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Thu, 28 Jul 2016 09:59:09 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0728/805348-gleeson-deise-stars-can-go-as-far-as-they-want-to/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0728/805348-gleeson-deise-stars-can-go-as-far-as-they-want-to/ O'Connor free to face Kerry after appeal success Cathal O'Connor has been cleared to play in Sunday's All-Ireland football quarter-final against Kerry in Croke Park. Thu, 28 Jul 2016 10:05:54 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0728/805358-oconnor-free-to-face-kerry-after-appeal-success/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0728/805358-oconnor-free-to-face-kerry-after-appeal-success/ Declan Browne: Tipperary can reach semi-finals Tipperary football legend Declan Browne believes his county have a "great chance" of shocking Galway in their first ever All-Ireland SFC quarter-final on Sunday. Thu, 28 Jul 2016 09:57:53 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805313-declan-browne-tipp-are-in-quar/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805313-declan-browne-tipp-are-in-quar/ Deise find extra gear to claim Munster U21 title Waterford finished strongly to win their first Munster U21 hurling title since 1994 with a 2-19 to 0-15 victory over Tipperary at Walsh Park. Thu, 28 Jul 2016 10:37:28 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805288-waterford-v-tipperary/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805288-waterford-v-tipperary/ Cummins: Anything possible for high-flying Tipp Brendan Cummins believes that Tipperary are not without a chance against Galway in Sunday's All-Ireland SFC quarter-final. Wed, 27 Jul 2016 20:51:21 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805238-tipperary/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805238-tipperary/ Dunne willing to remain on with players' approval Wexford hurling manager Liam Dunne says he is willing to remain in charge if it is the wish of his players as he spoke out against the criticism of his team. Wed, 27 Jul 2016 12:13:06 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805149-liam-dunne-willing-to-remain-on-with-players-approval/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805149-liam-dunne-willing-to-remain-on-with-players-approval/ Clancy delighted with Offaly renaissance Offaly manager Adrian Clancy makes no bones about the depth of challenge facing his side in Saturday's Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Senior Championship quarter-final but he is confident that his charges will push Kilkenny all the way. Wed, 27 Jul 2016 20:57:29 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/camogie/2016/0727/805297-clancy-raring-to-take-on-kilkenny/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/camogie/2016/0727/805297-clancy-raring-to-take-on-kilkenny/ Johnny Magee to continue as Wicklow manager Johnny Magee will continue as manager of the Wicklow footballers for another year. Wed, 27 Jul 2016 12:23:14 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805134-johnny-magee-continue-as-wicklow-boss/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805134-johnny-magee-continue-as-wicklow-boss/ Cooper ruled out of Clare showdown Colm Cooper has been ruled out of Kerry's All-Ireland SFC quarter-final against Clare due to his shoulder injury. Tue, 26 Jul 2016 07:50:42 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0726/804881-cooper-ruled-out-of-clare-showdown/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0726/804881-cooper-ruled-out-of-clare-showdown/ Mahony eyes repeat turn from Waterford U-21s Waterford senior hurler Pauric Mahony is hopeful that the U-21 side can repeat the storming performance that saw them trounce Clare in the semi-final for this evening's provincial decider against Tipperary. Wed, 27 Jul 2016 18:05:43 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805267-waterford-u-21/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0727/805267-waterford-u-21/ Keaney: Players deserve any extra help they get Former Dublin dual star Conal Keaney has said the GAA and GPA's new agreement is a huge stride forward that will help give players the one luxury they currently don't enjoy: rest. Mon, 25 Jul 2016 22:34:00 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804834-keaney-new-gpa/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804834-keaney-new-gpa/ Mick Lillis steps down as Laois manager Laois are on the hunt for a new football manager after Mick Lillis stepped down from the position on Monday. Mon, 25 Jul 2016 16:39:44 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804718-mick-lillis-steps-down-as-laois-manager/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804718-mick-lillis-steps-down-as-laois-manager/ Podcast: Greater influence for GPA in new deal On what has been described as a "historic milestone", present and past players give their reaction to new financial arrangement between the GAA and GPA. Mon, 25 Jul 2016 17:14:16 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804726-podcast/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804726-podcast/ Donnelly concern for Tyrone ahead of quarter-final Tyrone's Mattie Donnelly is a doubt for his county's All-Ireland quarter-final appearance at Croke Park on 6 August. Mon, 25 Jul 2016 20:23:44 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804763-mattie-donnelly/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804763-mattie-donnelly/ GAA and GPA reveal €6.2m partnership deal The GAA and Gaelic Players Association have announced a new framework agreement worth €6.2m per year which will see a number of "significant" improvements for inter-county players. Mon, 25 Jul 2016 21:58:55 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804675-gaa-and-gpa-reveal-6-2m-framework-deal/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804675-gaa-and-gpa-reveal-6-2m-framework-deal/ VIDEO: Gary Brennan - All Star in waiting Sunday Game analysts Pat Spillane and Dermot Earley have both commented positively on Gary Brennan's value to the Clare footballers, adding that the midfielder is definitely in line for an All Star later this year Mon, 25 Jul 2016 13:20:17 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0724/804541-video-gary-brennan-all-star-in-waiting/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0724/804541-video-gary-brennan-all-star-in-waiting/ Eddie Brennan: Clare hurling at a crossroads Eddie Brennan does not envisage Davy Fitzgerald or Donal Óg Cusack stepping away from the Clare set-up, but says the team is at a crossroads after the All-Ireland quarter-final defeat to Galway. Mon, 25 Jul 2016 10:20:10 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804613-eddie-brennan-clare-hurling-at-a-crossroads/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0725/804613-eddie-brennan-clare-hurling-at-a-crossroads/ VIDEO: Kevin Moran ready for crack at the Cats Inspirational Waterford captain Kevin Moran said he's ready for a crack at the Cats after his side marched into the All-Ireland SHC semi-finals on Sunday. Mon, 25 Jul 2016 07:24:33 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0724/804542-video-kevin-moran-ready-for-crack-at-the-cats/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0724/804542-video-kevin-moran-ready-for-crack-at-the-cats/ Canning delighted by Fitzgerald return Joe Canning admitted that Sunday's All-Ireland quarter-final victory over Clare paled in significance compared with having a healthy Davy Fitzgerald back on the sidelines. Sun, 24 Jul 2016 22:06:47 +0100 http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0724/804530-video-canning-delighted-by-fitzgerald-return/ http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2016/0724/804530-video-canning-delighted-by-fitzgerald-return/