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    Today With Sean O Rourke Tuesday 17 June 2014


    Today with Sean O'Rourke

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    Mary McAleese Comments

    This October, there will be a synod of 150 Bishops in Rome to review the Catholic Church’s teaching on family life. 

    Yesterday, former president Mary McAleese described this plan by Pope Francis as ‘bonkers’ and that there was ‘just something profoundly wrong and skewed’ that male celibates should be involved in such a discussion.

    Joining Sean was David Quinn of the Iona Institute and columnist for the Irish Independent and theologian Gina Menzies whose name, along with that of the former president, was submitted to the Vatican as possible advisors for a synod in 2015 for Irish group We Are Church.


    Garda Inspectorate

    It was in the aftermath of the Morris Tribunal that a body called the Garda Inspectorate was established by the then Justice Minister Michael McDowell.

    Robert Olson is the second only person to hold the title of Chief Garda Inspectorate and he joined Sean to talk about his role but also to reflect on his own policing history in the United States.


    Skin Cancer

    We all love to see the sun shining and these days of a mini-heatwave are welcome in many ways, but it’s worth remembering, and being reminded again, of the damage that sun exposure can do to our skin.  

    Sean was joined in studio now by Pauline Power who has survived skin cancer and Dr Derek Power, who is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at Cork University Hospital and the Mercy Hospital in Cork.


    Farm Payment Schemes

    It’s a case of Big Brother is watching Irish Farmers as the EU uses satellite technology to see if farmers are misrepresenting the size of their land when claiming the farm payment scheme.

    Now they’re looking for their money back and are set to impose fines of up to €180m on Ireland for its failure to police farm payment schemes.

    Darragh McCullough spoke to Sean this morning.



    To the worsening military situation in Iraq. The northern city of Tal Afar has fallen to the militants of ISIS, and this morning the BBC is reporting fighting for the city of Baquba just north of Baghdad.

    As you heard in the bulletin President Obama has announced the deployment of 275 American troops to Iraq.

    Meanwhile Iraq’s neighbour and ally Iran is sending crack troops to organise the counterattack against ISIS

    Shashank Joshi is a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London.


    50 Years of Kilternan Community Market

    We’re all familiar with farmers' markets these days but Marie Louise O’Donnell has been to a different kind of market - the Kilternan Country Market – which is celebrating its 50th birthday. 


    Ten Cities That Made an Empire

    By Tristram Hunt (Allen Lane)

    In the early twentieth century it was said that the sun never set on the British Empire. Yet since the 1920s when it reached its height, the Empire has been in decline. So what does the future hold for the British empire today and what role did Dublin play within it?

    In Ten Cities that Made an Empire, Tristram Hunt seeks to explore the story of the British Empire through ten cities.


    Garda Memorial

    It is estimated that 87 Gardaí have been killed since the foundation of the force.  While collectively they are remembered at a Garden of Remembrance in Dublin Castle, one of the first Gardai killed in active duty was in danger of being forgotten until recently. Our reporter Brian O’Connell has the story.

    Book Club

    Our book club is under way and this month’s choice is Joseph O’Connor’s new novel, The Thrill Of It All.

    We’ll be reviewing the book on the show in July so there’s plenty of time for you to get reading.

    If you are in a book club or just reading the book along with us, we want to hear from you...

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    The Thrill of it All is published by Harvill Secker and is on sale now at €20.

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