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    The John Murray Show Tuesday 2 July 2013


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    Elma & Fionnbar Walsh

    Yesterday we broadcast an interview with Elma & Fionnbarr Walsh, parents of Donal Walsh who came to national prominence when he wrote an article asking his peers not to give in to suicidal thoughts. Donal died in May of cancer. Miriam reads some of the comments we received.


    Irish Tennis Player Conor Niland

    My first guest this morning was the first Irishman in decades to play at Wimbledon in 2011, tennis player Conor Niland joins Miriam on the line this morning from the UK, where he has been enjoying an odd Wimbledon this year, as all the favourites are getting knocked out!


    Warning for Cyclists

    On the line to Miriam is Monique Kelleher who wants to warn other cyclists over a nasty incident which happened to her on Mercer Street the other evening. Monique was very lucky her injuries were not as bad as they could have been, as she explains to Miriam what happened.


    Duckworth Lewis Method

    Last week we had Neil Hannon & Thomas Walsh here in studio, otherwise known as the Duckworth Lewis Method who sang live in studio. Here we have another song we recorded with them called Third Man from their latest album 'Sticky Wickets'.


    Teresa Bergin sex therapist

    An American company is looking for approval from authorities for a desire-enhancing drug aimed at women, which the company are currently testing & it may become available in 2016. But if you dont want drugs, but would like to re-ignite the flame of passion in your relationship, Teresa Bergin, psycotherapist who specializes in sex therapy is in studio with Miriam.

    For further information email Teresa at  


    Alana O'Brien goes to Korea

    Alana O'Brien will travel five & half thousand miles across the globe to Seoul in Korea to represent Ireland in quite a unique event & wants to do it in style. Alana also mentions that the contestants all have to dress according to which country we're from & is looking for a wearable tamed down version of an Irish dancing dress?

    Email if you might have a design for that dress & represent Ireland.


    Underdog Team The Joes

    As you know, we've adopted two underperforming sports teams this year &  we're doing our best to improve their results. "The Joe's" GAA Club in Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon, is one of our Underdog teams & they had a big match on Sunday. Pete Gilooly on the line with an update.

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