Karen Kenny will undergo a brain scan after the jockey sustained a head injury at Tramore this evening.

The 7lb claimer was knocked unconscious when she fell from Our Pearl two furlongs from home in the opening mile-and-a-half maiden.

Kenny was airlifted to hospital in Cork, with the rest of the card delayed for around 30 minutes.

Dr Adrian McGoldrick, senior medical officer for the Irish Turf Club, said: "She has been airlifted to Cork Hospital for a brain scan.

"She was unconscious for about three minutes but she was semi-conscious when she left.

"I spoke to her family and told them she is having a brain scan and then we will decide from there as to what her treatment will be.

"We won't know more until we get the results of the brain scan.

"She was able to respond to us and she knew she was in Tramore."

Chris Hayes also fell from Columbanus earlier in the race but he returned to the weighing room after the incident.