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Ticket sales soar as Games near

Updated: Thursday, 14 Jun 2007 17:06

Athenians finally embrace the Olympic spirit
Athenians finally embrace the Olympic spirit

92,000 tickets were sold in Athens on Wednesday as Olympic fever finally gripped the Greek capital.

With the opening ceremony of an event critics claimed would never take place now less than 24 hours away, the dramatic rise in sales is being viewed within IOC circles as a sign that the Games which caused them so much worry will prove to be a stunning success.

Although for Gianna Angelopoulos, president of the Athens 2004 organising committee and the woman largely credited with dragging the Greek capital up off its knees, the news was not unexpected.

"I never had a concern that we wouldn't reach this point,  she said. Over the past days, weeks and months, the Greek people have proved how much the Olympics mean to them by doing things that would be virtually unimaginable at any other time."

Organising officials reported a few minor problems with the complicated bus transportation system overnight, although they are confident these will be corrected before Friday evening.

Filed by James McMahon

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