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    Ballymun Early Intervention

    A huge success story in a community that has faced tough challenges over the years, that about sums up the role of YOUNG BALLYMUN since it started in 2008 to improve child learning and wellbeing.  Valerie Cox, has been along to Ballymun to find out more.


    Family Courts

    Valerie Cox was at the Family Courts at Dolphin House in Dublin, where, yesterday a number of cases involved fathers who refuse to pay maintenance for their children and one father owed arrears of €71,000.


    Missing in Ireland

    We took a look at the increase in the number of people going missing each year, something that’s worrying the Missing in Ireland Support Services.  Valerie Cox has been meeting some of the families involved and the first case we heard was that of Thomas Kennedy whose body was found on a beach in Brighton and whose inquest took place last week.

    Visit the Missing in Ireland Support Services here.

    You can also call them on 1890 442 552.


    Family Courts

    We heard at the beginning of the programme about the Interim care order granted yesterday to Tusla in respect of the baby girl abandoned in Dublin last week.  But there were several other applications regarding Care Orders before the courts yesterday, Valerie returned to studio with more. 


    Care Order for Baby Maria

    Yesterday afternoon Tusla – the Child and Family Agency – went to court to obtain an interim care order for the baby girl abandoned in Dublin last week.  The case was heard at the Family Court in Dolphin House and Valerie Cox, the only reporter there.

    The case was heard late yesterday afternoon in Judge Brendan Toale’s court.   The Judge made it clear that it was an ex parte application, in other words only one side – Tusla – was present.  The Judge said a case like this would normally involve a parent but the welfare of the child required that action was taken now.  He said significant efforts had been made to locate the parents of the child but had been unsuccessful.  The child was referred to throughout as Jane Doe.

    The Judge said the child’s health and welfare had been neglected and avoidably impaired and there was a report from a  consultant neo-naetologist  from the Coombe.  It said the child needed a lot of medical attention and needs ongoing treatment in both the Coombe and Our Lady’s Hospital, Crumlin. He anticipated a good outcome but an Interim care order was needed so that treatment could be given. This was very urgent and the hospital is awaiting the outcome of the court.  Doctors wanted to carry out a brain scan, neurological examination of the baby and also they wanted permission to carry out a DNA test.

    The solicitor for Tusla – Patrick McClean – said the DNA test would assist in establishing parentage and Gardai could compare this with the data base to ensure the mother is actually the biological parent if and when she comes forward. He said Tusla will continue trying to find the mother and they had carried out checks with other hospitals.

    Listen Back: 


    Lead in Water

    The drinking water flowing in to some of our homes has eighty times more than the legal limit of lead.  Irish Water has now identified the 20 homes in Dublin with the highest levels of lead contamination and despite the legal limit now being 10 micrograms since 2013, both the HSE and the EPA say that no level of lead is considered safe.

    Many of the worst contaminated homes are in the St Anne’s Park area of Raheny and Valerie Cox went there yesterday to meet some of the residents.


    Drugs Centre

    This morning we visit the St James Camino Rehabilitation Network near Enfield in Co Meath where, for the past 18 years, drug addicts have been welcomed for a three month detox residential stay.  Valerie Cox has been to this Camino, she tells us how this works.

    If anyone wants to contribute towards the work of the centre:

    Phone 046 954 9241


    Bank Of Ireland, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

    IBAN: IE54 BOFI 9015 0349 1243 03

    Further details can be found here.


    GRA Annual Conference

    Tazers, Uzi sub machine guns, Water protesters and Gardai sleeping in their cars to make ends meet, they're all up for discussion today and tomorrow at the Garda Representative Association's Annual Conference in Tullow in Co Carlow. 

    Valerie Cox joined Sean from Tullow. 

    GRA Tom McAuslin of the UK Police Rehabilitation Centre and Garda Donal Flannery.


    Opening of the GRA Conference in Tullow


    Diesel Dipping

    Dipping for diesel is a regular operation carried out by Customs officers at roadsides around the country.  Valerie Cox has been out with them checking for marked diesel oil in the border area.


    Lay Celebrants

    With less people taking part in organized religion, the emergence of the Lay Celebrant was a natural development. Now a new organization has started training lay celebrants to conduct weddings and funerals. Valerie Cox has been to meet some of them. 

    Contact the Irish Institute of Celebrants for further information on for training and for information on lay celebrants you can contact

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