Friday's meeting at Newcastle has been abandoned due to a waterlogged track.

Clerk of the course James Armstrong inspected the venue on Thursday morning but following further overnight rain, he was forced to call off the meeting.

He said: "We had eight millimetres of rain overnight and there's been a heavy drizzle all this morning .

"We are due another 4-7mm tonight and another 3-4mm tomorrow.

The track is waterlogged, it is the same areas as last time we abandoned that are effected and we can't avoid them."

There was better news elsewhere however as Huntingdon passed a morning inspection.

Clerk of the course Sulekha Varma reports the hurdles track to be soft, heavy in places while the chase track is heavy, soft in places, but both courses are raceable after just under five millimetres of rain overnight.

She tweeted: "Got away lightly with only 4.8mm of rain @Huntingdon--Race so racing goes ahead.

"(It's) likely to be pretty holding. (The) last fence in home straight and first in back straight will be omitted for all chases."

Friday's meeting at Bangor has been abandoned due to a waterlogged track.

Clerk of the course Andrew Morris had planned to inspect conditions at 8.30am, but he made a slightly earlier call following further rain overnight.

He said: "We had 20 millimetres of rain in the last 24 hours and it was a simple decision to abandon.

"We were just fit to race yesterday morning but the further rain means we aren't fit now and there is more forecast."