Dublin 1-07 Kerry 1-24 - As it Happened

Updated: Tuesday, 04 Aug 2009 07:42

Tommy Griffin and Bernard Brogan battle for possession in this afternoon's quarter-final
Tommy Griffin and Bernard Brogan battle for possession in this afternoon's quarter-final

We have witnessed a classic example of men against boys. Dublin will be disappointed - but is Leinster their zenith? For Kerry, they will be a hard to beat if they play like they did today. Cork, Tyrone, Mayo and Meath have been warned.

70 min FULL-TIME Dublin 1-07 Kerry 1-24

67 min Ciaran Whelan's effort goes wide. Sums up their day as Kerry go up the field and Tadhg Kennelly adds to the Kerry tally. Dublin want the final whistle to end. Dublin 1-07 Kerry 1-24

66 min Kerry free is scored by Paul O'Connor. Dublin 1-07 Kerry 1-23

Aidan O'Mahony on the deck after getting an elbow in the face from Ciaran Whelan - who really should have walked. Glen Ryan on the pitch for Dublin.

63 min Kerry have scored from all angles this afternoon and the Cooper adds more salt to Dublin's wounds with a fisted point. Dublin 1-07 Kerry 1-22

61 min Back from Oz and T Kennelly, who seems to be getting fitter by the week, knocks over a point after O'Connor's 45 drops short. Dublin 1-07 Kerry 1-21

59 min Electric pace from Darren O'Sullivan has Dublin back pedalling and Paul O'Connor picks up the pieces to register Kerry's 20th point. Dublin 1-07 Kerry 1-20

58 min - Dublin sniff a goal - but Alan Brogan is forced wide, Recovers well to knock over a point. Dublin 1-07 Kerry 1-19

57 min GOAL!!! Conal Keaney goal for Dublin - low and hard - after a good off-load from B Brogan. Dublin 1-06 Kerry 1-19

55 min It's target practice for Kerry - the best player on the pitch Declan O'Sullivan - adds to Kerry's total. Dublin 0-06 Kerry 1-19

54 min Far, far too easy as Paul Galvin finishes off a brilliant Kerry move with a point. Dublin 0-06 Kerry 1-18

52 min Best pass of the afternoon from Kennelly to Cooper and the Gooch fists it over the bar. Cooper goes down injured. Dublin 0-06 Kerry 1-17

51 min Bernard Brogan's pointed free raises a mute cheer from the crowd. Dublin 0-06 Kerry 1-16

Kerry sub Paul O'Connor misses another Kerry '45. They can't seem to put one over. Just as well for a shell shocked Dublin outfit.

49 min Kerry cut Dublin to shreds again as Declan O'Sullivan shot is brilliantly saved by Cluxton.

47 min Yellow card for Denis Bastic for a clumsy foul. Cooper makes them pay as he puts over the resultant free. Dublin 0-05 Kerry 1-16

46 min Kerry off the mark in the second period as Seamus Scanlon is fed through and he takes the point. He had other options, however. Dublin 0-05 Kerry 1-15

45 min Alan Brogan gets his second point of the game to cut the deficit to 12. Dublin 0-5 Kerry 1-14

Darragh O'Sé is winning most of the midfield battles, but Kerry's wide tally is now 10.

42 min The joy is certainly back for Cooper as he wins a 45 for his side. Darren O'Sullivan is put off by the whistles and his shot goes wide.

39 min Marc O'Sé holds the ball up to good effect and draws the foul from the Dublin defence. Cooper goes short with the free - but to no effect.

Dublin backs need to tighten up and stop mis-directing their passes.

36 min Bernard Brogan fouled and from 21 yards out in front of the Hill he pops it over. Dublin 0-04 Kerry 1-14


15.05 Dublin are back out on the pitch. What will their response be? Damage limitation I would think.

HALF-TIME The reaction from the Kerry crowd tells you everything. This has been an exhibition of gaelic football. A pleasure to watch from a team who could so easily have been beaten by Sligo over two weeks ago.

