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Greek crash may have been faked

Updated: Thursday, 14 Jun 2007 17:06

Kostadinos Kenteris
Kostadinos Kenteris

Initial investigations have revealed that Greek sprinters Kostadinos Kenteris and Ekaterini Thanou faked a motorcycle accident after missing a drugs test, legal sources said today.  

Kenteris is said to have suffered minor injuries in the mysterious accident which occurred late last Thursday after they had failed to appear for a doping test at the Olympic village.  

The probe by a Greek prosecutor had shown that either the accident did not take place at all, or that the athletes deliberately crashed the bike in order to give themselves injuries, the source, a high-ranking official, added.  

The statements given by the athletes in which they said they were taken to hospital by a passing motorist who has not been traced were also judged not to be credible.  

The sprinters' lawyer had claimed the couple fell from the motorbike Kenteris was steering as they were rushing back to the athletes' village from their coach's house in Athens after discovering they were needed for the doping test last Thursday.  

But no accident was reported to police and no ambulance was called to the scene. A police investigation was launched because of contradictions in the pair's statements.  

Greek heroes Kenteris and Thanou withdrew from the games yesterday after appearing before an International Olympic Committee disciplinary hearing.

Filed by Mark O'Neill-Cummins

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