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    Irish Water Protests Continue

    It has been a difficult week for the Government so presumably the hierarchies in both Fine Gael and Labour would have preferred if Dublin South East TD Eoghan Murphy had not stood up in the Dáil yesterday to express his concerns over Irish Water and the economic management council.

    Brian O'Connell was at the Blackpool retail park in Cork where over 200 protesters had gathered ahead of an Taoiseach's visit there. Brian spoke with those gathered in the wet conditions.


    Limerick Prison

    Brian O'Connell has been inside Limerick Prison where a unique art and craft class is helping some prisoners put their time behind bars to artistic use.


    Water Charges - Protesters

    In the face of violent protests and Ministers having their security reassessed, the Government has made yet another concession on water charges.

    It would now appear that charges will not apply until after Christmas with bills arriving in late spring and that the costs could be capped for 4 years.

    As the Cabinet signs off on the revised package this morning, Environment Minister Alan Kelly is hoping that ‘reasaonable’ people will welcome the changes.

    So it is enough to end the anger... or do the protesters now smell blood?

    Reporter Brian O’Connell was in Cobh early this morning where residents have been manning barricades at many estates.

    John Downing, political correspondent of Irish Independent, and Rory Hearne, lecturer in political geography in Maynooth join the conversation.





    Love/Hate Star John Connors

    John takes Reporter Brian O'Connell through his campsite and joins Sean live in studio to talk about his life and times.


    Direct Provision Centres

    Brian O'Connell visited the Atlantic House, a Direct Provision Centre in Tramore.







    Kinsale Youth Support Services

    Brian O'Connell met with a community group in Kinsale that is helping teens to talk about their mental health issues.

    Full Details of the Service are available here.


    Budget Preview

    Brian O'Connell talked to people at Ennis Mart, Co. Clare

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