by Brendan Cole

The USA has won the Ryder Cup with Jim Furyk securing the crucial point against Miguel Angel Jiménez at 10.17pm.

Anthony Kim (USA) beat Sergio Garcia (Eur) 5&4
Robert Karlsson (Eur) beat Justin Leonard (USA) 5&3
Justin Rose (Eur) beat Phil Mickelson (USA) 4&2
Paul Casey (Eur) and Hunter Mahan (USA) halved their match
Kenny Perry (USA) beat Henrik Stenson (USA) 3&2
Boo Weekley (USA) beat Oliver Wilson (Europe) 4&2
JB Holmes (USA) beat Soren Hansen (Europe) 2&1
Jim Furyk (USA) beat Miguel Angel Jimenez (Europe) 2&1
Ian Poulter (Europe) beat Steve Stricker (USA) 3&2
Grame McDDowell (Europe) beat Stewart Cink (USA) 2&1
Ben Curtis (USA) beat Lee Westwood (Europe) 2&1
Chad Campbell (USA) beat Pádraig Harrington (Europe) 2&1

Final Match Score: USA 16 1/2 - 11 1/2 Europe

11.28pm That's it then, no more Ryder Cup until two years' time in Celtic Manor.

Congratulations to the US, who are partying to beat the band in scenes not unlike those of two years ago, and in the end have been the better team.

For Europe, there'll be lots of soul searching - the format and Faldo's captaincy will be on the agenda.

For the US, the question is whether they'll bother bringing Tiger.......

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Brendan Cole.

11.05pm Harrington/Campbell Campbell has beaten Harrington, lagging his putt up close and seeing Harrington miss his birdie effort.

Harrington's putting went sour there after the match ended.

11.05pm Lee Westwood has complained in an interview about the fans. Westwood has said that some of the things that were said were abusive.

11.03pm Harrington/Campbell Harrington sticks an iron close on 17 and could well birdie to take it down 18.

Hunter Mahan and Justin Leonard shake hands with Harrington as he makes his way over towards his ball.

10.59pm ON COURSE: "Harrington trudges off to the 17th tee having made another bogey. He's had six five's and a six today and has applied very little pressure to Campbell who is two up with two to play. It matters little now anyway - it's only a question of the margin and with Curtis overhauling Westwood the US will have their biggest win since 1981." Gary Moran

10.53pm Harrington/Campbell Harrington's putt for a three lips out but he may still pull back a hole if Campbell misses from 12 feet.

Campbell's ball just sits on the edge.

Then, capping a miserable day, Harrington misses a short one and it's a half in five and 2 up with 2 to play.

Westwood/Curtis Westwood's long putt just misses and Curtis holes his out to take a full point.

10.52pm Curtis/Westwood Curtis hits a superb wedge in at the 17th flag and should have a three.

Westwood leaves his out to the right somewhat and will have to hole a long putt.

10.47pm Harrington/Campbell Out on 16, Harrington looks as though he'll win the hole to get back to one down with 2 to play as he's on the green and fairly close, with Campbell down in the collection area.

10.45pm Curtis/Westwood Curtis has won the 14th and 15th and halved sixteen to get at least a half point.

10.40pm McDowell/Cink have halved 15 and 16 fours and McDowell was two up with two to play when Cink had a long one on 17 to win the hole but he misses and it's McDowell's point.

10.36pm Poulter/Stricker Another good putt from Poulter secures a point for Europe - his 4th of the match - as he wins 3&2.

10.35pm Harrington/Campbell Out on the course, it's still Harrington 1 down to Campbell with three to play.-

ON COURSE: "In fairness the matches were played in great spirit today and the Europeans seem to have taken defeat well. It's been a great contest. There is no more exciting event in golf." RTÉ Sport's Gary Moran

ON COURSE: "Nick Faldo is putting a brave face on it and gets a hug from Justin Rose. He even gets a hug from the NBC interviewer but he must be hurting inside as the States have won it with four matches still alive. "It's fractions," says Faldo. "We did our best but we've come up short. All in all the Americans were just a little better than us this week. " Gary Moran

10.21pm Faldo makes his way over to congratulate Azinger as the US crowd roars its delight.

10.17pm Furyk/Jimenez Jimenez looks typically unflustered and - with calls for quiet ringing out and Furyk eyeing the crowd for noise-makers - he takes an age to get over the ball.

Finally, he settles into his routine, strikes his putt and.......

Misses. Just slid by to the right at pace.

A very good effort, but that's it and the US have taken this Ryder Cup.

10.16pm Furyk/Jimenez Furyk takes his time as ever - three putting would not be good - and he lags it up close.

Jimenenez must now hole his.

10.14pm Jimenez/Furyk Jimenez has about 15 feet to Furyk's 25 or so.

10.13pm Jimenez/Furyk Jimenez is on the green in great shape. Furyk is also - he played at the heart of the green from that lie - and chances are they'll both two putt.

10.12pm The US are guaranteed 14 points but if Jimenez can find a moment of magic or three........

Will report ASAP.

ON COURSE: "With Holmes beating Hansen 2&1, a win for Furyk against Jimenez will secure the Cup for the home side. He's two up with two to play and they've both found the fairway on 17.

"Campbell leaft his par putt on 13 a centimetre short and Harrington makes his from just a couple of feet. The Irishman back to one down with six to play." Gary Moran

10.09pm Jimenez/Furyk Jimenez and Furyk both find the fairway on 17 - with Furyk slightly further.

Furyk's ball has rolled into a divot though......

Might it save Europe!?

10.06pm Hansen/Holmes Hansen holes his short putt but JB sinks his two footer to put the USA within one of winning back the Ryder Cup.

10.05pm Hansen/Holmes Hansen, from a really tough spot, putts up a huge slope from off the green but sees his excellent effort lip out and will need JB to miss a short one.

10.02pm Hansen/Holmes Hansen hits a perfectly on line iron shot over the pin and into a run-off below the green. The crowd roared that one off the green.

