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    New Mortgage Rules

    The proposed new mortgage rules that would require aspiring house buyers to raise 20 per cent of the price of a property have been welcomed in some quarters but greeted with horror by others – particularly those in the first time buyer bracket.

    Karen Mulvaney, Managing Director of The Buyer’s Agent, who helps house hunters to find their perfect home and Tony Foley, Senior Lecturer in Economics at DCU’s Business School join Sean in studio.

    But first of all, he speaks to a house hunter, Aoife Clarke, who has reacted to the word of this 20% required deposit.


    Consumer Rights

    From securing compensation for cancelled flights to avoiding penalties when you decide to switch bin company, knowing your rights as a consumer can save you both hassle and money. 

    Conor Brophy has compiled a list of the most valuable, and often least well known, protections afforded to consumers under Irish law.


    Food Brands

    When it comes to food, Irish consumers are home birds. A recent report found six out of the top 10 food brands in Ireland are Irish, beating off global giants like Coca Cola.

    Sinead Ryan, Columnist with the Herald, joined Keelin this morning


    Mortgage Guide

    The number of mortgages being applied for and approved is beginning to recover from historically low levels in line with the gradual pick-up in the economy and the housing market.

    For those thinking of buying Conor Brophy was here with a guide to the mortgage application process.



    Water rates are on the way, there’s very little we can do about it and while we still haven’t been given the exact figure of how much it will cost, we hope in the next piece to give you a little bit of a pointer as to the ballpark and what to do to minimise your costs

    Sean was joined by Colm Griffin of energy saving website,


    Consumer Affairs: Pensions

    Interest rates are at historic lows. Indeed the European Central Bank is under pressure to reduce its benchmark rate even further to help boost spending. But low rates are bad news for savers and also have a significant impact on pensions.

    Conor Brophy has been looking at the difficult choices facing those planning for retirement.


    Consumer Affairs

    The recent interest rate cut by the European Central Bank means lower monthly mortgage payments for those on tracker rates. For savers, however, it also means lower returns.

    Conor Brophy from RTÉ's business desk joined Sean this morning.


    Second Hand Cars

    It’s always exciting getting a new car and especially if you think you are getting a good deal. However, there are a number of things to consider before you make your final decision.  Figures from the National Consumer Agency helpline show that they have received over 2,700 queries in relation to second-hand cars over the last year.

    Sean was joined by John Shine, Director, Commercial Practices, Product Safety & Consumer Credit at the NCA.

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