The Rolling Wave

The Rolling Wave

Sunday, 9 -10 pm

The Rolling Wave Sunday 6 October 2013

The Gloaming have given us copies of their new album The Gloaming 2 for prizes in the Rolling Wave quiz.

The question: there is a famous song with Gloaming in the title – what is it? Hint: you’ll have to go back over 100 years and check out Scotland to get the answer.

If you think you have the answer, you can send it to us in any one of three ways:

by post to The Rolling Wave, RTÉ Radio One, Dublin 4 or email to

or on Twitter @TheRollingWave

Answers in a few weeks after the broadcast of our recording of The Gloaming’s sell-out Dublin concert in March which you can hear on The Rolling Wave of 29th May and 5th June

The Rolling Wave

The Rolling Wave

To mark the recent 7th birthday of The Rolling Wave, the music and song on tonight's programme is chosen by some of the many people who listen to us.

About The Show

Named after a famous traditional Irish tune, The Rolling Wave is a sharp ear and a close eye on the world of traditional and folk music in Ireland.

Sunday, 10.00pm on RTÉ Radio 1


Congratulations to Declan Conneely, Moycullen and Geraldine Greene, Ennis - winners of copies of Charlie Piggott and Gerry Harrington’s  CD “The New Road”.

The answer is: Dé Dannan.

Thanks for all the entries and the next quiz is for copies of the new CD “Our Dear Dark Mountain with the Sky over it" which we discussed with Seán McErlaine on the Rolling Wave of 26th/27th July last. 

The question: From what Ulster counties does the music on the “Dear Dark Mountain” CD come? Plenty of clues in the programme with Seán and you can listen back to it all on this page.

Answers by post to The Rolling Wave, Music Programmes, RTÉ Radio, Dublin 4. Email to or on Twitter @TheRollingWave

Music Played on the Show


Title: The Rolling Wave

Composer: TRAD. ARR.

Performer(s): Harry Bradley, Mick O' Brien, John Blake, Liam O'Connor

Duration: 0:47


Title: The Sailor On The Rock

Composer: TRAD. ARR.

Performer(s): Barney Mckenna

Duration: 1:12


Title: Kitty's Rambles, The Sorrowful Shilling

Composer: TRAD. ARR.

Performer(s): Laurence Nugent

Duration: 3:00


Title: Sliabh Na Mban

Composer: TRAD. ARR.

Performer(s): Nioclás Tóíbín

Duration: 5:15


Title: Marbhna Luimní

Composer: TRAD. ARR.

Performer(s): Noel Hill

Duration: 7:13


Title: The Hunter's Purse

Composer: TRAD. ARR.

Performer(s): Leo Rowsome, Larry Redican

Duration: 1:54


Title: Shanagolden


Performer(s): Pat Connery, Liz O'Riordan

Duration: 3:29


Title: My Sweet Nightingale

Composer: TRAD. ARR.

Performer(s): Mick Moriarty & The Pavees

Duration: 2:46


Title: The Lakes Of Coolfin

Composer: TRAD. ARR.

Performer(s): Alec Finn

Duration: 3:56


Title: An Chiarraoích Mallaithe

Composer: TRAD. ARR.

Performer(s): Séamus Ó Beaglaíoch

Duration: 4:30



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