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Lisa Kearney: 48kg - judo

Updated: Tuesday, 17 Jul 2012 16:21

Lisa Kearney: 48kg - judo
Lisa Kearney: 48kg - judo

Lisa Kearney competes for Yamakwai, Belfast. The 22-year-old wil be the first woman to compete for Ireland in judo at the Olympics.

In Samoa in 2010, Kearney became the first Irish woman to win gold at a World Cup event.

In total, she has won four World Cup gold medals and a Commonwewalth Games title to date.

The Belfast woman balances her judo training with psychology studies at Heriot-Watt University.

In Scotland, she trains with the Scottish Judo Institute, a GB Centre of Excellence.

Her coach from the Irish Judo Association, Ciaran Ward, travels over and back from Ireland for regular sessions.

First in action in the elimination round on 28 July. Session start time is 9.30am.

Medal Table

Country Total
USA 45 27 30 102
China 38 28 23 89
Great Britain 29 17 19 65
Russia 25 25 32 82
South Korea 13 8 7 28
Ireland 1 1 3 5
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