Holmes, from 80 yards, hits a superb wedge to be inside ''gimme'' range. Pitched past the flag and spun back to the hole.

Jimenez/Furyk Jimenez can't hole his putt. Furyk takes his time over this eight footer and then runs it just past.

Jimenez has a tiddler to half and holes out.

10.01pm Harrington/Campbell From a couple of feet, Harrington holes and is one down after 12.

9.59pm Harrington/Campbell Harrington has a chance to get back to 1 down after Campbell misses a long putt.

Westwood/Curtis Westwood birdies to go back to one up on 13.

ON COURSE: "JB almost jumps out of his boots as he launches his drive down 17. Estimated clubhead speed 130mph. He's one up with two to play and Hansen will have to halve the match for Europe to have any chance.

"At the sixteenth, Weekley had two for the match against Wilson but only needed one. He made six birdies and no bogies today and won 2.5 points from 3 matches over the week. He's not your typial tour golfer but he's plenty of game and some loud supporters.

"Back to McDowell on the thirteenth. Cink missed his five-footer but McDowell made no mistake and went two up. But it's not happening (yet) for Harrington who halved the eleventh with Campbell in bogies. Harrington remains two down.

"If Graeme McDowell played like this every week he'd cruise into the world's top-10." Gary Moran

9.56pm Jimenez/Furyk Jimenez and Furyk are alongside eachother on 16 and the Spaniard needs to play the best three holes of his life. He plays a great shot in, safe on the left of the flag and will have a birdie putt on a line several have gone close on.

Furyk finds a bunker and has left the door open.

9.55pm Holmes/Hansen Holmes thumps his tee-shot miles down the middle of 17 and will have a pitch in on this long par four.

Hansen also finds the fairway though.

9.54pm Westwood/Curtis Westwood bogies 11 to go back A/S.

9.53pm Holmes/Hansen Holmes holes his short putt after Hansen's lag went close to go 1 up through 16.

9.50pm Stricker/Poulter halve 13 with birdies and Poulter is still on top.

9.49pm Furyk/Jimenez Jimenez has a long-ish putt and he.....makes it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spoke too soon there, though Furyk could still get the half on this hole with a short putt to come.

Furyk holes out to stay three up.

9.48pm Hansen/Holmes Hansen finds the green but is miles away and Holmes has his ball work back toward the hole from the dangerous right hand side of the flag to get within a few feet.

9.46pm Furyk/Jimenez On 15, Furyk stiffs an iron and looks like taking the point with Jimenez not exactly shooting the lights out at this stage.

9.44pm Weekley/Wilson Weekley has holed out from 15 feet to take a brilliant point.

He's way under par and, along with Kim, the player of the day.

9.42pm Weekley/Wilson Wilson really has to hole his chip from an impossible spot - a run-off area below the right hand side of the green. He tries a wristy lob and though it's a brilliant effort, it isn't going to be enough.

9.41pm Harrington/Campbell Harrington has a putt to win on 11 but sees it drift right across the front of the hole and it's halved in fours.

9.40pm McDowell/Cink McDowell birdies 13 to go 2 up.

9.38pm Furyk/Jimenez Furyk ups and downs from nowhere for a great three. Jimenez needs this but pushes it right for a halved hole.

Weekley/Wilson Weekley is centre green and Wilson, needing birdiel, sees his topple off the left and will have to chip in for any chance.

9.37pm Holmes/Hansen Holmes pushes at it and misses the short one. Very quick there.

Hansen has a four and a half footer and knocks it in to go A/S.

9.35pm Holmes/Hansen Both have peppered the pin on 15 and will putt off from 5 feet.

ON COURSE: "The Perry/Stenson match was played in great spirit and it was the veteran American who won it 3&2. The first five matches have been shared 2.5 points apiece so it's advantage USA overall. It looks like Europe need either Hansen (one down to Holmes after 14) or Harrington (two down to Campbell after 10) to get a win and for McDowell, Poulter and Westwood to hold on to their current leads." Gary Moran

9.34pm McDowell/Cink McDowell has pulled one ahead again with a four to Cink's five on the 12th.

9.31pm Weekley/Wilson Wilson gets a birdie to take it down 16.

Furyk/Jimenez Furyk has gone three up but beans his tee shot way right on the par three 14th.

Jimenez hits a brilliant shot to the right of the green and it feeds back to near the pin. Should be a European hole.

9.30pm Perry reveales he was "eating Advil (painkiller) like candy" after hurting his arm on the ninth on what he called the "proudest day of my life".

9.27pm Perry/Stenson Great tee shot by Perry on 14 and he holes a short one for a two to secure the point for the US.

9.22pm Casey/Mahan Looks a regulation putt and Casey gets it right up by the hole for a half point each from what has been a brilliant match.

9.21pm Casey/Mahan Casey will be asked to putt by Mahan - he missed one or two earlier - after the American knocked his bunker shot stiff to the flag for a five.

ON COURSE "Rose drains a long one to finish off Mickelson who is now without a singles win since 1999. Rose is overjoyed but will Europe be smiling at the end of the day? Campbell birdies the ninth to go two up on Harrington in the final match." RTÉ Sport's Gary Moran

9.19pm Weekley/Wilson Weekley is four up with four to play after a great up and down by Wilson won him a half.

9.18pm Mahan/Casey Mahan's third finds the bunker in front of 18. Casey has an iron in hand and hits a stunning shot, down the flagstick and on the green in two on this tough par-five.

Looks a certain half point.

9.15pm Rose/Mickelson Rose first and he goes and holes it for the win!!!! Europe could do with that elsewhere on the course!

9.13pm Perry/Stenson Perry holes another great putt to win the 15th - Stenson applauds the effort.

Mickelson/Rose Both on the green at 16, with two putt pars more than likely.

Stricker/Poulter Stricker also pulls one back on Poulter.

Harrington/McDowell Campbell wins the ninth and it's body blow after body blow for Europe.

