The 2010 Opel GPA Team of the Year for Football has been announced with All-Ireland finalists Cork and Down making up the majority of the 15-man players selection.

The team is drawn from seven counties with representatives from the two All-Ireland finalists alongside players from Sligo, Dublin, Kildare, Louth and Limerick.

Cork's Michael Shields, Paudie Kissane and Daniel Goulding are all included, while Down are well represented by Brendan McVeigh, Kevin McKernan, Daniel Hughes, Martin Clarke and Benny Coulter.

Dublin's Philly McMahon and Bernard Brogan are also included alongside Kildare duo Emmet Bolton and John Doyle.

The remaining places are filled by Sligo’s Charlie Harrison, Paddy Keenan of Louth and Limerick’s John Galvin.

The team, selected by the inter-county players shows five differences to the All-Stars team that was named by the GAA.

Dublin's Philly McMahon comes in instead of Kildare’s Peter Kelly at corner back.

At half back Graham Canty of Cork and Philip Jordan of Tyrone miss out to Kevin McKernan of Down and Emmet Bolton of Kildare.

In midfield, John Galvin of Limerick is named instead of Aidan Walsh of Cork.

In the forward line, Cork's Daniel Goulding gets the nod instead of Colm Cooper of Kerry at corner forward.

Commenting on the announcement, chairman of the Football Selection Committee, Martin McHugh, said: ‘The Opel GPA Awards stand alone in that the ultimate selection of the team is made by the players.

‘As a selection committee we put forward who we believed were the three most deserving nominees for each position and now the players have made their choice.

‘It is a great achievement for any footballer to be honoured by his fellow players and I congratulate the 2010 winners.’

Dessie Farrell, chief executive of the GPA said: ‘There is no doubt that 2010 was a year of change in the football championship and I think the competitive nature of the season is reflected by the fact that seven counties are represented on the Team of the Year.

‘I’d like to congratulate the 15 winners and all the nominees and thank all the players who voted.

2010 Opel Gaelic Team of the Year for Football:
1 Brendan McVeigh (Down)
2 Charlie Harrison (Sligo)
3 Michael Shields (Cork)
4 Philly McMahon (Dublin)
5 Kevin McKernan (Down)
6 Emmet Bolton (Kildare)
7 Paudie Kissane (Cork)
8 Paddy Keenan ( Louth)
9 John Galvin (Limerick)
10 Daniel Hughes (Down)
11 Martin Clarke (Down)
12 John Doyle (Kildare)
13 Daniel Goulding (Cork)
14 Benny Coulter (Down)
15 Bernard Brogan (Dublin)


Bernard Brogan (Dublin)
Benny Coulter (Down)
John Doyle (Kildare)