Offaly footballers withdraw services

Updated: Thursday, 14 Jun 2007 17:04

Offaly footballers are refusing to play
Offaly footballers are refusing to play

The Offaly senior football panel have withdrawn their services ahead of the upcoming season following the sensational resignation of manager Gerry Fahy.

In a show of solidarity with Fahy, the players released a statement this afternoon which read: "Regrettably we feel we have been left with no choice but to withdraw our services for the forth coming season."

"The callous treatment and lack of support for the outgoing management, previous managements and players by Offaly county board for the last number of years has unfortunately brought us to this decision."

"This is a heart breaking decision for the panel as we are and always have been 100% committed to Offaly football."

Offaly GAA suffered an extraordinary night last night, when the county board lost both their senior hurling and senior football managers.

County football manager, Gerry Fahy and hurling manager, Mike McNamara quit their posts because of a perceived lack of support for them.

Football boss Fahy and his selectors, Matt Connor and Mark Plunkett resigned following a lack of faith shown in them by county board delegates.

Fahy and his backroom team were only returned on a 27-26 vote last week and felt that they could not continue with such a split board behind them.

Hurling manager, Mike McNamara also quit, citing a lack of support as the main reason for his decision.

McNamara met with club delegates last night and then took questions from them during a two hour session. However following that meeting McNamara felt he did not have enough support and announced he would not be staying for next season.

Filed by Rob Wright