As it Happened: Kilkenny v Waterford

Updated: Sunday, 09 Aug 2009 18:34

Kilkenny's Richie Power and Waterford's Noel Connors in the heat of battle at Croke Park
Kilkenny's Richie Power and Waterford's Noel Connors in the heat of battle at Croke Park

by James McMahon

17.32 Superb game of hurling. Waterford deserve huge credit for running the Cats' close - but the extra bit a class from the likes of Shefflin, Richie Power and Eddie Brennan saw Cody's side through. For Waterford, Michael 'Brick' Walsh and Tony Browne (36 years young) were outstanding. The four-in-a-row for Kilkenny is still on. Tipp or Limerick await in the 6 September decider.


70 min Save of the year from the Kilkenny 'keeper from an Eoin Kelly volley. Okay it goes over a point - but great reflexes. Kilkenny 2-23 Waterford 3-15

69 min Kilkenny awarded a 65 and King Henry puts the Cats' six clear. Kilkenny 2-23 Waterford 3-14

67 min Kilkenny are now in a battle and are thankful for a handy free that Shefflin puts over. Kilkenny 2-22 Waterford 3-14

64 MIN GOAL!! Eoin Kelly free from 65 yards drops into the net. Kilkenny 2-21 Waterford 3-14

62 min Eddie Breann makes it a 1-02 for him with a super point. Kilkenny 2-12 Waterford 2-14

59 min Shefflin and Kelly swop points and the gap is back to six. Kilkenny 2-20 Waterford 2-14

58 min Eoin Murphy and Eoin Kelly combine and the latter swings over a fine point.

55 min Eddiie Brennan delivers a pinpoint pass to Shefflin who turns his man and knocks over his 11th point. Kilkenny 2-19 Waterford 2-12

54 min Richie Hogan has really made an impression and he feeds Shefflin who, it seems can now do no wrong, takes his point. Kilkenny 2-18 Waterford 2-12

53 min Another Eoin Kelly point as Dan Shanahan makes his entrance. Kilkenny 2-17 Waterford 2-12

52 min Michael Rice, Kilkenny midfielder knocks over a fine point as Kilkenny keep the Déise at bay. Kilkenny 2-17 Waterford 2-11

51 min Eoin Kelly with another huge point on the side - Cusack Stand side. Five point game. Kilkenny 2-16 Waterford 2-11

49 min Sub Richie Hogan gets in on the act with his first point. Kilkenny 2-16 Waterford 2-10

48 min Henry makes it a 1-09 with a trademark score, imbued with great stick work. Kilkenny 2-15 Waterford 2-10

45 min The work ethic of the Kilkenny forwards is top class as they quell a Waterford break-out and are awarded a free. Henry does the business. Kilkenny 2-14 Waterford 2-10

44 min Eddie Brennan is fouled - and somebody on the Wateford team gave lip and it's a now a 14-yard free. Sheflin puts it over. Kilkenny. 2-13 Waterford 2-10

42 min Eoin Kelly from a huge distance bangs over his fifth point. It's a two-point game. Kilkenny 2-12 Waterford 2-10

39 min Kilkenny's Michael Rice is booked. The Cats know they are in a battle.

38 min GOAL GOAL!! I'mm told Shane Walsh is a good footballer and Walsh uses his strength to kick the ball to the Kilkenny net Kilkenny 2-12 Waterford 2-09. Game on

37 min Henry Sheflin presented with a pass from Richie Power that would surely have led to Kilkenny's third goal - but Henry lets it slip from his grasp. He is human.


16.42 Henry Sheflin has hit a total of 1-06 for his side in this highly absorbing contest. Waterford, whose half-back line are doing their best to nullify the Cats' forward division, are still in this match.


