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    How to Speak Money

    By John Lanchester (Faber)

    Whether you want to know what a vanilla mezzanine RMBS synthetic CDO is or simply want to start by knowing what the difference between fiscal and monetary is, How to Speak Money, is a full lexicon of financial and economic terms which will get you knowing the difference between bail-outs and bail-ins and bulls and bears in no time.


    Sister Caravaggio

    It is not unusual for authors to come together and collaborate on a collection of stories but is it possible for seven authors to come together and write a novel? This is an experiment which our next guests set out to find out and the  result is Sister Caravaggio, a thriller set in an abbey in Co. Kildare which the late Maeve Binchy contributed to. Three of its authors joined Sean today – Peter Cunningham, Mary O’Donnell and Peter Sheridan.


    Book Selections

    For our monthly round-up of what’s new in the world of books Sean was joined by Edel Coffey and Bert Wright, Events Curator of the Mountains To Sea festival were here with their recommendations for this month.

    Don’t Mention the Wars – A Journey Through European Stereotypes

    By Tony Connolly (New Island) 

    In the last five years the eurozone has undergone profound change and Europeans, increasingly in defence mode, have re-discovered the knack of insulting each other. So do any of the old stereotypes still ring true or has the euro crisis taken the fun out of them?

    Sean spoke with Tony Connolly, Europe Editor for RTE News and Current Affairs and author of Don’t Mention the Wars – A Journey Through European Stereotypes.

    The Long Ride Home

    By Rupert Isaacson

    Autism affects one in 100 people in Ireland and there is no known cure.

    In 2004, Rupert Isaacson’s 2 year old son Rowan was diagnosed with Autism. Rupert and his wife Kristin tried all sorts of treatments and therapies, but it wasn’t until Rowan threw himself under the hooves of an old horse called Betsey that Rupert thought about the idea of ‘horse therapy’.

    He spoke to Sean this morning.

    Book Club

    Our book club is under way and this month’s choice is Joseph O’Connor’s new novel, The Thrill Of It All.

    We’ll be reviewing the book on the show in July so there’s plenty of time for you to get reading.

    If you are in a book club or just reading the book along with us, we want to hear from you...

    Get in touch by emailing and please put the phrase BOOK CLUB in the title of your email.

    OR you can call us on 01 208 21 98.

    You can find more information and updates, along with tips for starting your own book club on our website.

    The Thrill of it All is published by Harvill Secker and is on sale now at €20.


    Ten Cities That Made an Empire

    By Tristram Hunt (Allen Lane)

    In the early twentieth century it was said that the sun never set on the British Empire. Yet since the 1920s when it reached its height, the Empire has been in decline. So what does the future hold for the British empire today and what role did Dublin play within it?

    In Ten Cities that Made an Empire, Tristram Hunt seeks to explore the story of the British Empire through ten cities.

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