9.12pm Cink/McDowell Cink holes a short one to win the eleventh and go A/S.

ON COURSE: "Holy God! If you thought Mahan's putt was huge you should have heard the roar. A stunned Casey made a weak effort to halve the hole and now has to win 18th to get anything out of the match." Gary Moran

9.07pm Mahan/Casey Off the tee on 18, Mahan finds the waterhazard down the right of this fairway. Didn't get any of the draw of zip he was looking for there and it rather floated in.

Casey belts his tee shot miles down the fairway and into the very centre. Again, an unbelievably good tee shot from the Englishman.

9.06pm Mickelson/Rose Mickelson holes out to stay alive.

9.05pm Mahan/Casey Casey's effort at a reply from 25 feet doesn't get near the hole - shocking effort really to not make the hole or get within four feet.

9.03pm Mahan/Casey Mahan has holed a monster!!!!!!!!!! Went in travelling, jumped up a little and settled down and the crowd have gone bananas!!!!!!!!!!

9.01pm Rose/Mickelson Rose's putt misses and Mickelson has a birdie chance to stay alive.

9pm Casey/Mahan Casey got clean contact and is in slightly better shape. Heart of the green and with Mahan's putt looking trickey, he could take a lead down 18......

Mahan/Casey Mahan - almost a little too relaxed - leaves his iron in exactly the wrong part of the green on the front right with a ridge to get over.

Casey, from the rough, needs to stop his ball somehow.

8.56pm Casey/Mahan Casey hits a monster on 17 - 20 yards beyond Mahan and a little right.

363 yards from Casey according to the computer.

Campbell/Harrington Campbell ends up just on the ridge on the par three eighth.

Campbell misses and Harrington lagged up close, so it's a half in a match many expect to could be crucial.

Rose/Mickelson Rose hits a terrific iron on 15th and Mickelson is staring defeat in the face but he sticks his iron close and could well win one back to go three down.

McDowell/Cink G Mac can't make eagle and has a few feet coming back and holes out. Cink also made a four though.

ON COURSE: "The Ryder Cup could yet go down to the final match between Harrington and Campbell. The American found water on the seventh allowing Harrington to win the par-five with a par and reduce arrears to one hole."

8.54pm Karlsson/Leonard Leonard misses a long putt for a win to give Europe their first point of the day.

Karlsson has played fantastically well, holing great putts and using his length to great advantage.

ON COURSE: "Captain Faldo and the vanquished Garcia are out here watching Casey v Mahan. It is a crunch match and Casey has just brought it back to All Square with a nine-footer for birdie on the 16th. It means that teh match will be the first today to go to the final green. Who will hold their nerve? Keep reading." Gary Moran

8.52pm Perry/Stenson Perry holes yet another putt to go four up.

20.50pm Casey/Mahan Mahan putted from a chipping lie and ends up with a tricky comeback.

Casey, with a putt to square the match, makes it immaterial with a brilliant birdie.

Back to A/S going to 17 in this huge match!!!!!!!

Rose/Mickelson Rose has a chance to end it but his putt ends up agonisingly to the right and another hole at least is needed.

8.49pm Campbell/Harrington Harrington pulls on back on seven, having been in trouble off the tee. Neither are playing well, with Harrington's troubles off the tee not yet over.

8.43pm Mahan/Casey Mahan and Casey are both in the fairway on the long par four 16th and Mahan goes first with a six iron which he leaves just beyond the green and in the fringe.

Casey, lines up his shot as roars echo from elsewhere on the course. A roar went up in his backswing there but he hits a superb shot to within 8 feet and it's Olé Olé that rings out now.

Rose/Mickelson On the par-three 14th, Rose hits a brilliant iron to within 15 feet and it won't be long before Europe has a point from him.

Mickelson, needing something special, ends up on the green but on the wrong tier above the flag.

Holmes/Hansen Holmes holes a good putt for par - real breaker - and Hansen must follow suit to stay up.

He can't though, and it's back to A/S.

McDowell/Cink On the par five ninth McDowell hits a stunning shot to 5 feet away with a three wood.

8.42pm Harrington/Campbell On seven, Harrington's third is from the island fairway but he nails a long iron from 200 yards over the flag.

Not sure where Campbell is yet.

Perry/Stenson Stenson is on the green and in great shape on 13, but Perry follows him with a terrific iron shot of his own.

ON COURSE: "We've hardly mentioned Graeme McDowell today but he's been brilliant all week and he's gone ahead against Stewart Cink for the first time with a par on the ninth. McDowell's card shows nothing but 4's and 3's." Gary Moran

8.38pm Holmes/Hansen Holmes takes seven to give Hansen a hole with a five.

Cink/McDowell McDowell goes ahead by a hole as Cink misses a ten footer on nine and Europe are on the up slightly.

Casey, Harrrington and Stenson need to do something though.

8.37pm Casey/Mahan Casey just holes the putt of for a half in five - one down three to play but should really be A/S here.

8.33pm Casey/Mahan Casey's chip is down by the hole but not dead and Mahan secures his two putt on this lightning fast green.

Big swing possible here with Casey's clumsy short game again hurting him.

Weekley/Wilson Weekley just left one short on 11 that would have had him 5 Up.

Stenson/Perry Stenson gets a hole back with a solid five foot putt.

Mickelson/Rose On 13 Mickelson is in two putt country after a mediocre iron.

8.33pm Casey/Mahan Casey actually found a bunker to the left of the green there and hits a shocker - doesn't get it out on the green and is on the apron.

Really scoopy effort there and he's giving this point away.

Rose/Mickelson On 13, Rose is again on the green and Mickelson under pressure.

ON COURSE: "It's not all over for Europe yet but they'll most likely need a win from Harrington in the bottom match and he's just lost three in a row to go two down after six against Campbell. Pars from the American were enough to win holes five and six. Focus Paddy, focus!" Gary Moran

8.30pm Casey/Mahan Casey hits it too long and has a tough two putt ahead to get back to A/S, assuming Mahan can't hole a bomb.

