As it Happened: Kilkenny 2-22 Tipperary 0-23

Updated: Sunday, 06 Sep 2009 18:05

Kilkenny's Richie Power and Tipperary's Pat Kerwick giving it all in this superb hurling final Tipperay's Brendan Maher tries to get to grips with Kilkenny's Eoin Larkin GIVE ME THE BALL! Tipperary's Eoin Kelly and Kilkenny's Michael Kavanagh locked in combat
Kilkenny's Richie Power and Tipperary's Pat Kerwick giving it all in this superb hurling final Tipperay's Brendan Maher tries to get to grips with Kilkenny's Eoin Larkin GIVE ME THE BALL! Tipperary's Eoin Kelly and Kilkenny's Michael Kavanagh locked in combat

And so the 2009 hurling championship draws to a close with an absolute classic. Don't forget to join us on two weeks' time, that's Sunday, 20 September, for the football final. If it's half as good as what was served up today - you won't hear many complaints.

17.10 Kilkenny captain Michael Fennelly accepts the trophy.

17.08 GAA President Christy Cooney is now ready to present the Liam McCarthy Cup from the Hogan Stand.

17.05 During the week, the GAA urged the crowd to stay off the pitch at the final whistle. That has fallen on deaf ears. The presentation, it would seem, will not now be in the middle of the pitch.

A classic final and credit must go to both teams. Kilkenny, while not at their free-flowing best, had that extra resolve that saw them through. Tipperary had goal chances just after half-time, but Kilkenny custodian PJ Ryan performed heroics. The awarding of the penalty will be debated - but at the end of the day Kilkenny have achieved their four-in-a-row,

17.01 FULL-TIME Kilkenny 2-22 Tipperary 0-23

72 min Larkin pops up again and Kilkenny are five clear. Kilkenny 2-22 Tipperary 0-23

71 min Eoin Larkin point. That may be the insurance. Kilkenny 2-21 Tipperary 0-23

2 minutes of added time

68 min Eoin Kelly pucks over point No 13 for him and the deficit is cut to three. Kilkenny 2-20 Tipperary 0-23

66 min Jackie Tyrell responds instantly with a superb point. Kilkenny 2-20 Tipperary 0-22

65 min Noel McGrath gets his second point of the day. Kilkenny 2-19 Tipperary 0-22

Kilkenny have played second fiddle for most of this half. Yet, they are four points up.

64 min GOAL!!!! Martin Comeford hits Kilkenny's second goal after a brilliant pass from Eoin Larkin. Kilkenny 2-19 Tipperary 0-21

63 min Richie Power fouled. Penalty awared - debatable one at that. King Henry does the business. Kilkenny 1-19 Tipperary 0-21

63 min Tipperary reply with a point. Kilkenny 0-19 Tipperary 0-21

62 min Henry Sheflin does the impossible and adds to Kilkenny's total. Kilkenny 0-10 Tipperary 0-20

61 min TJ Reid keeps Kilkenny in the hunt with a fine point. Kilkenny 0-18 Tipperary 0-20

59 min After an error from Michael Kavanagh, Seamus Callinan nips in for a fine point. The lead is now three. Kilkenny 0-17 Tipperary 0-20

57 min Eoin Kelly, under pressure gets his 12th point of the day. Tipp are two clear. Kilkenny 0-17 Tipperary 0-19

56 min Eoin Kelly goes for goal from a 25 yard free and PJ Ryan is defiant again and it goes out for a 65. Kelly slots it over. Kilkenny 0-17 Tipperary 0-18

Dunne's swipe was a bad one, but in fairness to Tommy Walsh he got up straight away.

54 min Benny Dunne sent off for wild pull on Tommy Walsh. The resultant free is put over by Sheflin. Kilkenny 0-17 Tipperary 0-17

53 min Instant response from Kilkenny as sub Michael Fennelly bangs over a fine point. Kilkenny 0-16 Tipperary 0-17

52 min Kilkenny sub - Michael Fennelly on. Lar Corbett is at it again and his roaming role yields another Tipp point. Kilkenny 0-15 Tipperary 0-17

Tipp's Padraig Maher gets hit hard and is on the deck. Kilkenny sub - TJ Reid on - Aidan Fogarty off.

49 min Eoin Kelly from a free has Tipp in front again. Kilkenny 0-15 Tipperary 0-16.

Tipp are dominating and they should be further ahead.

48 min Tipp sub - Benny Dunne on - John O'Brien off.

47 min Kilkenny stem the tide and Richie Hogan has Kilkenny level. Kilkenny 0-15 Tipperary 0-15

44 min Another Tipp goal chance is missed. Eoin Kelly the guilty partner as Ryan saves again. However, Kelly pops over the 65. Kilkenny 0-14 Tipperary 0-15

43 min Richie Power is fouled 30 yards and Henry steps up to level the match. Kilkenny 0-14 Tipperary 0-14

42 min Tipp on fire and Shane McGrath from over his shoulder puts the Premier in front. Kilkenny 0-13 Tipperary 0-14

41 min Seamus Callinan is on fire and bangs over his second point. Sides level. Kilkenny 0-13 Tipperary 0-13

40 min Kerwick okay. Seamus Callinan gets his first point of the day. One between them. Kilkenny 0-13 Tipperary 0-12

39 min Tipp's Pat Kerwick goes down injured after a clash with Michael Rice.

