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    The John Murray Show Monday 4 August 2014


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    Bikers On A Mission

    With the good weather out in form today, you’re bound to see plenty of men and women in black leathers motoring across the country on motorcycles. If you had been travelling through Tuam you might have noticed two bikers, well those two bikers are actually Reverend Nigel Kirkpatrick and Reverend Andrew McCroskery who spoke to John this morning.

    Reverend Nigel Kirkpatrick and Reverend Andrew McCroskery pictured above.


    Returning Emigrants

    Emigration has touched nearly every Irish family at some point over the past six years, a heartbreaking option for many young people and parents. Although nothing beats the joy of your child coming home, Barbara Scully told John why it means so much to her when her daughter Carla walked through Dublin Airport after a long flight from Perth, Australia. Mother and Daughter joined John in studio.

    Carla and Barbara Scully pictured above with John.


    Mario Rosenstock

    Talented actor, writer, comedian, impressionist and gift Grub creator Mario Rosenstock joined John and brought us through his Mi-pod and the music that has shaped and influenced his life. 

    Mario as Uncle Gaybo pictured above.

    Mario Rosenstock Gift Grub Live Tour Dates:

    3rd October              The Radisson Blu, Sligo.

    4th October              The Royal Theatre, Castlerbar.

    10th October            Dolmen Hotel, Carlow.

    11th October            INEC, Killarney.

    18th October            Radisson Blu, Galway.

    24th October            The Clanree Hotel, Letterkenny.


    Fear of Public Speaking

    It is often quoted as a greater fear than death Glassophobia can disrupt careers and lead to countless sleepless nights. But what is it? it is one of the most common fears it is the Fear of Public Speaking,


    YouTube Travelling

    Well, it's the midpoint of the summer and many of us are yet to go on our holidays. Zbyszek Zalinski is here and this summer he’s already travelled though rural Japan, took a river cruise in Moscow and enjoyed the spectacular views of Iceland.

    Zbyszek Zalinski (pictured above) spoke to John about YouTube travelling.

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