By Ed Leahy

1135 So it's all over for another couple of years, at least, as Ireland regain the Cormac McAnallen Cup with an aggregate score of 130-65 over the two games in Australia. It won't go down as the most memorable of series but from an Irish point of view it will be viewed as a resounding success for Anthony Tohill and all involved. Safe home, Lads.

Full time: Australia 29-50 Ireland (Agg 65-130)

18 mins The last few seconds run out as Ireland are deserved winners of the Cormac McAnallen Cup with another comprehensive victory over Australia. Not a great game by any stretch of the imagination but the Irish players are happy and a job well done by all involved.

17 mins More poor kicking from Australia and a twenty-yard kick from Nahas doesn't even get past the end line. Cluxton starts laughing again as he collects the ball. Last few seconds here as the clock ticks down.

15 mins Ben McGlynn gets the Aussies going again with a well-taken over. More pressure from the Aussies but penalised for having a player in the square from a mark - much to the delight of keeper Cluxton who takes joy in watching the big blonde Aussie trot back up the field.

13 mins It's one-way traffic here and the score of the day by Callaghan who sends one over the bar from way out on the right as Ireland move 25 points clear.

10 mins Donaghy and Walsh causing lots of problems up front and the only way Australia can deal with the Kerry pair is by fouling as Walsh is pulled down. Walsh sticks it over for another three points.

7 mins It's all Ireland and the ball is being knocked around at will across the midfield. Australia eventually get the ball back but cannot get any joy in the Irish half and clear.

4 mins Game has totally gone off the boil and Ireland just doing enough to prevent the Australians from challenging. With that Ireland break and another over brings a twenty-point gap between the sides.

1 min Apparently three Aussies got yellow cards in that third quarter but some choice directing from the Aussie TV folk would have you believe that it was only the Irish that were penalised.

4th Quarter

18 mins End of the third quarter and both sides starting to look tired, or pehaps fed up!! Very little of what could be described as entertainment in those last 18 minutes.

17 mins A strong challenge on McMahon leads to the first proper scrap of the contest with about twenty players involved. Ward's challenge on McMahon was nasty - a knee into the back as he was fielding. Still the fighting was just pushing and jersey pulling.

15 mins Another yellow card for Ireland as McKeever sent to the sin bin for an off-the-ball challenge. Very harsh this time as McKeever was only protecting himself from a chargind Aussie. That's two down for the Irish. But still they lead by 17.

13 mins Game has gone very stale with very few scoring opportunities. Ireland then break and get the ball in the back of the net but the whistle was long gone and play stopped for another bit of handbags. Donaghy wins a mark but cannot capitalise and can only get a point for his troubles.

10 mins Aussies seem to be adding a bit of niggle to the game now with lots of off-the-ball stuff. Green and Hanly end up rolling around like a pair of wrestlers - no punches yet - and Hanly picks up a yellow card for his troubles. A bit harsh but Ireland down a man for the next ten minutes. Can the Aussies capitalise?

7 mins Aussies getting frustrated and cannot get any joy out of the Irish who look bigger and stronger than the home side.

4 mins Australia put another high ball into Cluxton but a well taken mark by the Dublin man and Ireland clear and move the ball up the field. Great mark by Tommy Walsh and was clear in on goal but chose to take the mark and settles for the three points. Ireland well in control now.

1 min No sooner has the game restarted for the second half and a bit of a tussle in the middle between Milne and Touhy. Ref close by so no digs are thrown. Ireland work the ball up the field from the free and results in an over for Donaghy with a well placed kick.

3rd Quarter

18 mins Long ball dropped into the Irish attack and Kennelly takes a great mark with some fine high fielding and takes a bit of a hit as he lands. The Listowel man dusts himself down and pops over another three-pointer as Ireland go into the half-time break with an eleven-point lead.

17 mins Last two minutes of the first half and full credit to the Aussies who keep edging their way up the field. Another mark for Smith and another fine over to reduce the gap to eight. Aussies then win possession again but can only manage a wide with a very poor kick from in front of goal.

16 mins Australia fight back with some fine play to work it up the field. Ireland penalised again and ball moved forward as Irish won't retreat. Zach Smith hits his secong over of the game. Ireland break back and Tommy Walsh charges clear and cancels he over out with a fine over.

14 min GOAL IRELAND LEIGHTON GLYNN Ireland's patience pays off and Glynn finds himself in acres of space with only the keeper to beat. He tries to round the keeper who does well to stay on his feet but Glynn drops it onto his left foot and rolls it into the empty net. Great finish by Glynn as Ireland move to a double digit lead for the first time.

13 mins Ireland keeping their heads and knocking the bacll around with composure with Begley looking very assured on the ball. Aussies cannot get any joy here and starting to get frustrated.

10 mins Ireland enjoy a fine spell of play with Kennelly instrumental working it up the left to Murphy who hits an over for three points. McDonnell then involved again on the right and take a right smack from Wood for his troubles before taking another fine score.

6 min Nice bit of Aussie pressure with Milne getting lots of ball but some wayward kicking. A good high ball dropped on top of Cluxton but the Dublin keeper does well to punch clear. Still Milne pushes Australia forward but they have to settle for a wide.

4 min Brad Green gets a chance to reduce the deficit. Ref brings him closer after a bit of Irish back-chat. Takes the over and only four points in it now.

1 min The second quarter is back on - not much of a break for the lads there. Kennelly taking a sideline ball as Ireland look to push forward again. Kelly penalised for Australia for manhandling Joe McMahon. A well-taken over by McMahon to push Ireland seven clear.


18 mins - Hooter goes for the end of the first quarter as Ireland fought back well to take a four-point lead into the seconf quarter.

18 mins Ireland starting to put the pressure on Australia and beginning to dominate as Bolton makes space down the left and hits a great ball in-field. McDonnell with another fine take. Again it's no problem for McDonnell as he slots over another three points.

16 mins Grigg and McDonnell having a fine tussle in the left corner. McDonnell wins a free and knocks over a peach of a score for three more points as Ireland take the lead.

13 mins This is better from Ireland as a long high ball drops into the Australian square. Donnaghy majestically takes and composes himself to knock it over for three points. Ball up one end and a scuffle up the far end as Cluxton is manhandled but just pushing and shoving really.

10 mins Ball dropped in on top of Cluxton and wins a free out. Ireland break with a fine bit of passing and some great fielding - ball makes its way out to McKiernan out left and a decent effort just drops wide for a point.

7 mins Ireland break up the field with Kennelly getting a shot away on goal - first of the game - the Kerry man was stretching and it was saved and cleared. Aussies up the field and take a commanding lead.

4 mins Couple of big hits going in in midfield. Aussies not happy with the Irish agression. Aussies go up field with Milne who hits a behind.

1 min Lots of pushing and shoving as the game gets underway - Tommy Walsh getting plenty of attention. Good start for the Irish with Kennelly getting involved early on. Opening score for Ireland with a behind as the Aussies move up the field and level the score.

0940 Good morning or G'Day, perhaps. Time for another helping of this fine hybrid sport - the World Series final, you could call it. It's just about to get going in Australia - the teams are out and the anthems have been sung (?!) so game on. Only 44 points to make up then Aussies. Let's see what you got.