Teri Hatcher

Cover story: Teri Hatcher - The former Desperate Housewife star tells Michael Doherty that she is happier than ever, and busier tooRTÉ Guide - On Sale Now
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Listings: August 10-16

Breaking Bad: As the series ends, Donal O'Donoghue looks back at a piece of TV history

Orange is the New Black: Janice Butler takes a look at the show that's causing such a stir

Cats: As the famous musical comes to Dublin, Janice Butler looks behind the whiskers

Paul O'Connell: The Limerick man tells Donal O'Donoghue why there's more to life than rugby

Allan Harris: He's in town to sing Nat King Cole, but first he's got some friends to look up, he tells Jan Battles

Logan Lerman: Janice Butler talks to the star of teen hit movie, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Plus! John Hannah talks Touch of Cloth; an exclusive short story from Sinéad Moriarty; remembering Colm Murray; and Catherine Fulvio bakes with the kids