Perry/Stenson Stenson stiffs an iron on 12 and Perry, who needed treatment to an arm problem, is in the fringe rough.

8.28pm Mahan/Casey Mahan is on the green in three on 15 having sprayed his tee shot left and will have a long par effort.

Casey may have a go at the flag from the bunker - all carry over water for him.

8.27pm Campbell/Harrington Campbell has another hole - Harrington's gone 5-6 in his last two holes - and is 2 Up.

8.26pm Furyk/Jimenez On ninc, Furyk has 10 feet for a half and can't do it. A/S Again in this one.

McDowell/Cink Cink has botched the 7th to bring this back to A/S.

Weekley/Wilson Weekley gets another birdie on 10 having reached thre green in two and it's good enough for another hole.

8.24pm Rose/Mickelson Rose holes it though - pretty short putt in fact - and you can all but chalk up a point for Europe with Mickelson looking spent.

8.22pm Mickelson/Rose Another great iron from Rose on 12 and Mickelson must hole again for birdie to put the pressure on. Can't do it though; he races it by again and another half looks likely, though Rose could go another up.

8.21pm Mahan/Casey On 15, Mahan is in the trees and Casey perhaps favoured having reached the bunker.

ON COURSE: "Anthony Kim speaks on American TV and says that he wouldn't trade his Ryder Cup experience for ten million dollars! He certainly gave the home fans what they wanted with a 5&4 dusting of Sergio Garcia."

"Casey three-putts the 13th to go one down to Mahan it what increasingly looks like a must-win match for Europe. Mahan then hits his tee shot on 14 to gimme range. It looks bleak until Casey does the same - just inches from a hole-in-one for Casey who did make an ace at the K Club two years ago." Gary Moran

8.19pm Mahan/Casey On 14, Mahan is within inches off the tee. Casey matches him with another sensational shot - almost a hole in one - and it will be a half.

Karlsson/Leonard Karlsson holes another long one to stay four up.

8.18pm Perry/Stenson Perry hit a brilliant shot in there to eleven, landing on the right of the green and having his ball roll across to stiff by the flag on the 208 yard par three and winning the hole.

8.15pm Westwood/Curtis Westwood has won another hole to go two ahead in a match Europe can probably expect a point out of given Curtis's poor form.

8.12pm Mickelson./Rose Mickelson holes a short-ish one for a half.

Campbell/Harrington Campbell holes out on five to go one up in a match where there have been plenty of bogeys.

Casey/Mahan Casey has a short-ish one for a half but can't hole it. Not sure what happened there but he took four shots have had a wedge his hand.

Furyk/Jimenez Furyk takes a win on eight to go 2 Up again.

8.11pm Kim's has a chance to win the first point for the US and he drains his putt at pace.

Brilliant putt from a fantastic player; he was eight under for 14 holes there.

Crowd goes crazy and Kim didn't realise he'd won the match and was headed for the 15th there........almost forgot to shake hands but it's all good in the end, a handshake and a smile from both players.

Garcia has been all over the place today - some good shots, but plenty loose play, and Kim has been fantastic at every turn.

8.05pm Casey/Mahan 'Get in the water' is the shout as Casey plays his shot in at 13 but he is in the centre of the green with Mahan in some trouble over on the left.

Garcia/Kim Kim plays a decent chip but has to hole and Garcia has a chance of a two.

He can't hole though and Kim will have a chance to win the point.

Mickelson/Rose Mickelson's misery continues as he hits a bad putt on 11 and may go another down.

Perry/Stenson Perry was OB on 10 this back nine hasn't been as kind all week - and he gives a hole back.

8.02pm Garcia/Kim On 14, Kim blocks his tee shot way right and Garcia finds a lovely spot right by the pin. May be too late for the Spaniard.

ON COURSE "It's time for Paul Casey to step it up and he does so holing from 20 feet for birdie on the twelfth. It gets him back to all square against Mahan in this key tussle." Gary Moran

7.58pm Casey/Mahan Casey had a nice 'teach' from Mahan's putt and holes from distance to go back to A/S heading for 13.

Garcia/Kim Garcia takes five a thirteen but asks Kim to two putt from six feet.

Curtis/Westwood Westwood goes one up after five as Curtis misses a curling putt for a half.

Rose/Mickelson Rose's eagle putt just misses but he may yet win the hole.

Mickelson misses.

ON COURSE: "Just heard from Amereican captain Paul Azinger out on the course. He says that he can still see it going down to the wire and while it's advantage America at the moment, this thing is far from over. Karlsson looks like getting the first European victory having just gone four up on Leonard after ten." Gary Moran

7.57pm Mahan/Casey On 12, Mahan's putt misses - groan from the crowd as it hung out to the left.

Mickelson/Rose Mickelson wil have a birdie putt from eight feet but Rose is still on top here.

7.54pm Garcia/Kim From a tee box area, Sergio's pitch runs well by the hole and he's still outside Kim.

Harrington/Campbell Campbell holes a winning putt for birde on four and it's back to A/S.

7.53pm Mahan/Casey Mahan and Casey end up side by side on the green on 12, around 20 feet away. Mahan will putt first.

Mickelson/Rose Rose hits a stunning three wood that almost goes in on this 594 yarder - eagle chance. Mickelson, short and right, is all but dead in this one.

7.50pm Garcia/Kim Kim is on the right of the fairway on 13 and he hits a superb iron six feet right of the pin.

How many majors will he win?

Garcia's second from the sand is a 95 yards but he hits it a good 115 and is over the green.

As good as all over in this one.

7.49pm Karlsson/Leonard Karlsson goes four up with another birdie.

7.48pm Casey/Mahan both find the fairway with three woods on 12.

Weekley/Wilson Wilson puts the pressure on with a brilliant putt but Weekley drains his putt in the side door for a 2 to go three up.

