Roscommon manager John Evans has left the door open for Frankie Dolan to return to playing with the county.

Dolan has not lined out for the Rossies in five years but the St Brigid’s man has been in star form for his club and Evans is open to the possibility.

The Roscommon boss said: "I wouldn't centre on one individual but we will look at everybody and if we feel there is a contribution to be made we'll go after it."

Evans also spoke about his reasons for taking the job, hoping to develop the Roscommon’s upcoming underage sides and get more from the current senior players.

"The challenge is there and they have the potential to rise up and be a strong force. That excited me and everyone who knows me knows I like a challenge.

"Also, Roscommon people are passionate about their football. This is going to be a challenge to bring them up but they are a county with a great tradition and everybody is behind the county team - just like Kerry.

"Roscommon have a good set-up with Fergie O'Donnell and Ross Shannon with the minors and Nigel Dineen with the Under-21s. Young players are getting a good grounding there.

"I'd hope to develop them further at senior level and the development of young players is about getting them to a certain standard of fitness and skill and the skill is most important.

"Whether I can do that in two years we'll wait and see, but that is the challenge."