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    Today With Sean O Rourke Friday 27 September 2013


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    Property Prices

    House prices are on the rise – in Dublin at least. New figures from the Central Statistics Office show there has been a surge in the price being paid for both houses and apartments in the capital, leading some to speculate that we may be headed for another bubble.

    Sean was joined by Karl Deeter from Irish Mortgage Brokers and on the line by Angela Keegan who is Managing Director of


    Arthur’s Day

    Last night, Diageo held Arthur’s Night, with over 500 separate event in venues across the country. This year, Arthur’s Night has drawn a significant backlash from the likes of Christy Moore and leading medical professionals and negative publicity surrounding the night has made global headlines. Brian O’Connell was in Dublin for a significant part of last night and early this morning to report for us on this controversial event and he also brought us the latest up to date information from some of our major hospital Emergency Departments.


    The Republic: The Fight for Irish Independence

    By Charles Townsend (Published by Allen Lane)
    The protracted, terrible fight for Irish independence pitted the Irish against the British and the Irish against other Irish. It was both a physical battle of shocking violence against a regime increasingly seen as alien and unacceptable and an intellectual battle for a new sort of country. The damage done, the betrayals and grim compromises put the new nation into a state of trauma for at least a generation, but at a nearly unacceptable cost the struggle ended: a new republic was born. In his new book, The Republic, Charles Townsend deals with the most critical years in Ireland's history. There has been a great temptation to view these years through the prisms of martyrology and good-and-evil. The picture painted by Townshend, however, is far more nuanced and sceptical.



    Anglo and the Central Bank

    You may remember when the Governor of the Central Bank Patrick Honohan attended the Oireachtas Finance Committee on Wednesday he seemed to downplay the significance of the Anglo Tapes, saying the Central Bank had not found any new issues relating to suspected criminal offences following its examination of the Anglo Tapes.

    This response caused frustration and anger among the Finance Committee members and it seems has forced Honohan and the Central Bank to change their opinion.

    Sean was joined on the line by Fionnan Sheahan Political Editor with the Irish Independent.


    Micheal Martin

    Leader of Fianna Fail, Micheal Martin was in to speak to Sean and to take questions from our listeners.

    Today with Sean O'Rourke

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