Portumna v De La Salle - Matchtracker

Updated: Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 18:26

Damien Hayes celebarates one of the goals he scored in this afernoon's final.
Damien Hayes celebarates one of the goals he scored in this afernoon's final.

by James McMahon

Read our matchtracker from this afternoon's AIB GAA All-Ireland Club Hurling final.

Welcome to the first of today's matchtrackers from Croke Park where Galway's Portumna outclassed their Waterford opponents, De La Salle in the AIB All-Ireland Club Hurling final.

Portumna 2-24 De La Salle 1-08
As comprehensive a victory as there has ever been in a club final. In fairness, Portumna probably operated at only 70 per cent of their capacity. De La Salle were nervous from the outset and just simply never got going.

3.50pm: Full time - Portumna 2-24 De La Salle 1-8.

60 + 1 Portumna round off the day with another point from Kevin Hayes. Portumna 2-24 De La Salle 1-8.

60 min - For all his efforts, one can only be happy that John Mullane managed to get his name on the scoresheet with a fine point. Portumna 2-23 De La Salle 1-8.

60 min - At least De La Salle's Darren Russell can say he scored a point in Croke Park on St Patrick's Day. Portumna 2-23 De La Salle 1-7.

59 min - Andy Smith, a tidy player, piles on more agony for the Waterfordmen with a fine point. Portumna 2-23 De La Salle 1-6.

58 min - Niall Hayes (2) & Davy Canning (1) get three quick points between them as Portumna power ahead. Portumna 2-22 De La Salle 1-6.

56 min - The game is now at walking pace as Eoin Lynch, with nobody near him, just strokes the ball over the bar. Portumna 2-19 De La Salle 1-6.

John Mullane is trying, as he did for his county in last year's All Ireland final. But nothing is going right for him today.

50 min - The Portumna inside forward really have the measure of the De La Salle full back line and goalkeeper Brenner keeps the score down with a fine save from Damien Hayes.

49 min - Niall Hayes adds another Portumna point. Portumna 2-18 De La Salle 1-6.

48 min - Joe Canning continues his shooting practice from 45 yards out. The posts are dissected. Portumna 2-17 De La Salle 1-6.

48 min James Quirke and Andy Smith exchange points for both sides. Portumna 2-17 De La Salle 1-6.

47 min - Frustration can lead to silly frees being given away. Those symptoms are now evident from De La Salle. Joe Canning makes them pay with his eight point. Portumna 2-16 De La Salle 1-5.

46 min - A Tipperary man aiding the Portumna cause - Michael Ryan - gets in on the scoring act with a point. Portumna 2-15 De La Salle 1-5.

43 min - De La Salle are now going for goals. Have they ever heard of 'take your points and the goals will come.'

42 min - A little ray of hope as Paudie Nevin bundles the ball over the line for a De La Salle goal. Portumna 2-14 De La Salle 1-5

41 min - The Hayes brothers combine again with Niall setting up Damien for a point. Portumna 2-14 De La Salle 0-5. De La Salle's Brian Phelan misses a scoreable free. Frustration etched on his face is there for all to see.

38 min - Pattern is much the same as the first half, with De La Salle failing to find any fluidity.

35 min - Niall Hayes gets his second point for the Galwaymen. Portumna 2-13 De La Salle 0-5.

33 min - Following good work from John Mullane, Thomas Carney scores his second point. Portumna 2-12 De La Salle 0-5.

32 min - Thomas Carney responds for De La Salle with a point. Portumna 2-12 De La Salle 0-4.

31 min - Joe Canning slots over another 65. Portumna 2-12 De La Salle 0-3

3.17pm - Second half is underway.

3.16pm - The teams are making their way back out on to the pitch. Croke Park is rather muted at the moment. Not surprising really, considering the one sided nature of the contest. Here's hoping for some level of respectability from the Waterford champions in the next 30 minutes.

3.03pm - Portumna 2-11 De La Salle 0-3. We've reached half-time and this game is over. Sadly, another Waterford team having a bad day at Croke Park after the horror show of last September. The bookies odds were well and truly justified.

