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Missing Plane

Missing Plane

A huge search operation is underway off Australia for debris that could be pieces of the Malaysian airliner that has been missing for the past 12 days.

Ships and aircraft are investigating two objects spotted by satellite in a remote area about 2500 kilometres or 1,500 miles south west of Perth.

Joining Keelin from Sydney was journalist Roger Maynard.



Criminals have long exploited the existence of two jurisdictions on the island of Ireland.  For decades they have transported commodities, alcohol, fuel, and more recently drugs and people from one part of the island to the other to maximise profits.

Cross-border crime is the subject of a new study by researchers at Britain’s Keele University. The research team enjoyed unprecedented access to law enforcement agencies, civil society organisations, and the legal profession in both parts of Ireland.

Brian Payne, a member of the research team, spoke to Keelin from Belfast.



Sleep is an essential part of human life. Whether you’re getting too much or not enough, it will have an impact on your life.

Professor Walter McNicholas is director of the Sleep Clinic in St Vincent’s Hospital Dublin and talked to Keelin about how to get a good night’s sleep.

Missing Flight

Missing Flight

As we heard from Roger Maynard earlier in the programme Australia is investigating two objects seen on satellite images which could potentially be linked to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

David Learmont of Flight International spoke to Keelin.



To the issue of fatal foetal abnormalities and the fact that Irish couples – when they discover that their foetus will not survive – must go to the UK if they wish to terminate the pregnancy

Keelin was joined by Ricky who found out last week that the child his partner Niamh was carrying had a condition that was incompatible with life

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most iconic names in fashion history. He died in June 2008 but his legacy lives on. Now a new film charts his prodigious success as a fashion designer along with his life-long love affair with his business manager Pierre Bergé and his struggle with manic depression and drug and alcohol addiction.

Alice Rawsthorn, author of the Yves Saint Laurent: A Biography joined Keelin from London.

Life in Iraq

Christine Spolar, Investigations Editor, Financial Times


Andrew Kramer, New York Times

Charity Shops

Paddy O'Gorman met some people visiting charity shops in Dublin

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Garda Series

Brian O'Connell reports on a series of nights spent on the beat with the Gardaí.



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