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    Paddy o gorman

    Cash Exchange

    Paddy O'Gorman spoke to people who use Cash Exchange shops to sell their goods so as to get a bit of cash when needed. The option is there for them to buy back at a later date. Others he spoke to were planning for Christmas and buying TVs, others were selling jewellery to have other pieces resized.



    Busking in Dublin

    Paddy O'Gorman has been hearing how you may now need a licence in order to busk on the streets of Dublin. He met with a variety of buskers to get their opinions on the proposed licencing system.


    TD Clinics

    There are fewer TDs doing walk-in clinics than was once the case, but Paddy O'Gorman found the clinics he attended to be busy.

    In Co Kildare, Emmet Stagg TD of the Labour Party holds a number of regular clinics every week in various parts of his constituency. Between 11 a m and 1 p m every Friday, he sits in Clane Co Kildare in Mazor's Bar. Paddy waited outside in the car park in the rain and spoke to whoever would speak to him about why they had just been in to see the TD.



    In a week in which the use of suntanning beds has been made illegal for persons under the age of 18 due to fears of possible health risks, Paddy O'Gorman has been meeting people who use suntanning salons on a regular basis...



    School Uniforms

    The price war to corner the lucrative school uniform market saw discount supermarkets Lidl and Aldi launch their generic uniform ranges this morning.

    At a cost of as low as €6.50 to clothe a pupil, it is a marked change from the days of the local uniform monopoly.

    Keelin spoke to Aine Lynch, CEO of the National Parents Council and our reporter Paddy O’Gorman, who has been out speaking to parents on this issue.


    Two Men in a Camper Van

    It’s day four for our 2 men in a campervan, and reporters Brian O’Connell and Paddy O’Gorman are coming to us live from Tramore this morning.


    Two Men in a Camper Van

    Now day three for our two men in a campervan, and this morning our reporters Brian O’Connell and Paddy O’Gorman came to us live from Cobh.


    Funeral Costs

    The cost of living might be foremost in the minds of most of us – but what about the cost of dying?  As with most things, if you die in Dublin, the cost of a funeral will far exceed the bill incurred for the same ceremony down the country.

    Money Editor with The Sunday Business Post, Emma Kennedy has been looking at funeral expenses...she joins me in studio now.

    So too does Funeral Director with Rom Massey & Sons, Keith Massey and our own Paddy O’Gorman who has been out and about talking to some people visiting graves in cemeteries.


    Special Needs in Schools

    One in four children learns differently. In other words, they have special needs but how can they be sure to get the support they need in school.

    A working group headed by members of the National Council for Special Education – and the report and its proposals have been published.

    Paddy O’Gorman met up Niamh Hyland, whose nine year old son is in receipt of special education help within a mainstream school and joining Keelin in studio was Mary Byrne, from the National Council for Special Education to talk about the report and how special education for children could be improved upon.

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