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    Moy Valley Windfarms

    A young couple returning from their honeymoon discovered that their new home - partially built - was now to be surrounded by two wind farms. Valentina Molloy and Declan Keating live in Moygownagh in the Moy Valley in Co Mayo and while construction hasn't started yet, they have been joined by their neighbours in a campaign to prevent the windfarms from going ahead. Valerie Cox has been to Mayo.

    Moy Valley Protection Group - David Finnerty and Fiona Diamond from Moygamhna say their homes will be 'sandwiched' by wind turbines if the development goes ahead.


    Diesel Stretching

    Marked diesel oil, vehicle registration tax, illegally imported cigarettes and social welfare tourists...they're all on the wanted list for ireland's customs officers. You've probably seen the checkpoints around the country, you may even have been stopped and your fuel tank 'dipped' to check the diesel. Well, we're going to find out more about how the customs operate this morning because valerie cox joined them for a day in the border region.





    Toddler Death in Ballybrack

    Valerie Cox was in Ballybrack, Co. Dublin, meeting with residents of Ridgehall, a gated community where two year old Hassan Khan was found dead on Thursday afternoon. A woman is currently being held in Dun Laoghaire Garda Station in connection with the stabbing.


    Valerie Cox meets with Padraig Nally

    Farmer Padraig Nally told the Central Criminal Court sitting in Castlebar that he didn't deny that he shot traveller John Ward, he was afraid Ward was going to kill him. Valerie Cox, has been to Mayo to meet with Padraig Nally and Crona Esler, whose book about Padraig Nally 'Unless By Invitation' was published this week, join Sean in studio.




    Pet Bereavement

    Losing your pet can be one of the toughest things you have to face, Valerie Cox has been meeting with pet lovers who have loved and lost.

    BOWWOUT, based in Shillelagh, Co, Wicklow specialises in euthanasing animals and following through with the cremation.


    Spina Bifida

    Ireland has one of the highest rates of Neural Tube defects in the world, more than one child in every 1,000. One of these neural tube defects is spina bifida and, in this country, 35 children a year are born with this congenital disorder.

    Tomorrow, a report based on a national study on the current health and therapy needs of these children will be launched by the National Tertiary care centre for Spina Bifida and Hydrocehalus based in Temple Street hospital.

    Sean was joined in studio by Dr Jane Leonard, Consultant paediatrician in Temple Street Childrens’ Hospital who was involved in the research. And Valerie Cox has been talking to the Catherine Campbell who lives in Dromiskin, outside Dundalk in Co Louth, whose eleven year old son, John Thomas, has spina bifida. She told Valerie about the problems with the services for a child with spina bifida.


    Dun Laoghaire Makeover

    Vacant shops, failed businesses, parking problems...they could be the challenges facing any town in Ireland.  But this was the seaside town of Dun Laoghaire in Co Dublin and the business people decided to fight back.  Six months ago they voted to become a Business Improvement District and tonight they will launch their new Website to entice visitors, shoppers and business people into the town.  Valerie Cox has been to Dun Laoghaire to find out more.


    Motor Insurance Case

    Next we turn to the case of a 72 Wicklow man who will never walk again following a road accident. He was awarded compensation of more than €300,000 euro but this has been denied to him because the driver's insurance company - Setanta - went into liquidation. His solicitor say up to 2,000 people in Ireland could also be refused compensation. Valerie Cox has been talking to Ned Heffernan who has ended up in a nursing home.


    Food Poverty

    One in ten people in Ireland are living in food recent months we have seen the rise in people attending food centres, the opening of special food banks and reports that people are facing a choice between paying their bills and buying food for their families.  Valerie Cox has been investigating this trend...



    Which tribe will beckon you?  Which creature will represent you? Will you scurry around nervously with the mice? Or will you posture with the stags or forage with the foxes or even swoop with the owls?  This is how the organizers of the City of Waterford’s 22nd Spraoi Festival want you to get involved this weekend.  Valerie Cox has been getting a sneak preview...

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