The GAA's new clock/hooter system will be used for the first time this weekend, on a trial basis, in the Irish Daily Mail Sigerson Cup semi-finals and final being hosted by Queen's University in Belfast.

The system is due to be used in all senior football and hurling (Liam MacCarthy level) Championship matches this summer but it will get an introduction in both the Sigerson and Fitzgibbon Cups over the course of the next two weekends.

The clock, which will count up from 0.00, will be operated by a timekeeper, who will only stop it when directed to do so by the referee.

It will only be stopped for relevant on-field injuries or other incidental delays not otherwise provided for in the playing rules.

The making of substitutions, the issuing of yellow/black/red cards and other disciplinary matters, including consultation between match officials, will not normally result in the clock being stopped (the only exception being where a referee adjudges there is a deliberate or abnormally significant time delay in such circumstances which merits it).

A hooter will be sounded by the timekeeper to bring each half to an end. However, a score may be awarded by the referee where a player has played the ball prior to the sounding of the hooter (as long as no other player from the attacking team has touched the ball in flight).

In addition, referees will allow free kicks awarded prior to the hooter being sounded (including sideline kicks/pucks, 45s and 65s) to be taken, and scores accruing will also be allowed providing no other player from the attacking team touches the ball. 

The meeting of NUI Maynooth and University College Cork at 3.30pm this Friday in the Dub will be the first official GAA game to be played using the clock/hooter system.

The second semi-final between University of Ulster Jordanstown and University College Dublin at 5.30pm and the Irish Daily Mail Sigerson Cup Final on Saturday at 6.45pm  will also be played using the clock hooter with the Irish Daily Mail Fitzgibbon Cup semi-finals and final on Friday and Saturday week will also be part of the trial assessment.