35 min Paul Galvin is fouled on the 14 yard line and Colm Cooper taps over the the resultant free. Dublin 0-03 Kerry 1-14. All too easy!

33 min Darren O'Sullivan kicks point No 13 for Kerry. Dublin 0-03 Kerry 1-13

The Hill is quiet and they have every reason to be. Every thing Kerry do is done at pace. Dublin simply cannot cope.

30 min Gooch with a 45 and a kick from 30 yards adds to Kerry's advantage. Dublin 0-03 Kerry 1-12

29 min It's the Brogan show for Dublin so far as he slots over their third point. Dublin 0-03 Kerry 1-10

29 min Bernard Brogan settles Dublin's nerves with a fine point. Dublin 0-02 Kerry 1-10

27 min Declan O'Sullivan takes A pop at goal and is successful. Dublin 0-01 Kerry 1-10

26 min Cooper and O'Se are at it again and the latter punches it over the bar. Dublin 0-1 Kerry 1-09

Jason Sherlock off the Dublin team - Pat Burke on.

24 min Gooch is pulling the strings with aplomb as he pIcks out Tomas O'Se who kicks a fine point. Dublin 0-1 Kerry 1-08

23 min It's so easy for Kerry - Gooch to Darren O'Sullivan and Kerry move nine clear. Dublin 0-01 Kerry 1-07

Dublin trying to find their rhythm, but Kerry are tackling hard.

18 min Kerry are ripping Dublin to shreds as another point sails over. Dublin 0-01 Kerry 1-06

17 min Diarmuid Connolly's effort comes off the post as Dublin hit wood or is it metal again.

15 min Colm Cooper 14-yard free sails between the posts and Kerry are seven clear. Ciaran Whelan on for Dublin. Dublin 0-1 Kerry 1-05

13 min Kerry's policy of shooting on sight is paying dividends as Paul Galvin kicks a point. Dublin 0-01 Kerry 1-04

12 min Tom O'Sullivan from full-back kicks a delightful point. It's total football so far. Dublin 0-01 Kerry 1-03

11min Cooper hits another Kerry wide - four in total for the Kingdom.

9 min Dublin on the board thanks to Barry Cahill after a fine run from the half-back. Dublin 0-01 Kerry 1-02

8 min Darren O'Sullivan down injured.

Kerry clearly winning midfield battle

5 min Bernard Brogan cuts his way through the Kerry defence and his shot is brilliantly saved by Kerry keeper Murphy.

At this early stage, there are big gaps in the Dublin defence.

4 min Kerry are rampant. From an acute angle, Darren O'Sullivan sticks one over, Dublin 0-00 Kerry 1-02

2 min Write Kerry off at your peril. Declan O'Sullivan point. Dublin 0-00 Kerry 1-01

1 min GOAL!!! Kerry set down a marker early on. Flowing Kerry move as Declan O'Sullivan feeds the Gooch and he slots it into the net. DublIn 0-00 Kerry 1-00

14.16 GAME ON

The referee is Pat McEnaney.

Betwen the U2 and this weekend's matches 400,000 people have attended Croke Park.

14.14 The National anthem is being played.

14.02 Out come the Kerry boys with chests out - ready for battle. The question is can they kickstart their season this afternoon or will they bow out tamely from the championship.

13.58 Camera now on Pat Gilroy - a successful businessman - but will he be a success as a manager with a team who only have win three All-Irelands in 32 years

13.57 The Dublin team are out on the pitch. Camera focused on Jason Sherlock, who is in his 15th season as a squad member with the Dubs.

The weather at Croke Park is dry with a fresh southerly breeze blowing.

That means that the start of the senior match will now throw in at 2.15pm

Good afternoon everybody and I hope all is well in your world. Just to tell that you that the curtain-raiser at Croke Park went to extra-time as Kerry got the better of Roscommon by 3-15 to 1-17.