37 min Seamus Callinan had the goal at his mercy buts the Cats keeper and a wonderful save. The resultant 65 goes wide. Bad miss.

36 min Early free for Conor O'Mahony and when the ball breaks John O'Brien had a chance for Tipp - but his effort goes wide.

16.25 Second half on.

16.24 Tipperary are out on the pitch. Match attendance is 82,106.

16.23 Kilkenny team are back out.

The referee Diarmuid Kirwan has certainly let the game flow and he certainly isn't whistle happy. Common sense is certainly being applied.

Really enjoyable match - Tipp have given everything and even though they are two points down - they are still very much in this game.

HALF-TIME: Kilkenny 0-13 Tipperary 0-11

35 min+2 Richie Power goes through the Tipp defence with no challenges coming in and he knocks over point No 13 for the Cats. Kilkenny 0-13 Tipperary 0-11

35 min+1 Padraig Maher penalised for lying on the ball and from 20 yards out Henry Sheflin hits over his fifth point of the day. Kilkenny 0-12 Tipperary 0-11

35 min Eoin Kelly, with his back practically to goal, knocks over a superb point. Kilkenny 0-11 Tipperary 0-11

34 min Henry Sheflin free has Kilkenny ahead again. Kilkenny 0-11 Tipperary 0-10

32 min This is a classic match and Eddie Brennan knocks over his third point. Sides level. Kilkenny 0-10 Tipperary 0-10

31 min Sheflin replys with a pointed free for the Cats. Kilkenny 0-09 Tipperary 0-10

30 min Remember Brian Dooher's score from the wing in last yea';s All-Ireland final. Lar Corbett does something similar in 2009 and his brilliant point edges Tipp two clear. Kilkenny 0-08 Tipperary 0-10

The lead has changed six times so far in the match.

28 min Lar Corbett is fouled by Brian Hogan and Eoin Kelly taps over a point from 25 yards out. Kilkenny 0-08 Tipperary 0-09

27 min From a 65, Tipp's Eoin Kelly levels the match again. Kilkenny 0-08 Tipperary 0-08

26 min Richie Hogan's nerves will have settled as he drives over a fine point. Kilkenny 0-08 Tipperary 0-07

25 min Kilkenny really have to work hard for scores - and Derek Lyng earned his corn with a fine point. Kilkenny 0-07 Tipperary 0-07

24 min Eoin Kelly hits over his fifth point of the day and the Premier are in front again. Kilkenny 0-06 Tipperary 0-07

23 min Lar Corbett is using his pace to good effect and given space he will hurt Kilkenny. He scores a fine point and the sides are level. Kilkenny 0-06 Tipperary 0-06

21 min Eoin Kelly slots over a free for Tipp's first score in six minutes. Kilkenny 0-06 Tipperary 0-05

19 min Henry Sheflin points a handy free and Kilkenny are two clear. Kilkenny 0-06 Tipperary 0-04

18 min Eddie Brennan is on fire - his stickwork is a delight and the Cats edge clear again. Kilkenny 0-05 Tipperary 0-04

17 min Eoin Larkin gets in on the act for Kilenny and the sides are level. Kilkenny 0-04 Tipperary 0-04

16 min Some great scoring here and Eddie Brennan gets Kilkenny's third point. Kilkenny 0-03 Tipperary 0-04

15 min Tipperary respond in kind rhrougfh Shane McGrath. Kilkenny 0-02 Tipperary 0-04

15 min Kilkenny reply is instant through Eddie Brennan. Kilkenny 0-02 Tipperary 0-03

14 min Lar Corbett picks up the pieces in midfield and shoots a fine point. Kilkenny 0-01 Tipperary 0-03

13 min Seamus Callinan had goal in mind with a rasper of sorts - but it drifts wide.

Tipperary are playing with great spirit so far and are tackling hard.

11 min Eoin Kelly's 40 metre free disects the posts and Tipp go in front. Kilkenny 0-01 Tipperary 0-02

9 min Goal chance for Sheflin and Tipp keeper Brendan Cummins makes a fine save. King Henry puts a relatively easy free wide. Not in the script.

7 min Eoin Kelly is fouled and a chance for Tipp to level. Kelly does the business. Kilkenny 0-01 Tipperary 0-01

Some hard hits are going in - well it is a man's game

5 min Chop down by a Tipp defender and a close in free is the outcome and Henry Sheflin opens the scoring. Kilkenny 0-01 Tipperary 0-00

3 min Tipp's Seamus Callinan takes a bit of a belt. He's made pf stern stuff and is back on his feet.