7.46pm Kim/Garcia On the island green 13th - where many have found water - Kim and Garcia play for position, but Sergio can only find sand with an iron in his hand.

Jimenez/Furyk Jimenez holes a bunker shot to take a win and go back A/S from being 2 down.

7.44pm Mahan/Casey Mahan's is a tougher shot, but he hits it perfectly and is inside Casey. He holes the short one and concedes Mahan's.

Good atmosphere in this match.

Wilson/Weekley Wilson pulls is effort and is on the wrong tier on the left of the green. Looks like a US win.

7.42pm Garcia/Kim Garcia has a go at his long putt but it misses right. He then misses the come back but it probably wouldn't have mattered.

Weekley/Wilson Weekley stiffs it on eight and should have a two.

Casey/Mahan Casey''s sand shot is very good - pressure on Mahan now.

7.38pm Poulter/Stricker Poulter has a fourth consecutive three to go 2 up.

Garcia/Kim Kim hits a stunning second shot on 12 - nearly holed out from way back on a very tough hole. Garcia is much farther away.

Casey/Mahan Casey is in a rarely visited bunker on 11 but Mahan can't take advantage, hitting sand on the far side.

Weekley/Wilson Weekley eagles from a bunker on seven with what looked a near duff which ran on and on and in.


Harrington/Campbell Harrington has a 2 on the third to take a one hole lead.

7.34pm Perry/Stenson Perry holes out nicely for a three.

7.32pm Karlsson/Leonard On nine, Karlsson holes another lovely one for a half.

Mahan/Casey Mahan holes a 15 footer to force a half. Casey knocks in his short one. Nicely done.

Stenson/Perry Stenson rolls his putt close but not in, and Perry will have a shortie for a half.

Harrington/Campbell Harrington can only make a five on the second and it's back to A/S

7.30pm Kim/Garcia Kim misses, and they'll both putt from a foot.

Sergio pushes the tiny one though! What a miss!

Casey/Mahan Mahan is on the green and has a putt, but Casey is a shot ahead.

Casey is putting from short of the green - quite a long way for a pro to be putting, but his chipping's been poor - excellent effort to within 18 inches.

Stenson/Perry Stenson hits the top of the ridge Mickelson cleared but Perry isn't on the green.

Perry putts from well below the green and blasts it past the hole but has it roll back the slope. Clever from the Kentuckian.

7.25pm Mahan/Casey Mahan has driven poorly on 10 and has to lay up. Casey, with a long iron in hand, smacks one up to just in front of the green - not quite enough club there, but he's closer.

Garcia/Kim Garcia can't hole on 11; an opening for Kim.

7.24pm Mickelson/Rose Mickelson's putt is close but not close enough and it's a half on eight.

7.21pm Harrington/Campbell Harrington has gone one up after that great pitch.

Garcia/Kim True test of striking on the par three 11th, over 208 yards, Sergio has a seven iron in hand.

He hits a fantastic shot but will have to putt over a ridge from around 15 feet.

Kim takes a six iron, Sergio took an early walk there?, and gets it closer. It was down the flagstick and 10 feet.

Rose/Mickelson They've all been stiff these bunker shots on eight, and Rose does the same. A half is now likely with Mickelson's putt tricky.

7.21pm Stenson/Perry Stenson has botched the seventh and becomes an addition to those who walk away from here without troubling the green.

Casey/Mahan Casey holes his short one.

7.20pm Garcia/Kim Kim played a poor pitch and is by Sergio in the fringe naving played one more. Sergio hits a lovely chip and has his four.

Kim will need to hole and can't do so.

Garcia wins a hole at last.

Mahan/Casey Mahan just missed and Casey has a chance.

Mickelson/Rose Rose is in the bunker and Mickelson plays a safe one but clears a little ridge in the green

7.17pm Westwood/Curtis Westwood wins the second to get back to A/S

7.16pm Leonard/Karlsson Leonard has a great effort from the bunker but can't hole and goes three down.

Casey/Mahan Casey out-does Mahan from the fairway for once, and could pull one back: three feet plays eight on the green.

Mickelson/Rose Mickelson hits an average chip and goes another down with Rose having a birdie putt.

7.15pm Garcia/Kim Garcia takes a three wood on the 600 yard tenth and hits a lovely shot to just be in the rough on the left of the green.

Kim, thirty yards down the fairway, pulls his approach - he wanted a cut - and looks like he'll give one back here.

Rose/Mickelson On seven Rose hits another lovely short shot to be almost stone dead. Mickelson flubs a pitch from the rough, failing to get it on the green from 25 feet away.

Harrington/Campbell Harrington hit a greeat drive and nails his approach.

7.11pm Karlsson/Leonard On eight, Karllson hits a beauty for a near hole in one.

Leonard can't match him to the tight pin position at the front of the green. He sticks it in the bunker and willl almost certainly go three down.

7.06pm Curtis/Westwood Curtis holes out for a birdie win on one.

Mahan/Casey Casey makes a four and with Mahan a foot or so away it's conceded.

Leonard/Karlsson Leonard misses a very short one for a four and it's a half on seven.

Cink/McDowell Cink holes a 12 footer on three for a birdie and goes one ahead.

7.06pm Perry/Stenson Perry holes another huge putt, for par this time. Stenson still has a putt to win the hole and putts a beauty - such a quick putt - to do so.

Garcia/Kim Kim has a putt to go four up and with nice roll just misses.

Garcia is in huge danger of getting a spanking.

7.05pm Weekley/Wilson Weekley holes another one for a three, and brings it

Garcia/Kim Kim hit a stunner on nine, bounds to the back of the green and fizzes back to right by the flag.

Sergio also got close but can't quite make the birde putt. A good effort and it's stone dead.

Casey/Mahan On eight, Casey flies his shot over the back and the recovery stalls. Too much club there.

Mahan knocks his shot to within a foot and a half. Stunning shot there.

Jimenez/Furyk Jimenez needed a long one for a half and can't get it on three. Furyk is two ahead.

