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Today with Sean O'Rourke

Today with Sean O'Rourke

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Antartic Rescue

An operation is underway in the Antartic to rescue 22 crew and 52 scientists trapped on an ice-bound research vessel since Christmas Eve.

The Shok-alskiy was trapped by thick sheets of ice about 1,500 nautical miles south of Hobart - the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania.

The vessel is being used by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition to follow the route explorer Douglas Mawson travelled a century ago. The rescue involves ferrying groups of passengers using a helicopter from a Chinese icebreaker.

Keelin spoke to Liz McCollum, a Wicklow vet, who has spent time aboard the Akademik Shok-alskiy.

Paddy O'Gorman at Dublin Airport

Paddy O'Gorman at Dublin Airport

Keelin spoke to Paddy O'Gorman who visited Dublin airport, departure lounge and met with emigrants working abroad who are heading back after their Christmas holidays at home.

New Year Sales

New Year Sales

The final figures are not yet in but many retailers have reported strong sales in the post-Christmas period. It’s a welcome relief after a slow start to seasonal spending.

As the dust settles on the busiest period of the year for shop owners and workers Keelin spoke to RTÉ business reporter Conor Brophy about where and how we spent our money this Christmas.

Alcohol and the damage done

Alcohol and the damage done

Coming out of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, it is perhaps timely that we all take stock of our alcohol intake and have a reality check on the ills of drink in society and in our health service.

While less people are presenting in our hospitals with alcohol related diseases, the overall picture of binge drinking and its long term effects on our population remains grim.

Keelin spoke to Professor Aiden McCormick Consultant Hepatologist at St Vincent’s Hospital.


Digital Biscuit

Digital Biscuit

Later this month top creative people gather in Dublin for an event called Digital Biscuit which brings together film enthusiasts , and film makers over three days at the Science Gallery in Trinity College. It’s an event where new technology meets creativity and will attract some of the most influential producers and directors in the world.

Keelin spoke to Birch Hamilton, the Executive Director of the Screen Directors Guild and Executive Director of Digital Biscuit and Brian Gilmore Head of Production Technology at Brown bag films.

Digital Biscuit takes place at Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin from January 22nd to 24th 2014 with tickets now available on


Medical Science

Medical Science

Now we all know that when you cut your finger or get a bite or a skin infection - your body will react with red skin and swelling, that's a normal inflammatory response that’s all about healing. However, when inflammation goes rogue it can have catastrophic effects in the body - it's now being linked to diseases ranging from cancer to atherosclerosis.

Keelin spoke to Professor Luke O'Neill, who leads a team from Trinity College that is at the forefront of international research into the inflammatory response. The team are looking at how it works and how to use what they discoverer to develop drug treatments.



What goes on in our minds while we are sleeping has been a preoccupation of psychology for many decades.

It may have started with Freud, but the analysis and interpretation of dreams continues today...helping to provide an insight into our experiences and also assisting the problem-solving and creative processes of our busy brains.

Keelin spoke to Dr Jim Lucey, Medical Director at St Patrick’s Mental Health Services and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin about the inner workings of our unconscious.

Programme Highlights

Alone Hampers

Evelyn O'Rourke met with volunteers helping with the elderly.

Christmas and Your Garden

Paraic Horkan gives us ideas on adding colour to your home this Christmas.

Martin Conmey

In 1973, Martin Conmey, 20 years old at the time, was accused of her murder, and subsequently jailed for three years for manslaughter.



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