2 min Pat Kerwick has first chance for Tipp, but it goes wide. Kilkenny's Eoin Larkin is receiving attention. He's okay however.

30 sec Kilkenny's first attack causes a few anxious moments in the Tipp defence.

15.30 GAME ON

15.29 We're ready for the 2009 All-Ireland hurling final.

15.28 The National Anthem is being played.

15.27 RTÉ pundit Ger Loughnane has a feeling that Tipperary can do it, while Cyril Farrell feels that Kilkenny could put in their best display of the year in today's final - and win with a bit to spare.

15.25 We're five minutes from throw-in and the rain has stopped.

15.22 President Mary McAleese arrives for the Presidential salute and to meet both teams.

15.18 Kilkenny won the loss and will play into the Canal End (Dineen Stand) in the first half.

The Tipperary full-back line is inexperienced, and the RTÉ panel feel that the midfield pairing of Woodlock & McGrath could be vulnerable. We will wait to see what happens.

Another look at the starting XVs for both teams. A bit of a surprise that James 'Cha' Fitzpatrick is not in the Kilkenny side. Many eyes will be on to see how Richie Hogan does at wing-forward.

Kilkenny: PJ Ryan, M Kavanagh, JJ Delaney, J Tyrell, T Walsh, B Hogan, J Tennyson, D Lyng, M Rice, R Hogan, H Sheflin, E Larkin, E Brennan, R Power, A Fogarty

Tipperary: B Cummins, P Stapleton, P Maher, P Curran, D Fanning, C O'Mahony, B Maher, J Woodlock, S McGrath, P Kerwick, S Callinan, J O'Brien, R Power, A Fogarty

15.09 Out come the Tipperary boys.

15.07 There is plenty of colour around Croke Park, with much pageantry and music. The perfect way to lift the gloom coming from the skies above.

15.06 The Kilkenny team are out on the pitch.

15.00 DJ Carey has his say on the pitch and feels that four-in-a-row will be Kilkenny's come 5.00pm. Former Tipperary player feels that the Cats may have be slightly off on the day for Liam McCarthy to be heading back to the Premier county.

14.51 The Cork team of 1984 are honoured on the pitch. Good to see Kevin Hennessy looking well after his health problems in recent years.

14.44 Brian Cody is being interviewed and talks about his strong panel, though he is slightly worried about the wet conditions. Liam Sheedy, the Tipp boss, is in confident mood and is not preturbed about the weather and he states that his team are really looking forward to the match.

14.42 - Talk of times past - as Kilkenny's Phil 'Fan' Larkin and Tipp's Len Gaynor recall the 1971 final when the Premier men came out on top in an 80 minute final.

14.41 The senior teams have arrived in Croke Park

It's one hour to the main event. The tension is beginning to build.

14.28 GAME OVER - Galway prevail by four points and fully deserved their victory as they handled the wet conditions the better.

14.25 Kilkenny will need a goal if they are to save this one - with their opponents four clear (2-15 2-11) as we enter injury time

14.21 The westerners are now three clear and a minster point from Davy Glennon puts them four clear 2-14 2-10 with five minutes to go.

14.15 Galway still ahead by a point 2-11 2-10, but they have missed some easy frees. Tight finish in prospect.

14.07 Kilkenny have added a goal and a point - and it's a one point game. Galway 2-09 Kilkenny 2-08

14.02 The second half of the minor final is seven minutes old, with Kilkenny having most of the possession, but they have only managed to score two points - to leave it a five-point game. Galway 2-09 Kilkenny 1-07

13.53 Joe Canning is being interviewed outside the stadium and predicts a tough battle, in which he feels the Tipp half-forward line will have to be more productive throughout.

13.50 The rain is still falling steadily at Croke Park.

13.46 It's half-time in the minor match and Galway lead the Cats by 2-09 to 1-05. The Black and Amber's total cam in the first 10 minutes of the match.

13.13 Brian Cowen and his wife arrive in Croke Park just in time for the minor final which features Kilenny and Galway. Throw-in is at 1.15pm

The weather in Dublin is cloudy and damp and the forecast is not great for later this afternoon. The 1999 final was played in miserable conditions and on that day Cork defeated Kilkenny by a point. Then there was the famous 'thunder and lightning' final of 1939 - the day that WWII broke out. The Cats were victorious over the Rebels on that occasion.

How they line-up:

Kilkenny: PJ Ryan, M Kavanagh, JJ Delaney, J Tyrell, T Walsh, B Hogan, J Tennyson, D Lyng, M Rice, R Hogan, H Sheflin, E Larkin, E Brennan, R Power, A Fogarty

Tipperary: B Cummins, P Stapleton, P Maher, P Curran, D Fanning, C O'Mahony, B Maher, J Woodlock, S McGrath, P Kerwick, S Callinan, J O'Brien, R Power, A Fogarty

Hello everybody and I hope you are all well wherever you are on this September Sunday as the clock ticks down to the meeting of arguably the two best teams in the country this year.