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Guide to hockey at the Olympics

Updated: Wednesday, 27 Jun 2012 17:53

Guide to hockey at the Olympics

July 29 to August 11

Jamie Dwyer: The Australia forward has been world player of the year five times since 2004 and scored the winning goal in the 2004 final against defending champions Holland which finally brought the Kookaburras their first - and so far only - Olympic gold medal.

Dhyan Chand: Chand is still regarded as one of the greatest hockey players of all time, winning three successive gold medals at the beginning of India's run of six in a row between 1928 and 1956. He scored in all three finals, including eight in the 24-1 win over the United States in 1932 and three against Germany in Berlin four years later.

United States: The American team, on home soil in Los Angeles in 1932, were one of only three nations in the round-robin competition but having lost 9-2 to Japan they faced defending champions India and were hammered 24-1. Legend has it the Americans only scored because India's goalkeeper Richard Allen was signing autographs behind the goal.

The first men's Olympic hockey final was played on October 31, 1908 in London. The four home nations were joined by Germany and France. England beat Ireland 8-1 in the final with Wales and Scotland losing semi-finalists. The first women's Olympic hockey competition was not held until the 1980 Games in Moscow and was won by Zimbabwe.

1908 (men), 1980 (women).

Medal Table

Country Total
USA 45 27 30 102
China 38 28 23 89
Great Britain 29 17 19 65
Russia 25 25 32 82
South Korea 13 8 7 28
Ireland 1 1 3 5
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