Trainer Brendan Powell and former jockey Graham Bradley have been informed by the British Horseracing Authority that they will face a disciplinary panel hearing over charges that allege Bradley was training horses under Powell's name.

Bradley, who has been assisting Powell, applied for a training licence in May last year but that has still to be approved.

The hearing will seek to establish whether Powell is in breach of Rule (A)37 in that he assisted, encouraged or caused Bradley to train horses to run in races which took place in England, Wales and Scotland despite him not holding a trainer's licence granted by the BHA, and then allowed them to run under his name.

Should Powell be found to have acted in a manner prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct or good reputation of horseracing in Great Britain, in breach of Rule (A)30, he could face a fine with an entry point of £2,000 or a three-month disqualification.

Bradley faces similar charges, in that he is alleged to have trained horses to run in England, Wales and Scotland without holding a licence, and that he encouraged Powell to act in a manner prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct or good reputation of horseracing in Britain.

Powell insisted he was not guilty of any wrongdoing.

He said: "Graham brought the horses to my yard and I've been training them for a year and a half while he's been waiting to get a licence.

"Graham had owners waiting and he got them horses and asked me to train them.

"He's been in here three or four days a week helping out.

"I can't really say that much else.

"I've been training the horses, they're in my yard and I'll just have to go along with what they say.

"All I've been trying to do is help Graham because he had a lot to learn and that is basically what it is."

A date for the hearing has yet to be announced by the BHA, who said Bradley's application to train "has not been, and will not be, considered while an ongoing investigation regarding the applicant is being conducted. Graham Bradley is aware of this".

Bradley, who retired from race-riding in 1999, was warned off for five years for passing information to Brian Brendan Wright (who was subsequently convicted for drug trafficking), at a time when he was building a new career as a successful bloodstock agent in Wantage. His ban ended in 2009.

He declined to comment when contacted.