Max Chilton has confirmed his race seat with Marussia is guaranteed until the end of the season.

A fortnight ago Chilton's F1 career appeared in limbo after he was axed from the Belgian Grand Prix due to "contractual issues", with American Alexander Rossi stepping in.

A statement from his management, however, muddied the waters as it suggested the 23-year-old had "volunteered" to give up his seat to aid the team's financial cause.

Come Friday morning, it was announced that with the exception of the first practice session at Spa, Chilton would again be driving.

Asked whether he would be behind the wheel for the final seven grands prix, Chilton replied: "Yes.

"What happened was a commercial decision which got changed, and we are now back to normal.

"It's all been sorted out and it's now in the past. We're now looking forward as we're still in an amazing position as a team.

"The best thing we can do now is focus on staying ahead of Sauber."

As for next season, that remains up in the air, with Chilton adding ahead of this weekend's Italian Grand Prix: "All I can do is the best job I can.

"I had a good start to the year, but then a couple of races which haven't been particularly great.

"But I'm always quick here, and there are a couple of tracks coming up I like, so the main thing I can do to help myself for next year is to put in some good performances."

Behind the scenes, that is up to Chilton's management to try to strike a new deal with the team.

At present Chilton remains tied in to an Enterprise Initiative Scheme whereby he has 30 to 40 backers, and in return he has given up part of his future earnings.

"That's still in place and still going strong," said Chilton.

"You always have to go back to base for the following year, but I'm sure between all those people it will be fine.

"I will leave it to my management, and all they can do is talk to the right people and try to get a deal done before the end of the year.

"It's always nice as a driver to know you've something for the following year before the final race."

Chilton is confident that what happened at Spa has not jeopardised his standing or position in the team.

"No, not at all," insisted Chilton.

"At the end of the day it was a commercial decision made by both parties, something that was agreed.

"From the outside it looked like it was a bit messy, but from the inside we knew what was going on. It hasn't changed anything on our side."