Leonard/Karlsson Leonard went down the right on seven and wedges his third close.

Karlsson has a tough pitch and hits it too hard to be further away in the same number of strokes.

6.54pm Mahan/Casey Mahan hits a poor chip and is wtill not inside Casey. He misses the putt - doesn't reach the hole.

Casey, seconds later, holes his for what looked an unlikely four and a win on the hole.

Poulter/Stricker are away and Poulter holes a long putt to take a win on the first.

Wilson/Weekley Weekley hits the right area of the green and has around 12 feet for birdie.

ON COURSE: "This could be the crowning moment of Kenny Perry's career. The Kentuckian spent all year trying to make this team and he's firing on all cylinders in match five against Stenson. A couple of birdies already and he's hit it close on the fifth as well. Could go three up but Stenson is a fighter." RTÉ Sport's Gary Moran

6.50pm Rose/Mickelson Mickelson is right of the green on six and his chip isn't great, pulling up a little quickly.

Rose is two putts away and gets it close within scaring the hole.

Mickelson's putt from 8 feet lips out - went right round the hole and is 90% in before changing it's mind and hopping out the front door.

Wilson/Weekley Wilson is in good shape after his drive on five but puts his iron shot over the top of the flag and in the rough. Narrow green from front to back caught him out there.

Garcia/Kim Huge putt for Garcia and he misses it.

Casey/Mahan Casey's shot is good on seven - it's on the green - and Mahan will have to chip and putt well.

6.47pm Holmes/Hanson Holmes holes a putt to square the match on the par three third.

Casey/Mahan Casey punches one out of the rough and ends up in thickish rough on the far side of the lake. Wedge away, ball above feet and Mahan is in good shape.

Garcia/Kim Kim's bunker effort is good, but not dead. He makes the short putt and Garcia has four feet for a two and a hole back.

Perry/Stenson Perry makes another long one to go three up.

6.46pm Kalrsson/Leonard Good news for Europe as Karlsson holes a long putt for a three and a win on the hole.

Mahan/Casey Some talk between the caddies on the fairway on seven and they argue about who can go first.

Mahan is forced to go first and he gets a great strike on it and just clears the water and ends up in the rough.

Casey is in a bunker and may have to lay up.

6.45pm Wilson/Weekley On four, Wilson pitches it close and could well have yet another three on this short hole.

Weekley can't match it and will have to hole a tricky one.

Weekley holes from 10 feet though. Wilson matches him from around five feet and it's A/S.

Perry/Stenson Perry's second on the fifth is up by the flag, 12 feet or so away. Stenson, from the rough, is also on the green but far enough away.

Garcia/Kim Garcia finally concedes on seven - after more talk with the ref.

On eight, Kim talks to the ball but it won't behave and is in the bunker just in front of the green. Flag is right by this bunker, so a tough recovery.

Sergio hits a fabulous iron and has a great chance at a two.

6.39pm Casey/Mahan Mahan holes a long-ish one and Casey is denied a hole back on six.

6.38pm Garcia/Kim Sergio reloads and takes his fourth.

He pulls it this time and puts another in the drink - huge roars from the crowd!

ON COURSE: "It's a pity you can't hear the noise when Weekley makes a birdie as he has just done at the third to level the match with Wilson. A man in a 'red, white and Boo' shirt is among the home fans giving it socks with ample encouragement from Boo himself." Gary Moran

6.37pm Garcia/Kim Two brilliant drives to the island fairway on seven - both right up by the edge near the water.

Kim's second is a four iron and it is just short of the green with a little rough rise to go over.

Kim has walked away as Garcia lines up his shot. Is Garcia trying to slow play him a little bit?

Plenty needle here......

Five iron from 207 yards into the wind, and Sergio backs off it.

Splash - in the water, just short of perfect, and the crowd roars it's approval.

Rose/Mickelson After a good pitch on five, Rose holes out for a half.

6.32pm Stenson/Perry Pitching not Perry's strong point, but you wouldn't know it there. He matches Stenson and both are stone dead. Half in three.

Furyk/Jimenez Furyk has a tiddler for a win on one and duly holes it.

6.30pm Weekley/Wilson Wilson's birde putt is again brilliantly struck and just shies away at the last second.

Weekely has a chance to win the hole from around 10 feet - he'll go mad if he gets this....

And he does. Cue more hand waving.....

Stenson/Perry On four, Stenson pitches to within a few feet on this short hole - big drive from him there.

6.27pm Mahan/Casey had to wait an age as Sergio tried to get his half. Mahan has a go at some spectators for making noise before leaving his 208 yard long iron short and right.

Casey cites the wind with the ball in the air and has left his shot well short.

Weekley/Wilson Weekley's shot into the third is close enough but Wilson also has a shot.

Karlsson/Leonard Karlsson misses a putt for a win on five. Still 1 Up.

6.26pm Perry/Stenson Perry holes a bomb on two to go two up - the back nine isn't as suited for him though......

Garcia/Kim Kim holes his short one and throws his arms in the air. He's two up and pumped......

ON COURSE "Boo Weekley in the media center earlier this week: "The adrenaline? I feel like a dog that somebody done stuck a needle to and it juiced me up like I've been running around a Greyhound track chasing one of them bunnies. Yeah, it's amazing. " RTÉ Sport's Gary Moran

6.23pm Garcia/Kim Garcia the green in three after taking an unplayable lie there and has a putt for a four but doesn't make.

Kim, playing the hole in regulation manner, has all but made a four.

Kim all but has this one won.

Weekley/Wilson Wilson holes his putt for a win on two.

Hansen/Holmes We're hearing that hansen has won the first with a three against J.B Holmes

Karlsson/Leonard Great shot on five from Karlsson, he'll have a good birdie chance.

6.21pm Rose/Mickelson Having halved on three with a putt, Rose hits a terrific pitch on the short par four fourth and has a 'gimme' for a three. Mickelson holes his short putt though and it's A/S.

