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Mornings With Dave Fanning

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The John Murray Show Wednesday 27 August 2014

The John Murray Show

The John Murray Show

A lively mix of entertainment, human interest and lifestyle, presented by Kathryn Thomas

Fashion and Style Advice

Kathryn chats to Angela Scanlon about this year's autumn and winter fashion trends

Live Music Koukie

Koukie plays live in studio for Kathryn - she performs the tracks Koukies song and finishes the show with I'm like a bird

Emma Forgarty - EB

Kathryn goes for a drive with 30 year old Emma Fogarty who was born with the debilitating disease EB. Emma is the oldest person in Ireland with the disease. For information go to

Addict Symphony - Andy Peddie

The highly respectable world of classical musicians is rarely linked to addictive behaviour. But tonight in an uplifting Channel 4 documentary a group of ten classical musicians whose lives have been blighted by addiction are brought together to perform with the London Symphony Orchestra - Andy Peddie is one of the musicians

Music Played on the Show


Title: Koukies Song

Composer: Koukie

Performer(s): Koukie

Duration: 3:00


Title: I'M Like A Bird

Composer: Nelly Furtado

Performer(s): Koukie

Duration: 3:10



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