross Rennie 8 David Denton

Replacements: 16 Scott Lawson 17 Ed Kalman 18 Alastair Kellock 19 John Barclay 20 Mike Blair 21 Duncan Weir 22 Stuart Hogg

Referee: Romaine Poite (France)

1447 ** BREAKING NEWS: Sam Warburton has failed a late fitness test and Aaron Shingler will start at openside flanker for Wales. **

1446 The teams are out on the pitch in Cardiff, with just under 15 minutes to kick-off.

1436 The debate is all about last night's postponement in Paris and when the game will be played. Surely the best scenario for Ireland is to play the game next week, a week before facing Italy, then have a week off before facing Scotland and England. The other option is to play the game on the weekend of 3-4 March, that would mean Ireland have four games over four consecutive weeks.

1431 TV coverage has just got underway on RTÉ Two, for those of you with access to it.

1425 Last season's game saw Wales canter home 24-6 at Murrayfield.

1421 The history of this clash has Wales as the more successful side. There have been 114 matches between the teams, with Wales winning 63 times and Scotland 48 times, three matches have been drawn.

1420 Eoin Harrington (aged 12, Dublin): Best stadium I've been to is Millennium Stadium on the evening of last year's European Cup final between Leinster and Northampton. Atmosphere sheer brilliant with roof closed.

1350 Here's a question to get you going this Sunday. What is the best rugby stadium you've been at? Why is it so good? And how do you rate Croke Park and the Aviva Stadium by comparison? Answers to the email address above.

1328 To get reaction to last night's postponement in Paris, click here for our media zone, where you can here an interview with Ireland head coach Declan Kidney and a report by Clare MacNamara.

1326 Read our match preview for today's clash here.

1321 After last night's highly disappointing last-minute cancellation of France v Ireland, attentions turn this morning to Wales v Scotland in the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

The teams for today are below.

Wales v Scotland, RBS 6 Nations, Sunday 12 February, Millennium Stadium Cardiff, kick-off 3pm:

Wales: 15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 Alex Cuthbert 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Jamie Roberts 11 George North 10 Rhys Priestland 9 Mike Phillips 1 Gethin Jenkins 2 Huw Bennett 3 Adam Jones 4 Ryan Jones 5 Ian Evans 6 Dan Lydiate 7 Aaron Shingler 8 Toby Faletau

Replacements: 16 Ken Owens 17 Paul James 18 Lou Reed 19 Andy Powell 20 Lloyd Williams 21 James Hook 22 Scott Williams

Scotland: 15 Rory Lamont 14 Lee Jones 13 Nick De Luca 12 Sean Lamont 11 Max Evans 10 Greig Laidlaw 9 Chris Cusiter 1 Allan Jacobsen 2 Ross Ford 3 Geoff Cross 4 Richie Gray 5 Jim Hamilton 6 Alasdair Strokosch 7 Ross Rennie 8 David Denton

Replacements: 16 Scott Lawson 17 Ed Kalman 18 Alastair Kellock 19 John Barclay 20 Mike Blair 21 Duncan Weir 22 Stuart Hogg

Referee: Romaine Poite (France)