Wilson/Weekley Wilson hits a brilliant second on two - and looks in excellent form.

6.16pm Casey/Mahan Casey missed his putt - took four from 90 yards there I think - and Mahan, on the green in three, holes to take another putt.

Perry/Stenson Perry holes from short range on two to take a hole.

ON COURSE "Garcia is two under par for the five holes played but finds himself one down to Kim and now the Spaniard is in big trouble off the sixth tee. It's not the start that Europe wanted but Kim has been brilliant." RTÉ Sport's Gary Moran

6.15pm Garcia/Kim Garcia Garcia is looking for a drop but Kim is trying to argue against it.

Garcia's stance is on some steps. Kim is not happy - 'you've gotta do what you've gotta do' he says as he walks off.

6.09pm Mahan/Casey Mahan hits an excellent iron onto the green on five, but it was his third on this par four. Casey, 93 yards away after a mighty drive, beans his wedge over the flag and into the collar with his second.

Still advantage Casey but his chip is also poor and he'll have to hole from six feet to win the hole and hope Mahan misses.

Clumsy, as he has been all week.

Karlsson/Leonard Karlsson laid up on this short hole (4th) and hits his iron to within gimme range. Leonard has work to do from 12 feet and sees his effort miss on the right.

6.08pm Weekley/Wilson On the first green, the 'horseplay' (geddit) is over and Weekely is in the rough.

Wilson, on the green, hits a brilliant putt put has it finish just by the hole on the 'high' side.

Weekley's chip from the rough ends up in 'gimme' range and he's waving his arms around, getting the crowd going.

What a nutter!

Garcia/Kim On six, Garcia takes a three wood and has it finish in thick-ish rough - it's a par five, so maybe he can recover.

6.07pm ON COURSE: "Boo Weekley has a screw loose but maybe it's keeping him relaxed. He gallops down the first fairway slapping his side and using his driver as a pretend horse! Looking over at the leaderboard there's no blue to be seen. USA up in two and level in three of the five matches on course." RTÉ Sport's Gary Moran

6.04pm Weekley/Wilson Boo Weekley has teed off on one and then bounded down the fairway miming riding a horse.


Oliver Wilson has not - so far as I can tell - attempted to match him with a mime of his own.......

6.01pm Garcia/Kim Kim's long putt pulls up short and he has a four. Garcia's effort to square this one already looks a bit shot and it rolls just past the frong gate. Kim makes him put the comeback from a couple of feet and Garcia takes his time before knocking it in.

Leonard/Karlsson Leonard has a short one for the win and it goes half in the hole before slipping out. Lucky escape for Karlsson.

Mickelson/Rose Mickelson's putt just turns away at the last second and it's a half on the second.

5.58pm Leonard/Karlsson Leonard has hit a splendid iron shot to get inside Karlsson the par three third.

Mickelson/Rose On two, Mickelson hits a tremendous iron shot in to the second and has a good birdie chance from around ten feet.

Rose follows him with one that comes up just short and ends up in a bunker. Caught it heavy.

His bunker shot is very good and he's up and down though.

Casey/Mahan On four, Casey's second pulls up very short from near the green. His putt misses and Mahan gets a three to take the hole.

Perry/Stenson Perry rolls in a birde on one but Stenson matches him. Birdie half.

Garcia/Kim Kim hits centre green this time and Garcia is closer, but both are in two putt country.

5.56pm Soren Hansen's caddy is after hurting his back out of this match and Billy Foster will step in to take his place.

5.51pm Leonard/Karlsson Karlsson's putt to win the hole just slips past but Leonard has work to do from about four feet but he holes as he has done all week and it's A/S after two.

5.46pm Mickelson/Rose Mickelson also got close but it's a half in four.

Casey/Mahan Mahan holes a five footer to half - he got up and down - to keep A/S.

Garcia/Kim Garcia played a terrific pitch in there to put the pressure on Kim on the fourth and it's conceded by Kim. He follows him in with an equally brilliant shot though, and should have another three to stay 1 Up.

Perry/Stenson Huge roars up on the tee as this one gets going - Perry is a local. Stenson takes driver and hits it perfectly - round the bend and centre fairway.

Perry draws almost every shot, so this is ideal, and he gets a first bounce in the fairway and gets it as close as anyone has been to this first green.

ON COURSE: "There are some great vantage points on this course and there are plenty of Irish fans out here to avail of them. Action from around the course is being shown on giant screens ('Jumbotrons') and the atmosphere is electric. There's no other golf event like it." RTÉ Sport's Gary Moran

ON COURSE "Down by the first tee the atmosphere is electric and what a start by Kim and Garcia. Awesome stuff and there are plenty of Irish fans out here cheering for Europe and loving every minute. Valhalla is rocking!" RTÉ Sport's Gary Moran

5.45pm Mickelson/Rose Mickelson gets close beyond the flag with about 15 feet for birdie. Rose is slightly farther away and a half in four is likely. Rose's stopped just short.

Mahan/Casey On the third, Mahan is short and may be in the water - just out. Casey's effort is safely beyond the flag and it pulls up quickly. Two putt almost certain.

Karlsson/Leonard On two, Karlsson's drive is a slight pull near the water but not quite in it. Leonard, who can't reach the corner, runs through the fairway out to the left.

ON COURSE: "Early days yet but I overheard former European captain Sam Torrance down by the putting green and he is happy with the way the singles pairings have fallen for Europe. He's hoping for it to come down to the bottom three games where Europe have Poulter, Westwood and Harrington."

"Tiger Woods has been texting Paul Azinger all weekend and I wonder where he is right now? Majors may be his big thing but any golfer with a pulse would like to be in Valhalla right now."

RTÉ Sport's Gary Moran

5.36pm Leonard/Karlsson Karlsson nearly holed his bunker shot there - brilliant shot and it's stone dead. Leonard can't hole his putt and it is honours even after one.

