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Today with Sean O'Rourke

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Political Polls

Political Polls

An IPSOS/MRBI poll in today’s Irish Times has Sinn Fein poised to scoop three seats in the forthcoming European elections, while Labour could be facing a total wipeout. 

Stephen Collins, Political Editor of the Irish Times spoke to Sean this morning. Also speaking to Sean were Minister for European Affairs, Paschal Donoghue and Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald.

World Hypertension Day

World Hypertension Day

According to the International Society of Hypertension, high blood pressure is the number one cause of disease in the developed countries. Approximately 1 in 4 adults have high blood pressure which often goes undiagnosed which can lead to heart attacks and stroke.  So how do you protect yourself from stroke?

Saturday was World Hypertension Day and Sean was joined in studio by Professor Eoin O’Brien, Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at  The Conway Institute, University College Dublin.

The Squeezed Middle/ESRI Report

The Squeezed Middle/ESRI Report

The bills just keep on coming, water charges , property tax and a hike in the universal social charge, among the more recent financial headaches being faced by many families. It seems the so called “squeezed middle” will have to foot more bills as the country pays the price for the banking crisis, the global recession and the property bubble.

The findings are set out in a recent report which suggests economic stress is felt by groups in the population previously not worried about paying their way.

Joining Sean was one of the report’s authors Dr. Helen Russell , Associate Research Professor of the Economic and Social Research Institute.

Don Baker

Don Baker

Don Baker is one of the greatest harmonica players ever to come out of Ireland. He has also starred in several films with some of the world's best actors and since April he has been touring around Ireland. He has come off the road to be with us this morning and he was here with his guitar and his famous harmonica strapped around his neck.


A Curious Career

A Curious Career

Lynn Barber is an award-winning journalist who has worked for Penthouse magazine, Vanity Fair and The Observer newspaper to name just a few.

Her famously scathing celebrity interviews earned her the nickname ‘Demon Barber’. And her memoir, An Education, about her teenage affair with an older man was made into the feature film of the same name, starring Carey Mulligan and Rosamund Pike.

She has just published a new memoir - A Curious Career - in which she recounts some of her most famous – and difficult – interviews, as well as discussing growing older, the changing nature of celebrity and media.

She joined Sean this morning from London.

Programme Highlights

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Evelyn O'Rourke met with volunteers helping with the elderly.

Christmas and Your Garden

Paraic Horkan gives us ideas on adding colour to your home this Christmas.

Martin Conmey

In 1973, Martin Conmey, 20 years old at the time, was accused of her murder, and subsequently jailed for three years for manslaughter.



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