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    Kathryn Thomas took the ice bucket challenge last week to raise awareness of the Motor Neurone Disease - she nominated Miriam O'Callaghan, Imelda May and Marty Morrissey.

    The John Murray Show Monday 23 June 2014


    The John Murray Show

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    Male Model Sam Homan

    John's next guest is from Rathfarnham in Dublin, Sam Homan who will be 30 this week, is a male model & he joins John in studio to talk about his success, his look & the modelling industry in Ireland.


    Personalised songs - romance outsourced

    If you need a little help in the romance stakes, there is a service called Romance Outsourced which allows you to order personalised love songs. Their slogan is "You Give us the Words, We Create Your Song!". Joining John this morning John McKiernan in Australia.

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