Kim/Garcia Kim hits a good bunker shot and should hole his short one. Garcia goes close but not close enough and stays one down.

Mahan/Casey Mahan hits another great iron and Casey can only manage a five. Back to A/S.

Rose/Mickelson On the first, Rose hits an excellent tee shot to the right of the fairway. Mickelson, with the power fade he has used to good effect here all week, curves his shot just beyond Rose's.

They'll hit from two very similar positions.

5.30pm Leonard/Karlsson Leonard's attempts a draw into the 1st green but doesn't have it turn quite as much as he hoped, and his ball fails to clear a little ridge on the green. He'll have a tricky fifteen footer.

Kalrsson, with a shorter club, eyes up is shot, steps in and strikes. He turned away with the ball in flight and has pulled it into the bunker left of the green.

Karlsson is nearly dead - may be plugged - in this one.

Kim/Garcia On the third, Kim says 'come on wind' after his shot but there's no hope of saving it; he ends up in the middle of a huge bunker to the front left of the green.

Garcia, hitting seven iron 201 yards with a helping wind, hits a fabulous shot to just under 20 feet to a front of green pin.

Kim hit a five iron there......

5.28pm Karlsson/Leonard Karlsson's tee shot takes a tight line, aimed at the trees that mark the corner and ends up in an ideal spot in the right centre of the fairway.

Leonard - this will give an idea of who far back he'll be all day - hits a running draw that ends up only about 15 or 20 yards behind.

Casey/Mahan Casey can't take advantage of his good iron, missing by a couple of inches to the right.

Mahan has a short one and has it lip out - a poor, pushed putt there to go one down.

Garcia/Kim Garcia's putt doesn't reach - had a good line - and this time Kim will put.

Kim, from three feet or so, rolls his in for a birdie - birdie start and a one hole lead. He didn't concede Garcia's tiddler there before he putt that in either.

5.25pm Garcia/Kim Garcia, with the ball above his feet and hole on the right of the green, gets a good wedge away, landing by the front of green hole position from where it releases to the middle back.

Kim, from the fairway, knocks down another flagstick, and may have yet another concession from a wedge shot.

Mahan/Casey Mahan's putt is superb effort but runs just inches by the hole and Casey will have a chance to get ahead early.

Leonard/Karlsson are about to tee off on the 1st.

5.21pm On the 1st tee, Leonard is trying to jump up and down to reach the 6'5 Karlsson in the photo op; both looks relaxed for a classic 'shorty/long hitter' clash.

5.18pm Kim/Garcia On the second, Sergio dispatches another good drive but catches a little rough down the left.

Kim's is perfect and in the fairway on this hole, which is playing 505 yards today.

Mahan/Casey Mahan's eight iron is not close from prime position - and he ends up on the front of the green and a good two putt away on the first.

Casey, with 122 to the flag from the middle of the fairway (rolled on!?) is in the right part of the green slightly left of the flag around 10 feet away.

5.16pm Casey/Mahan are next up. Casey couldn't buy a putt until the 18th in the fourballs yesterday and will need to find some feel against the on fire Mahan.

Casey's drive is round the corner but in the rough on the left.

Mahan - a superb driver of the ball - is in the light rough on the right of the fairway.

Mahan's long putting is the only thing he hasn't had going yet, and Casey will have to hope his radar is slightly off with the irons.

5.13pm Kim/Garcia Garcia to putt first actually - spun back an inch or two - and neither player is in the mood to concede anything yet...

Garcia takes his time and rolls his in and then gives Kim his putt, handing him his marker.

Kim didn't take the opportunity to have a practice putt there - as the rules allow him to .

Was that smart play from the Spaniard?

5.09pm Kim stiffs his approach and will have a great birde chance from three feet.

Garcia's is - somehow - inside Kim with his wedge! Two feet away and both should birdie from there.

Kim may have to putt, but Garcia's is a near 'gimme'.

Amazing start by both players - what an evening golf is in prospect!

5.03pm Huge roar for Kim, slightly more muted for Garcia as they are announced

Garcia steps up with his tee shot - with everyone watching this will set the tone for Europe - and he nails a stunning shot round the corner and on to the left side of the fairway.

Hopped through the rough to get to a spot where very few golfers have been this week.

Kim also gets a good one away, in his case ending up on the left side of the fairway, and he'll have to go over a bunker; Garcia's angle into the green complex is much better.

5pm Anthony Kim and Sergio Garcia are up first in what looks a fantastic match-up - looking down the list, every match looks essential.

All the Europeans are gathered around the tee.

It looks like a must win for Europe if they are to take this match from behind, and if Garcia could win it quickly if might help fire things up by bringing the score to 9-8 as the end-game nears.

It's nice to see Pádraig Harrington and Jose Maria Olazabal having a smile together by the first tee - that incident involiving a pitch mark in 2003, which caused no little bad blood at the time looks long forgotten.

4.47pm There's just over fifteen minutes to go to the start of the first match between Anthony Kim and Sergio Garcia.

Before then, why not take a look at some of the best quotes after yesterday's brilliant day of golf.

Grame McDowell in particular has been drawing praise:

As Jim Furyk put it: 'Graeme McDowell was absolutely on fire today. He played as good of golf as I've seen in The Ryder Cup.'

And European captain Nick Faldo agreed: 'He (Graeme McDowell) has been absolutely amazing. I didn't know, again. I'm kind of out of it in this era of golfers, but to get in the team room with these guys, and he's really come on incredibly. I've talked to him a lot.

The deciding singles matches get underway just after 5pm with USA leading Europe 9-7.

Europe produced a great finish yesterday to reduce the deficit to just two points ahead of the 12 singles matches today.

USA need five and a half points to secure the win, while Europe need seven to retain the trophy.

Follow the action with our matchtracker shortly.

Match score: USA 9 - 7 Europe

Ryder Cup Singles for final day:

Match 1 goes off at 5.03pm with the rest to follow at 11-minute intervals.