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    Scotland Referendum

    Now yesterday our reporter Brian O’Connell brought us a report from those of an Irish background living in Scotland who intend voting Yes in next week’s referendum.


    Marital Longevity

    What makes a long and happy marriage – what are the secrets? How can you ensure your relationship runs harmoniously? 

    With Sean in studio with thoughts and advice were Anne Matthews, relationships counsellor with Mind and Body Works, and author Maria Duffy.

    Our reporter Brian O’Connell met with Marie, aged 90, and Michael McNamara, aged 102, from Little Island in Cork and have been together for more than 42 years.

    Delays in Treatment

    Our reporter Brian O’Connell, who is in our Cork studio, spent time in a GP surgery last week in Limerick where people are experiencing increasing delays for essential treatments.


    Limerick Water

    Hundreds of residents on Limerick’s north side were told in recent weeks that they may not be able to drink their tap water for up to a year.

    Brian O’Connell was in Limerick yesterday reporting on this issue.


    Direct Provision

    Now, with promises of Government reform of the Direct Provision system, reports began to surface last week of issues some residents had at the Mount Trenchard Direct Provision centre in Foynes, in County Limerick.

    After some residents staged a protest last week, there was an agreement that issues around conditions would be addressed, after talks were facilitated between residents and owners by NGO Doras Luimni. Yet within minutes of these talks concluding, three residents, who had been expressing concerns on behalf of others, claim they were transferred away from the centre because they raised concerns.

    Joining Sean with the story and with an exclusive interview with the residents was our reporter Brian O’Connell who has been reporting on the Direct Provision System for several months.

    Merriman Summer School

    All this week the Merriman Summer School in taking place in Ennis in County Clare. Our reporter Brian O’Connell who himself is speaking at the school this afternoon, joined Keelin from Limerick.


    Leaving Cert

    While almost 57,000 students got their result sin this year’s Leaving certificate yesterday, often the media interest in results is confined to those small minority of student who achieved a high number of A1s. But, for many, simply passing the Leaving Cert can be a huge achievement. Our reporter Brian O’Connell has been talking to some persons who were delighted with their results yesterday and for whom, for different reasons, completing their Leaving Cert was a real achievement.


    Drugs in Regional Towns

    The community meeting held in Roscrea in County Tipperary to address the drug problem in the town has highlighted the extent to which drug addiction has migrated from our main cities to small regional and rural towns around the country.

    Our reporter, Brian O’Connell went to Tralee yesterday where he spoke to some drug users about the drugs they take, where they get them, and why they take them.

    Keelin was also joined by Paul Delaney who is the Coordinator of the Cornmarket Project in Wexford and Brian Doyle, who is an outreach worker with 30 years’ experience in Dundalk.


    Puck Fair

    The Puck Fair in Killorglin is one of Ireland’s oldest and most unusual festivals, but this year the event has attracted controversy, with animal rights groups claiming the manner in which a goat is hoisted above the town for three days is cruel and could be in breach of the new Animal Health and Welfare Act. Yesterday as the King Puck was crowned marking three days of festivities, our reporter Brian O’Connell was in Killorglin.


    Everyday Sexism

    An article this week in The Guardian newspaper outlined ten of the most common sexist situations faced by women in the workplace. These included questions about childcare, inappropriate touching and condescending attitudes from male colleagues. These situations were gathered by the Everyday Sexism Project, a website set up to catalogue instances of sexism experienced by women. Keelin was joined to debate this issue by journalist Una Mullally and yesterday our reporter Brian O’Connell spent time on the South Mall in Cork city and he chatted to women about their experiences of sexism in the workplace.

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