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    The Best-Loved Irish Poem of the Last 100 Years

    What is your most-loved Irish poem of the last century? RTÉ A Poem for Ireland is a major new RTÉ campaign which aims to get the public talking about the poems they feel are the most-loved Irish poems of the past 100 years.

    In this era of centenaries, RTÉ looks back at the Irish poems and poets of the past 100 years and asks the public to help us identify the Irish poems of the past century that we love the most. Whether it’s a poem you studied at school and loved; one that stood out for you at a wedding or funeral, a poem you came across at an important moment in your life, or one your father or mother used to recite; whether it’s a love poem, a political poem, a poem about nature, life, loss, emigration, and whether it’s in Irish or in English, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s an Irish poem, published in the last century, and you love it, then tell us, and tell us why you love it.

    The campaign will be spearheaded by The Works, RTÉ One’s flagship arts show, and RTÉ Radio 1’s The John Murray Show in partnership with Poetry Ireland and An Post.

    The John Murray Show Thursday 20 March 2014


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    Andrew Maxwell

    Andrew Maxwell, 20 years a Londoner but orginally from Kilbarrack and is now a constant visitor to Ireland. Andrew is back this spring with a brand new show called Banana Kingdom.

    Andrew Maxwell pictured above speaking to John.

    Andrew is appearing in the Banana Kingdom tour all over the country, for details go to


    Old Irish Sayings

    Old Irish Sayings make us laugh, and always make tourists confused. John spoke to radio broadcaster Tommy Marren who has gathered together a whole plethora of such sayings and traditions into a play.

    More information on - tour starting in Athlone on March 28th and 29th.


    Chas Hodges, aka Chas & Dave

     27 years later, the duo Chas & Dave have released a brand new studio album called 'That's What Happens' and they are to play their first ever concert in Dublin in a few weeks time, Chas joined John on the line this morning.

    Chas speaking to John this morning.

    Chas and Dave will play Vicar Street on Friday April 11th and tickets are on sale now, for more information check out

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