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    The John Murray Show Friday 13 June 2014


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    The John Murray World Cup Supporters Club

    The World Cup is underway & this mornig we talk about the first match, Brazil v Croatia. On the line to Kathryn are two of our supporters from the John Murray Show Supporters Club, Paolo Oliveira (Brazil) & Harvey Vukovic (Croatia).  We also speak to two new supporters for Greece, Stefan Memelaou & for Mexico, Tim O'Connor.


    Parkbench Series - "Where are You Going?"

    Now our series where our own John B Reilly takes to St Stephen's Green where he asks a number of random strangers a single pertinent question.

    (Accompanying music is by Swinford's Conor Walsh).


    Mick McCarthy, Irish Search Dogs

    The inclusion of specially trained dogs in searches for missing people could make all the difference to the outcome. That's according to Kathryn's next guest, Mick McCarthy, from Irish Search Dogs on the line this morning.


    Football & Mental Health - Paul Gaffney

    Is the World Cup good for our mental health, will we all be feeling a little bit better at the end of the competition, even though Ireland is not competing? Well Kathyn's next guest thinks so, Paul Gaffney, clinical psychologist is in studio this morning & he has written a book titled 'On the Ball? how football can affect your mental health.'

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