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Peter O'Leary and David Burrows: star class

Updated: Tuesday, 17 Jul 2012 16:54

Peter O'Leary and David Burrows: star class
Peter O'Leary and David Burrows: star class

Peter O’Leary (29) and David Burrows (34) qualified for the Olympics as they were the 9th nation at the ISAF World Sailing Championships, Perth, Australia, with only the top-11 nations qualifying.

Since the formation of the team in January 2009, O'Leary and Burrows have sailed against the top Olympic teams from around the world, and achieved numerous podium positions.

The team has successfully beaten the current Olympic gold, silver and bronze medallists in winning the pre-Olympics, held at the Olympic Venue at Weymouth.

Team O'Leary Burrows are joined on their quest for gold by world-class coach, boat builder, and ex-Olympic Sailor Marc Pickel, along with Mark McCabe, their physical preparation, training and recovery coach.

O'Leary comes from a famous Cork sailing dynasty and sails with the Baltimore Sailing Club in West Cork. He is a native of Crosshaven, Co Cork.

Burrows represents both Malahide and Howth Yacht Clubs. The Malahide, Co Dublin, native is one of Ireland’s most experienced international sailors. He will be competing at his fourth Olympics having represented Ireland at the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Games.

First in Olympic action on 29 July in the preliminary races. Start time is 12pm.

Medal Table

Country Total
USA 45 27 30 102
China 38 28 23 89
Great Britain 29 17 19 65
Russia 25 25 32 82
South Korea 13 8 7 28
Ireland 1 1 3 5
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