35 min Richie Power, Eddie Breannan and Shefflin combine and with a bit of good fortune, King Henry pucks it over from 40 yards. Kilkenny 2-12 Waterford 1-09

34 min Eddie Brennan adds to his tally. Kilkenny 2-11 Waterford 1-09

33 min Richie Power who has been quiet up to now finally breaks a bit of sweat and Kilkenny are four clear. Kilkenny 2-10 Waterford 1-09

29 min There have a been a few high tackles in the game and from one of those Eoin Kelly slots over Waterford's ninth point. Kilkenny 2-09 Waterford 1-09

27 min Eoin Kelly's is deadly accurate from frees as Waterford edge that bit closer. Kilkenny 2-09 Waterford 1-08

26 min Eoin Kelly responds with a Waterford point - it's important Davy's side don't panic. Kilkenny 2-09 Waterford 1-07

25 min Eoin McGrath point, but from the puck out Waterford's Aidan Kearney should have clared and Sheflin nips in for a wonderful goal Kilkenny 2-09 Waterford 1-06

24 min Kevin Moran shot from 50 yards drops slowly over the bar - but Kilkenny come down the field and Aidan Fogarty slots it over Kilkenny 1-09 Waterford 1-05

Hard, but honest play all over the field.

21 min Kilkenny raid again and another ill-judged tackle gives Kilkenny a free and Sheflin makes them pay. Kilkenny 1-08 Waterford 1-04

20 min Eoin Kelly on the scoresheet for Waterford with a 21 metre free. Kilkenny 1-07 Waterford 1-04

18 min Sloppy Waterford play out of defence and Eoin Larkin picks up the pieces and the Cats' are four clear. Kilkenny 1-07 Waterford 1-03

16 min Seamus Prendergast booked for high challenge and Henry Sheflin slots free over the bar. Kilkenny 1-06 Waterford 1-03

15 min Henry Sheflin's 20 metre free is low and hard, but the Waterford reargaurd stand firm. Cracking match so far.

14 min Eion Larkin bags his first point and Kilkenny's fifth. Kilkenny 1-05 Waterford 1-03

13 min GOAL!!! Eddie Breenan with a lovely sidestep following a pass from Sheflin buries the ball to the net. Kilkenny 1-04 Waterford 1-03

11 min John Mullane knocks over his 100th point in championship hurling Kilkenny 0-04 Waterford 1-03

10 min Shane O'Sullivan hits his second wide - the Déise need to be taking these chances.

8 min John Mullane gets his first meaningful touch - the crows respond with much enthisiasm.

Waterford much more calm and collected than was the case on September 7, 2008.

7 min Waterford bag their second point, but King Henry responds and there is a point between the sides. Kilkenny 0-04 Waterford 1-02

5 min GOAL!!! Shane Walsh is fed through and on a one on one with the keeper he dispatches the sliotar to the net. Kilkenny 0-03 Waterford 1-01

4 min Tommy Walsh with a great catch and lays it off to Cha Fitzpatrick who slots it over for Kilkenny's third point . Kilkenny 0-03 Waterford 0-01

3 min Henry Sheflin gets his second point from a free.

2 min Bit of a scuffle early on as players are obviously pumped up and then Shane o' Sullivan cuts over a delightful point from a sideline cut. Kilkenny 0-01 Waterford 0-01

1 min Henry Sheflin opens the scoring with a point after 14 seconds. Kilkenny 0-01 Waterford 0-00

16.02 GAME ON

Referee is Barry Kelly from Westmeath

16.00 The National Anthem is being sung. The players are making half-hearted efforts to join in.

15.58 The panel expect Kilkenny to win, but not by the same score as last September. The Cats' won the toss and will play with a light breeze.

15.57 RTÉ pundit Cyril Farrell expects the backs to stay in their positions this afternoon with the Kilkenny midfield coming bacl when required. The parade is underway

15.54 The clock is ticking down to the start of the game. After a shower or two early on, the afternoon is fine now at Croke Park. Ground is a bit slippy as evidenced by the number of players slipping in the football match.