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    Organ Donation

    They call it the gift of life and the man who joined Sean this morning can testify to the wonderful and positive difference an organ transplant can make, granting renewed good health to someone who has been very sick.

    Five years ago, and after decades of illness, Seamus Eager received a heart transplant in the Mater Hospital. He spoke to Sean of his medical history - going through a triple by-pass, having a defibrillator and then receiving his heart transplant in 2009.

    Positive Action Spending

    An internal HSE audit into the Hepatitis C Support Group Positive Action has uncovered breaches of corporate governance and inappropriate spending on a range of items including beauty therapies, dog kennel costs, relaxation breaks , supermarket bills and emotional healing.

    Sean spoke to Christine Bruton who was on the board of Positive Action for five years before it was liquidated earlier this year. He began by asking her for her reaction to what has emerged in the audit 

    White Bread

    John McKenna, author of McKenna Guides and Gordon Poulter, Director of the Federation of Bakers debated over banning the sliced pan.

    Health Apps

    We use smartphone apps for almost everything nowadays – reading newspapers, listening to music, checking the weather forecast – but more and more we are also using apps to look after our health and fitness.

    Joining Sean in studio, Dr CONOR O’BRIEN, consultant neurophysiologist and physician in sports and exercise medicine with the Blackrock Clinic and Santry Sports Surgery Clinic; and also TERRI MORRIS, co-founder of Health 2.0 Dublin.

    Buff Up Your Brain Power, Claire O'Connell in the Irish Times


    100 Fit Days

    Most of us make some commitment to getting fit every summer, even if that only amounts to a mental commitment. Yvonne Hogan, editor of the Irish Independent’s Fit magazine, knows what it takes to get fit and she joins me now in studio.

    Also our fitness expert Pat Divilly was in our Galway studio.



    The sun is out the clothes get a little skimpier, but who wants to be toning their torso indoors? Now is the opportunity to get out and about. 

    Pat Divilly of Pat Divilly Fitness in Galway and author of the 21 Day Jump Start Plan joined Sean from our Galway studio.

    Training ideas-

    Park benches for step ups, tricep dips, modified push ups.

    Playgrounds with monkey bars.

    Football pitch or running track for longer running sessions.

    Hills for hill sprints, a faster more intense way of getting in a cardiovascular training!


    Sample 15 minute outdoor session 1:

    Circuit repeated as many times as possible in 15 minutes after a quick warm up:

    -10 Push Ups

    -10 Squats

    -10 Step Ups

    -200 Meter Run


    Sample outdoor Deck Of Cards Workout:

    After a warm up assign a different exercise to each suit of the deck of cards.

    For exampleDiamonds-

    Push Ups

    Hearts- Squats

    Clubs- Lunges

    Spades- Burpees


    Work through the deck. With each card you turn over you have the corresponding number of repetitions to perform. Work through the whole deck of cards. Queen, king, jack and aces each count as 10 repetitions. Example 6 of diamonds would be 6 push ups, queen of hearts 10 repetitions and so on......



    Since 1990 the has been a four-fold increase in the number of deaths by suicide and is the most common cause of death among our young people. Talking about suicide does not make it happen, but suppressing the conversation may do.One film, launched in January   and called “Finding Mike” was released by one young man experiencing suicidal thoughts and tells a remarkable story of hope and compassion. It has gone viral around the world.

    Sean was joined by Jim Lucey, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College, University of Dublin and Medical Director at St Patricks Mental Health Services.


    Man to Man

    Over 3000 men are newly diagnosed with the condition in Ireland each year and the Irish Cancer Society are today launching the Man to Man Storybook, a book for men experiencing prostate cancer with 11 real life stories designed to offer hope and support to other men with prostate cancer.

    It will be launched by one of the heroes of Italia 90, Packie Bonner and he joined Keelin in studio along with Donal Buggy, Head of Services, Irish Cancer Society.

    Packie also spoke about Roy Keane's possible move to Celtic...


    Antibiotics Crisis

    When was the last time you were on antibiotics? Chances are, it was not too long ago. We all take advantage of what some say is the greatest medical discovery of all, but recently the threat to the existence of antibiotics has been highlighted in no uncertain terms.

    Joining Keelin in studio was Dr Fiona Walsh, biology lecturer and antibiotic resistance expert in NUI Maynooth, to discuss the future of antibiotics.

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