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    Today With Sean O Rourke Thursday 24 October 2013


    Today with Seán O'Rourke

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    Roma Children

    The removal of two blonde children from their Roma parents and their subsequent return this week has focussed attention on the role of the Gardai and the HSE in these cases.

    The Minister for Justice is awaiting reports on both cases, though what we’ll learn from them or how much of them will be made public remains unclear.  Sean spoke to Carl O'Brien, Social Affairs Correspondent, Irish Times, Tanya Ward, Chief Executive, Children's Rights Alliance and journalist John Waters. 





    A Nation in Debt

    Loan-sharking and moneylending are on the increase as people struggle with the burden of personal debt that they now find themselves in. So a conference held by MABS, the Money and Budgetary Service, was told at the weekend. 

    Sean spoke to Paddy O'Gorman about people he met in Tallaght who have been looking for help from Mabs and Charlie Weston, Personal Finance Editor, Irish Independent on our nation's debt.











    Freedom of Drogheda

    The well known Augustinian priest Fr Iggy O’Donovan is to be awarded the Freedom of Drogheda by the Borough Council  at a special ceremony tonight.  The award is in recognition of the work he has done over the past 12 years particularly with voluntary groups. 

    He may be the last person to receive the award as Drogheda Borough Council’s to be abolished under the Local Government Act. And Sean spoke to Fr. Iggy.






    Advanced Materials an dBio-Engineering Research Centre

    Science and research projects are a huge driver of employment in Ireland – almost 50% of IDA jobs are connected to Science Foundation Ireland projects and Ireland ranks amongst the top ten countries in terms of research.
    Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD will today launch the Advanced Materials and Bio-Engineering Research Centre (AMBER), which will develop new materials and medical devices. The Government says that this will position Ireland as a global leader in the areas of materials and medical device development for industry.  Sean spoke to Richard Bruton.



    Consumer Affairs

    Energy bills have risen since the start of the month as the main suppliers passed on price increases.

    For many people those bills will be higher than they should be because they are either on the wrong price plan with their energy supplier or are missing out on cheaper rates available elsewhere.

    Sean spoke to Conor Brophy who has been looking for the best deals.


    Angela Merkel/EU Summit

    As the leaks continue on surveillance of European leaders by US authorities, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to be livid at reports that her personal mobile phone was one of those tapped by the Americans.

    The controversy will overshadow the EU summit in Brussels today – an important gathering for Ireland as we prepare to exit the EU/IMF programme in December.

    In advance of today’s summit, Enda Kenny has written to EU leaders on what he called the “finally balanced” strategy required for ensuring our smooth return to the markets.




    For more on this, I’m joined by Peter Spiegel, Brussels Bureau Chief with The Financial Times.



    Terms and Conditions May Apply

    As the line between what is personal and what is private becomes ever more blurred, many people are becoming more and more aware that the e mails they send, the photos they share, the videos they upload can no longer be assumed to be confidential.

    And as we have learned from stories arising from the whistleblower Edward Snowden, millions of Americans are only now discovering on a daily basis how much of their personal information is no longer private.

    But guess what, a lot of the time, you agree to it. If you were to read everything you agreed to online, it would take, according to my next guest, one full month’s work every year. The terms and conditions on websites and apps can sometimes be so long winded and unreadable, that you simply click on the “I Agree” button and get on with it. But what do you agree to?  That’s what Cullen Hoback, decided to explore in his film “Terms and Conditions May Apply”. Sean spoke to Cullen Hoback.




    Denis Mullin


    The murder of Denis Mullin is one of the cases explored by author  Anne Cadwallader in her book Lethal Allies,  Seamus Mallon, former Deputy Leader of the SDLP remembers his close friend Denis Mullin.   Sean spoke to Seamus Mallon.



    Oireachtas hearings into end-of-life care

    This morning the Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children – Chaired by Deputy Jerry Buttimer - will begin hearings into how we care for people at the end of their lives and how that care can be improved. 29,000 people die in Ireland each year and although most of us would prefer to die at home, seven out of ten of us will die elsewhere, most of us (43%) in busy acute hospitals...Valerie Cox is at the hearings and she spoke to Sean.


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