30 + 2 - De La Salle are awarded a penalty for something of the handbag variety. Goalkeeper Stevie Brenner is entrusted with the penalty and puts it over the bar. Portumna 2-11 De La Salle 0-3

30 + 1 90 yards out and Joe Canning bags his sixth point with a free. Portumna 2-11 De La Salle 0-2.

29 min - Portumna add another score. Turkey shoot in the month of March! Portumna 2-10 De La Salle 0-2.

28 min - Good Night & Good Luck. Damien Hayes bags his second goal with a decisive finish. Talk about a knife through butter. Portumna 2-09 De La Salle 0-2.

Portumna's defence are rock solid, though in fairness they have not been tested.

24 min - Five star Joe Canning with his fifth point - 68 yards out from goal. Portumna 1-09 De La Salle 0-2.

22 min - Brian Phelan steadies the ship with a De La Salle point, but as soon as you can say 'Bob's Your Uncle' Leo Smith responds for Portumna. Portumna 1-08 De La Salle 0-2.

20 min - Joe Canning bends, lifts and strikes and from a 65, the sliotar sails between the posts. Portumna 1-07 De La Salle 0-1.
Are we looking at a rout this early in?

18 min - Joe Canning adds another point. Is it too early to say things are looking bleak for De La Salle? It could be now as Damien Hayes is fed through and finds the net. Portumna 1-06 De La Salle 0-1. One way traffic!

16 min - Damien Hayes rips through the De La Salle defence to score Portumna's fifth point. Portumna 0-05 De La Salle 0-01. The Waterford champions look very nervous. Need to shake that off quickly.

15 min - Sideline ball artistry at its best as Joe Canning pops one over the bar. Portumna 0-4 De La Salle 0-01

12 min - John Mullane has the look of a man on a mission. No quality ball coming his way, however.

11 min - Brain Farrell replaces the injured Lee Hayes on the De La Sale team

10 min - Not terribly exciting thus far. No real flow to proceedings.

9 min- The Hayes brothers combine with Niall setting up Kevin for Portumna's third point. Portumna 0-03 De La Salle 0-01.

8 min - Brian Phelan gets the Waterford champions opening score. Portumna 0-02 De La Salle 0-01.

7 min - Over his shoulder Joe Canning knocks over Portumna's second point. Portumna 0-02 De La Salle 0-00.

5 min - Eugene McEntee storms up from full back to score the opening point of the game to put Portumna in front. Portumna 0-01 De La Salle 0-00.

4 min - Joe Canning misses a scoreable sideline puck

Scrappy start with mistakes evident on both sides.

2.30pm - The match is underway.

2.28pm - The pre-match parade is underway. For many players on the pitch, this is the biggest day of their sporting lives.

2.17pm Back to the present, both teams are having their pre-match puck about. The Artane Band are also strutting their stuff, while the stadium announcer is relaying the line-ups to the assembled crowd. He sounds like National School inspector I remember from my youth.

2.15pm St Patrick's Day can often bring inclement weather. 2006 was distinctly chilly, while I can go as far as back as 1979 when Ireland and Britain, and practicallly all of Europe, was in the midst of a severe artic blast.

2.12pm The weather in Dublin is mild with a moderate south easterly breeze. A perfect day for competitive fare at GAA headquarters.

2.10pm Good afternoon everybody on this St Patrick's Day as the crowds are making their way to Croke Park for this year's AIB club finals. Portumna and De La Salle are first up in the hurling decider. The men from Galway are 1/12 on for victory, while the Waterford champions are 13/2. Will the bookies have egg on the faces after the game?

The teams are expected to line out as follows:

Portumna (Galway): I Canning, M Dolphin, E McEntee, O Canning, G Heagney, M Ryan, A O'Donnell, E Lynch, L Smith, N Hayes, K Hayes, A Smith, D Hayes, J Canning, C Ryan.

De La Salle (Waterford): S Brenner, A Kelly, I Flynn, M Doherty, D Russell, K Moran, S Daniels, B Phelan, C Watt, P Nevin, J Mullane, L Hayes, D Twomey, D McGrath, D Greene.

Referee: James McGrath (Westmeath)