Walsh urged to sign for St Kilda

Updated: Wednesday, 07 Oct 2009 08:02

Tommy Walsh was instrumental in Kerry's success this year
Tommy Walsh was instrumental in Kerry's success this year

Aussie Rules players’ agent Ricky Nixon has urged Kerry’s Tommy Walsh to sign for AFL club St Kilda before it’s too late.

Nixon has said that if Walsh doesn’t sign before next month's international rookie's deadline, he will be too old in 2010.

It has been reported that St Kilda have offered contracts to Walsh and club-mate David Moran and Nixon told the Irish Sun: ‘St Kilda would have to sign Tommy this year because given his age it's going to be very difficult to sign him in the future.

‘The reason he's always denied his interest in playing in the AFL is because his father is very influential and doesn't want to upset the big names in Kerry circles.

'He told the Irish media that he was never going to sign for St Kilda when he came out last year, but that was because he arrived after the draft deadline so they couldn't sign him anyway.

‘There are no other AFL clubs in the frame to sign him at this stage. The problem for Irish players is that most of them start learning Australian Rules when they are a lot older than Aussie kids so they don't make it.’