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    Spiced Buffalo

    Now, an age old Cork tradition is for spiced beef at Christmas, but one butcher in the English Market is offering the dish with a twist. Brian O’Connell popped in to find out all about it.

    If you want to sample spiced buffalo, the butcher is Eoin O’Mahony, in the English Market in Cork, or try



    Road Safety Roadshow

    How do you get the importance of road safety across to the group of teenagers? Well, one road safety roadshow has been travelling the country trying to do just that, and it doesn’t pull any punches. Brian O’Connell went along last week and he was in studio to tell us how he got on.

    To have an AXA RoadSafe Roadshow in your area, get in touch with AXA here or you can email directly.

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    Gay Asylum Seekers

    Brian O’Connell who has done a lot of work this year around the issue of asylum seekers and the direct provision system. Having touched previously on the issue of asylum seekers seeking refuge here because of their sexuality, it is an issue that is very hard to get people to talk about, because of the stigma they faced in their own countries - mostly these are people from Africa where homosexuality is banned in several countries, Brian was curious to meet with some gay asylum seekers and see how they have been treated since they arrived here

    There was an EU ruling recently which basically said that asylum seekers who are seeking asylum on grounds of sexuality, cannot be subjected to graphic personal questions about their sex lives. The ruling also said that an applicant's failure to declare his homosexuality from the start should not prevent them from not being admitted.

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    Overdose Injection

    Ireland has one of the highest drug overdose rates in the EU, with figures showing that an average of one person dies from drug overdose every day in Ireland. In order to tackle this, some agencies are now calling on Government to make an anti overdose drug called Naloxone available to drug users and their families. Brian O’Connell has been looking at this issue and meeting some people affected by drug overdose. Brian tells us how the drug works.



    Now as part of a two-day series, our reporter Brian O’Connell has been talking to some Irish men who pay for sex regularly. This relates to legislation that was approved by Cabinet and seeks to criminalise the buying of sex. Yesterday Brian brought us the story of one man who feels buying sex is more honest than picking up dates in a nightclub.

    Later Sean spoke to some advocacy groups expressing their thoughts, Geraldine Rowley, Communications and Policy Officer at Ruhama, Mia De Faoite, prostitution survivor and Kate McGrew, sex worker and sex workers rights activist. 

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    Under new legislation agreed by the Cabinet recently, people who pay for sex in Ireland will face criminal sanction. The new laws will also strengthen legislation in other areas such as grooming, child pornography and harrassment. Organisations including the Immigrant Council of Ireland and Ruhama, which supports women drawn in to prostitution have welcomed these moves.

    Today and tomorrow our reporter Brian O'Connell will bring us interviews with two Irish men who regularly pay for sex.

    Contact Brian here.


    Spring Lane Halting Site Cork

    Back in March Brian O'Connell visited the Spring Lane Halting Site, a dwelling made to accommodate ten families, with 35 living there. Brian revisited the site recently to see whether conditions had improved nine months later. Having contacted Cork City Council they said improvements were to commence shortly, when asked to clarify when that was Brian did not receive a response.

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    Irish Water Protests Continue

    It has been a difficult week for the Government so presumably the hierarchies in both Fine Gael and Labour would have preferred if Dublin South East TD Eoghan Murphy had not stood up in the Dáil yesterday to express his concerns over Irish Water and the economic management council.

    Brian O'Connell was at the Blackpool retail park in Cork where over 200 protesters had gathered ahead of an Taoiseach's visit there. Brian spoke with those gathered in the wet conditions.


    Limerick Prison

    Brian O'Connell has been inside Limerick Prison where a unique art and craft class is helping some prisoners put their time behind bars to artistic use.


    Water Charges - Protesters

    In the face of violent protests and Ministers having their security reassessed, the Government has made yet another concession on water charges.

    It would now appear that charges will not apply until after Christmas with bills arriving in late spring and that the costs could be capped for 4 years.

    As the Cabinet signs off on the revised package this morning, Environment Minister Alan Kelly is hoping that ‘reasaonable’ people will welcome the changes.

    So it is enough to end the anger... or do the protesters now smell blood?

    Reporter Brian O’Connell was in Cobh early this morning where residents have been manning barricades at many estates.

    John Downing, political correspondent of Irish Independent, and Rory Hearne, lecturer in political geography in Maynooth join the conversation.




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