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    Nursing Homes

    The purse strings may have loosened; the recruitment drive for an additional 500 nurses has begun but a huge backlog in processing registration applications from overseas nurses means that hospitals and care homes are seriously understaffed and that nurses may choose to work elsewhere abroad. Valerie Cox has been looking into the problem.

     Further Information about Nursing Home Conference: 


    The Family Courts

    Barring orders, access to children, a father with a prison sentence hanging over him and a very acrimonious divorce.  They were all heard in the Family courts this week and Valerie Cox was there.

    Ditch Watch

    Last year forty tons of rubbish was removed from the country's roads, the clean up cost the NRA one point two million euro and it cost individual county councils around one million euro each. Valerie Cox has been in Co Monaghan helping to catch the culprits.

    If you've spotted a litter black spot on your travels or in your area get in touch with us and may well send Valerie out on the case - you can email


    Genius Children

    Just over twenty years ago Dublin City University created the Irish Centre for Talented Youth, a special course for young people of high ability, to give them an opportunity to study subjects that they wouldn't do in school, college-like subjects.

    During the summer thousands of children attend the university to study subjects such as medicine, biotechnology, behavioural psychology and forensic archeology. Valerie Cox has been to DCU to meet some of the students.

    Further information at

    Family Courts

    Back to the family law courts in Dolphin House now where Valerie Cox has been sitting in on some of the cases.  And it was all about fathers refusing to pay maintenance and Grandparents seeking access to their grandchildren.


    Mortgage Debt Couple

    A couple of weeks ago we brought you the story of an elderly couple in a town in rural Ireland who got into trouble with their mortgage and who have already handed over their home and their business to the bank.  This morning we have an update...but it’s good news.  Valerie Cox reminds us what happened to Thomas and Mary.


    Erosion of Croagh Patrick

    Up to ten thousand people a year now climb Croagh Patrick in numbers that are causing serious erosion on the mountain, so much so that one local priest ahs called for a ban on people using the Holy mountain. Valerie Cox has been to Westport to find out what's going on.




    Ben and Jake Connolly

    Last November we brought the story of the Connolly family from Mountmellick in Co Laois.  Nicolette and Terence have two boys – Ben and Jake - both of whom suffer from Allan-Herndon-Dudley-Syndrome, so rare that they are the only two sufferers in Ireland. Both parents had to give up work to look after them and then their mortgage fell into arrears and they have been told to hand over their home to the bank in September.  Valerie Cox has the details.

    The family’s website is You can make a donation through the webpage or through Mountmellick Credit Union.


    Dublin Zoo

    Gorillas, Rhinos, Sealions, Elephants, Monkeys, a visit to Dublin Zoo is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon and Valerie Cox has been to Dublin Zoo for an update on what’s happening. Dublin is the second oldest zoo in Europe.

    Further information on the zoo, admission prices, events, adopt an animal, all on


    Cavan 1916

    In the countdown to the 100th anniversary of 1916 the Government has been organizing a series of public meetings around the country. Last night it was the turn of Cavan and Valerie Cox went along. There she met with relatives of those who fought and Minister for Arts, Heritage and an Gaeltacht Heather Humphries. 

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