Tuesday 26th November

North Korea Undercover – Inside the World’s Most Secret State

by John Sweeney (Bantam Press) You may remember the controversy last year when a BBC journalist posed as a history professor to enter the most secretive State on earth, North ...

Inside Team Sky

By David Walsh (Simon and Schuster) In his last book, David Walsh documented in very personal detail his pursuit of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong and his role in the supposed ...

Monday 11th November

The Long Shadow – The Great War and the Twentieth Century

by David Reynolds (Simon & Schuster) On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 a temporary ceasefire or armistice between the allied nations and ...

Friday 18th October

The Irish Beef Book

He’s been immersed in the world of meat since he was a child, Pat Whelan, a fifth generation butcher is an expert in his craft. He was with Sean to ...

Thursday 17th October

The Kill List

by Frederick Forsyth (Bantam Press) Frederick Forsyth, after an early career as an RAF pilot and journalist, turned his hand to fiction, in particular thriller writing in 1971 initially to ...

Thursday 10th October

Michael O’Siadhail: Collected Poems

Micheal O Siadhail is one of Ireland’s finest poets and his ‘Collected Poems’, covering 40 years of his work has just been published. It’s an extraordinary collection featuring a wide ...

The Weekend Chef

Well, the weekend is coming up and whether you have lined up dinner with friends, want to cook something for the watching the match or maybe just want to do ...

Wednesday 9th October

The Man Booker Prize

On the Today programme, last August, we looked at three novels on what was then the Man Booker Longlist. By happy chance, or sheer co-incidence, or inspired guesswork those three ...

Gypsy Empire: Uncovering the Hidden World of Irish Travellers

By Eamon Dillon (Transworld Ireland) More and more the media through TV and Radio programmes such as My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and youtube slagging matches are giving us more ...

Friday 4th October

Hitler’s Furies

History has it that the role of women in Nazi Germany was to be the perfect Hausfrau, produce the next Aryan generation and be a loyal cheerleader for the Fuhrer. ...



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