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Big Garden Board Game

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Top Tips

  1. A board game usually has squares with numbers. The first step is to mark out squares on the grass. You can use hazard tape to mark out the edges and tent pegs to hold the tape in place.
  2. Use pages, paper plates and bits of card to write your numbers on and put them on the ground. One in each square.
  3. One square should be ‘HOME’ marking the finishing square of the game.
  4. You can use an old sponge covered in tape to make a big dice for the board game. Or you could make it out of an old box.
  5. Each player has a turn to throw the dice and see what number of squares they can move forward along the board.
  6. Some squares could have challenges attached. For example if a player lands on square 3, their challenge could be to run around the garden. You could have lucky and unlucky squares.
  7. You could change your squares around to make the game different each time.