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Newbridge Credit Union / RSA

Newbridge Credit Union / RSA

It has been a busy weekend in the financial sector. Last night the Central Bank granted permission to force one of the largest credit unions in the State to be taken over by a bank.

The savings and loans of Newbridge Credit Union will be taken over by Permanent TSB, as the High forced the its effective winding up.

Elsewhere, three senior executives at insurance company RSA Ireland have been suspended after a black hole of €83m was discovered in the accounts of the group's operation here. 

Sean was joined by Charlie Weston of the Irish Independent.

Sexual Health Awareness Week

Sexual Health Awareness Week

For many parents having to sit down and talk to their children about sex and sexual health can be embarrassing and a little awkward.  Even in 2013 there are still some subjects which remain taboo and difficult to discuss openly and sex is still high on that list.   

Well things may be changing on this front because this week has been declared “Sexual Health Awareness Week” and  as part of that the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland is hosting a range of speakers on many aspects of sexual health.  

We had two of the speakers here this morning. Susan Rosenthal, Professor of Behavioural Medicine Paediatrics and Psychiatry at Columbia University, New York who has advice for parents on “ having the talk” and Barrister, Jenny Bulbulia who will be speaking tomorrow afternoon about the new legislation for reporting child abuse.

Second Hand Cars

Second Hand Cars

It’s always exciting getting a new car and especially if you think you are getting a good deal. However, there are a number of things to consider before you make your final decision.  Figures from the National Consumer Agency helpline show that they have received over 2,700 queries in relation to second-hand cars over the last year.

Sean was joined by John Shine, Director, Commercial Practices, Product Safety & Consumer Credit at the NCA.

The Long Shadow – The Great War and the Twentieth Century

The Long Shadow – The Great War and the Twentieth Century

by David Reynolds (Simon & Schuster)

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 a temporary ceasefire or armistice between the allied nations and Germany was signed. Although peace would not formally come until the Treaty of Versailles the following June of 1919, November 11th 1918 is widely commemorated as the beginning of the end of what was known as ‘the war to end all wars’.  Today marks the 95th anniversary of this armistice and it’s fitting that historian David Reynolds joined Sean  in studio to discuss his latest book The Long Shadow – The Great War and the Twentieth Century.   

In it he argues that the way the British remember the war may have got in the way of understanding its full impact and he maintains that the conflict has become “caricatured”.



Well after six episodes that drew in hundreds of thousands of viewers, the fourth series of Love/Hate came to a close last night.

The killed cat was controversial...a planned drugs bust by the Gardai didn’t quite work out...and for now at least, Nidge rides on.

Joining Sean to discuss the series are broadcaster and TV critic, Sinead Gleeson.

HSE Letter to Hospital Managers

HSE Letter to Hospital Managers

As we know health unions have expressed anger at a letter sent by the HSE to hospital managers last week which stated that from January 1st staff will no longer have the option to maintain pre Haddington Road working hours in exchange for a pay cut.

Later today both sides meet with the Haddington Road implementation body at the LRC. Martin Wall industry correspondent of the Irish Times spoke to Sean this morning.


Book: Identical:

Scott Turrow, Author of 'Presumed Innocent' came into studio to talk to Sean about his new Novel, 'Identical'

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